July 2023 Newsletter

When it comes to food, the universal truth we stand by, the principle that applies to everyone, is that everyone is different.😊 With more than 20 thousand genes orchestrating the activities of 30 trillion cells, some variation in the biochemical machines our meals need to fuel is not surprising.

That’s where energy testing comes in. You can align what you eat with what you need. Our motto in this realm is “Test before you ingest.”

David asks Donna: “If I heat the pizza in the freezer, will my body welcome it?” Donna energy tests him on spleen meridian as he touches the pizza box, which holds the energy of the pizza. The test shows weak. His body won’t digest it well. “Darn” thinks David, “I really want that pizza! But the body doesn’t lie.” On the other hand, the mind schemes. “Hmmm,” he thinks, what if I first have some salad?” The energy test says yes to the salad. Then it says yes to the pizza with salad first. David is ready for a guilt-free and nutritious meal, pizza and all!

Our e-letter staff asked us to go with the theme of this month’s issue by listing some of our favorite foods. The problem with that plan is that the foods that best nourish us won’t best nourish you. Even between us, our nutritional needs are very different. Donna varies what she eats so much that it is almost impossible to shop for her. David’s diet has so little variation that Donna would find it boring.

The breakfast that is perfect one morning for Donna will be toxic for her the next. David can have the same apple, banana, and Nature’s Path Coconut and Cashew Butter granola cereal topped with mixed nuts every morning for months. Donna needs breakfast by 7 a.m. or she will find herself flirting with low blood sugar. And she gets a “food hangover” if she has much to eat after 3 p.m. When not teaching, David begins writing in the early morning and doesn’t take in a morsel until 10 or 11. He can have his second meal (we both have only two meals/day) as late as he wants.

Okay, with all that said, here are some of the rare foods that are favorites for both of us: pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, salads with avocado and pine nuts, sharp cheddar cheese, guacamole, Whole Foods cranberry tuna sandwiches, pho soup, and tempura shrimp. Eat well. Test often.

Donna and David


Inside This Issue:

  • A Grateful New Mom Discovers the Power of Energy Medicine
  • How Donna Helped a Homeless Man Find Hope & Healing
  • Donna’s Delicious Smoothie Recipe!
  • Making Aligned Food Choices With the Five Elements
  • How to Tell If What’s On Your Plate is Good For You
  • 3 Energy Medicine Tools to Overcome Your Food Cravings
  • An Exciting, New Webinar with Titanya and Dondi!
  • Together We Can Change Thousands of Lives for the Better
  • Featured Event: Eden Living is Now Open!
  • Your Energy Minute: Improve Your Digestion & Energize Your Entire System

Energy Medicine in Action

A Grateful New Mom Discovers the Astounding Power of Energy Medicine

Have you ever felt helpless when your child's in pain?

New mom, Meredith Brown, was feeling helpless and frustrated. She’d tried everything she could think of to soothe her daughter’s severe stomach bug and nausea, but nothing worked. Then, she remembered her copy of Energy Medicine, which she had purchased some years ago. What happened next was nothing short of astounding as Meredith helped her little girl shift from feeling sick to her stomach to sleeping peacefully in 5 minutes! Read more >>>

How Donna Helped a Homeless Man Heal

It All Began with Changing The Energy of His Food

Some of you have heard of the infamous 7-Eleven story. It is a profound story that is close to Donna’s heart. Years ago, when she was teaching a series of in-person classes in Ashland, Oregon, Donna noticed a stranger would come in and stand in the back of the room. The man was disheveled and unwashed, his skin was pale, and he was gaunt from lack of good nutrition. It was clear that this poor man was homeless. Donna was immediately drawn to help him and found out that he lived outside a nearby 7-Eleven. When he told her that he ate straight out of the dumpster, she was horrified and saddened. She showed him how to do a simple method to change the energy of food. Neither one of them could have predicted that this simple exchange would change the man’s life forever. Read more >>>

Donna’s Delicious Smoothie Recipe

In the Introduction, Donna and David talked about some of their favorite shared foods. Here is another. Donna makes killer healthy “malt” smoothies and she is happy to share the recipe with you, so here it is (please note that this recipe is straight from Donna’s heart, so there are no exact measurements ❤️)


Collagen protein
Turmeric infusion
Frozen banana slices
A slice of peeled mango
Small handful of pecans and almonds
A dollop of joy


Blend all ingredients
Sprinkle with love
Pour into a special glass.
Serve with a big, happy smile!

Food & The Five Elements

Making Aligned Food Choices Based on Your Element

The Five Elements is an extraordinarily perceptive and elegant framework for understanding yourself and others. Mapped out by Chinese physicians more than 2,000 years ago, each of the Five Elements -- Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal -- resonates with every single person on the planet. Knowing your element is immensely helpful in making choices for your highest good, including choices related to food.😃 Read more >>>

Do You Know If What’s On Your Plate is Good For You?

This Easy-to-Learn Energy Technique Can Help!

When it comes to healthy versus unhealthy foods, just about everyone has an opinion. So how can you tell if what’s on your plate is good for you? The best thing to do is to turn to a trustworthy and dependable source -- your energy! In this video, Donna and Dondi demonstrate a simple energy testing technique that lets you tune into your body’s natural energy system so you can receive enlightening information about your food as well as your vitamins and supplements every time. Watch Donna and Dondi here >>>

3 Energy Medicine Tools to Overcome Your Food Cravings

In this special video excerpt from the much-loved “Donna Answers” segment inside the Eden Living membership space, Donna (and Dondi, too 😀) share 3 surprisingly easy ways to successfully address your food cravings -- even the ones that feel intense and impossible to ignore! Watch the video excerpt here >>>

What is Your Element?

An Exciting New Webinar with Titanya and Dondi!

Donna raised Titanya and Dondi so they could rely on the ancient wisdom of The Five Elements to truly understand who they are and what they want for a more joyful, stress-free life. Next month, Titanya and Dondi will share their lifetime of experience and expertise working with the Five Elements in an exciting new webinar hosted by the East-West Bookshop!

In the “What is Your Element '' webinar, Titanya and Dondi will help you identify your Element and show you how to use this knowledge to enhance your mental, physical, and emotional well-being and improve your relationships with others. This fun learning experience airs live on August 26, and you can catch it online from anywhere in the world (don’t worry if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive the replay when you sign up!). Learn more and get your ticket here >>>

Together We Can Change Thousands of Lives For the Better!

Would you like to help make a difference that could change thousands of lives for the better?

The Energy Medicine Institute is a non-profit organization that moves the culture toward a more natural, energy-conscious, spiritually-attuned approach to health care and to life.

Contributions are used for:

1. Energy Medicine Practitioner Training Scholarships
Your contribution helps top students who have already completed two years of training enter into advanced, clinical-level training. Imagine having a highly trained practitioner open up shop in your community. It's of tremendous value to people everywhere.

2. Research
Research not only establishes the effectiveness of energy medicine in the eyes of the health care community and general public, it also determines the best energy medicine approaches for specific health conditions. If we want to get Energy Medicine into hospitals and other Western Medical settings, research is critical.

3. Public education about Energy Medicine
There are still too few people who know about this powerful healing tool. Your contribution will help spread the word about the healing potential of Energy Medicine.

We are reaching out today asking for your contribution. Please know that any amount will be welcomed with a deeply grateful “thank you!” from the heart ❤️

Click HERE to donate >>>

This Month's Featured Program

Eden Living is Now Open!

"One of the most valuable to me is having the opportunity to listen to the wisdom of all the wonderful energy medicine teachers we are fortunate to watch every single week, being provided with amazing energy medicine tools to assist in balancing our energy as well as all the fascinating and valuable information they share with us. Being in the presence of Donna once a week is pure joy!!" ✨✨✨

- Shirleen Johnson

Being on the internet can be an exhausting place. Where did that link go? Where did I see that great video? What was that technique I saw? Why can’t I find anything? Being online can be draining - that is, unless you have everything in one place.

We are putting everything in one place for you and we are here to make your online experience amazing!

Our membership site for Eden Method is inclusive, easeful, fun, and full of people who are exploring the world of healing. We have brought together a community of like-minded people for you to be with and speak the language of energy!

Eden Living is a joyful online sanctuary that can help you build a lifelong habit of using energy tools to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health so you can become one of the happiest, healthiest people you know!

Members of this unique membership space have ongoing access to Donna’s guidance, advanced Eden Method practitioner insights, expert mini masterclasses, plus the latest tips, tools, and fun interviews you won’t find anywhere else 😃

Over the past months, we’ve seen this one-of-a-kind community and learning space expand and exceed all expectations!

Registration for Eden Living opens just ONCE each year.

Our virtual doors are wide open right now, but they’ll be closed again in just a few days (until 2024!) Click here to find out more and experience Eden Living for yourself!

Your Energy Minute

Improve Your Digestion & Energize Your Entire System

In today’s Energy Minute, Titanya Dahlin shares a super simple, easy-to-do technique to aid digestion and remove sluggishness from your entire system. The best part is you can complete this helpful practice in less than 60 seconds! Watch Titanya do the technique here >>>

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