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We have some lively news. We are writing another book, this one on the power of Energy Psychology, the natural follow-up to our 2005 “The Promise of Energy Psychology.” And we are thrilled to be collaborating with Sounds True on this new project! Sounds True is a multi-media publisher that we respect tremendously. They have for more than three decades featured the greatest leaders in the innovative healing, consciousness, and spirituality arenas.

Our long and productive relationship with Sounds True started with a program on “Rituals for Conscious Dying” in 1991, progressed to the still-popular Energy Medicine Kit in 2005, has included various presentations and podcasts, and is about to take a new leap with our next book, which will focus on Energy Psychology. We are proud to be in their fold and could not be more pleased than to be collaborating with Tami Simon and her team on this new project!

While the book won’t appear for a couple more years (there is the little matter of writing it and then having it go into production), we are going to offer something very substantial about Energy Psychology, beginning with this e-letter issue and then proceeding through the rest of the year and beyond (see below). We thought we’d kick it off with a few passages we’ve drafted for the Introduction to the Sounds True book, saying a bit about ourselves and the topic:

From David’s Reflections: “I received my doctorate in clinical psychology in 1972, and I have worked as a licensed psychologist in a variety of contexts for nearly five decades. My roles have included serving as a psychotherapist in private and public settings, clinical supervisor, consultant to community mental health groups, group therapist in psychiatric wards, speaker at innumerable conferences, workshop leader, associate professor of psychology, instructor in psychiatry, teacher in continuing education programs, dissertation advisor, author, organizational consultant, CEO of an innovative health care organization and, early in my career, director of a youth-oriented hotline and drop-in center. About 20 years ago, I went through a training program in energy psychology and introduced it into my practice.”

From Donna’s Reflections: “When David began to study energy psychology about two decades ago, I was one of his first practice clients. As I watched him get more and more involved with tapping, I was thrilled to see his success with it.

I remember when we used to have arguments about Freud. David would defend Freud as a pioneering genius who had to be appreciated within the historical limitations of the time in which he lived. But there was no way I was going to be impressed by the guy who came up with the term ‘penis envy”! Now David was coming onto my ground.

David eventually became a leader in the energy psychology community, and I was invited to speak at some of their conferences. Although tapping can be powerful and effective all by itself, I learned that many of the therapists who attended my presentations went on to study the much broader field of Energy Medicine.

Then in 2012, I found out that, in a survey by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), most of the respondents said that Eden Energy Medicine is one of their top three energy medicine modalities! I was surprised since the Eden Method is known for working mainly on physical rather than psychological issues… but it was a most welcome surprise!"

We are excited to be expanding our coverage of Energy Psychology with this e-letter issue!

Summer blessings!

Donna and David

Donna and David summer

Eden Method in Action

From Hero to Homeless: How Energy Psychology is Saving Lives

Millions of veterans struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which makes it exceptionally challenging for them to return to civilian life. Tragically, PTSD is also believed to be the reason why so many veterans -- heroes willing to give their lives to save others -- end up taking their own.

But there’s help at hand. A small, passionate band of volunteer therapists are working tirelessly to bring health and healing to these forgotten heroes with powerful Energy Psychology techniques, and the results are nothing short of remarkable!

Two Minute Explanation of How Energy Psychology Works

How Can Tapping on the Body Lead to Psychological Changes?

Click the video above to watch David's very clear explanation.

This issue launches our 10-month series on Energy Psychology (see below). But how can tapping on acupressure points lead to the profound psychological changes being described in thousands of case reports and backed by a substantial body of research? Award-winning and NY Times best-selling author, David Feinstein, Ph.D., offers some insights in this two-minute video clip.

New e-Letter Series on Energy Psychology /Tapping!

Week One Begins!

Over the past few years, David has written a series of articles about Energy Psychology (the umbrella term for Emotional Freedom Techniques, Thought Field Therapy, “tapping,” and other personal growth techniques that work with the body’s subtle energies). Energy Psychology is turning out to be a powerful contribution to psychotherapy, thus David’s continued excitement about it nearly 50 years into his career as a clinical psychologist.

While David’s papers have been written primarily for therapists who use Energy Psychology methods in their practices, some of these papers are proving to be highly instructive for their clients as well. Whether you are a therapist, life coach, or someone looking into energy psychology for your own growth and challenges, we have selected 10 of David’s most influential or informative journal articles or book chapters and will present one each month over the next 10 months (he is actually still working on a few of them).

Each e-letter will provide a brief overview of the topic, highlight some of the most important points, and then link to the entire paper. Among the topics will be Energy Psychology Through the Eyes of Those Who Use It, Healing from Trauma, Addressing the Psychological Roots of Illness, Treating Addictions, Working with Death and Dying, Research Demonstrating That Energy Psychology Is Fast and Effective, and How Tapping Works.

We hope this series will bring you greater understanding about what we believe is proving to be one of the most important developments for psychotherapy and personal development in recent decades.

 The first article in the series follows.

How Tappers See Tapping

Tapping on acupuncture points while saying certain statements aloud is a powerful tool for resolving mental, emotional, and physical difficulties. More than 120 clinical trials show the approach (which falls under the category of “Energy Psychology”) to be fast and effective in producing strong outcomes.

But how can tapping on the skin make a difference? It looks strange and seems like wishful thinking, yet informed estimates suggest that millions of people worldwide have experienced substantial positive change!

To unravel the mysteries of tapping, a new in-depth analysis by psychologist David Feinstein examined the reports of more than 800 practitioners and clients who participated in 15 studies based on interviews or online surveys.

The post includes a fascinating look at how tapping can help with physical conditions, showing its success in the treatment of a woman diagnosed with malignant tumors in her throat and lymph nodes.

Continue to a Summary of the Study and a Link to the Entire Paper >>

Day 4 is HERE!

The Energy Healing Challenge is ON!

Our friends at Hay House are offering a free challenge to encourage you to make a habit of using energy medicine techniques every day to make you feel strong, happy, and resilient.

They are on Day 4: Learning Energetic Self-Protection. It’s all about learning how to energetically protect yourself from harmful outside energies, including other people, places, and EMFs. You’ll discover two powerful ways to create a sturdy energetic shield so that you can become more resilient and less vulnerable to negative energies. If you’re a sensitive person—or you just tend to feel unexplainably rundown and depleted—today you’ll find out how to get lasting relief.

Click HERE to sign up for FREE >>

Special Invite: Transform Your Health Online Summit

Get Access to Expert Support Absolutely Free!

In many countries, the world is starting to open again. Do you feel ready? Or are you feeling nervous about what the future holds and your place in it?

The Transform Your Health Summit, sponsored by The Shift Network, is designed to help people to navigate the world again. The best part? It’s 100% free! The entire experience takes place online and it is focused on self-help practices, so you can feel solid, secure, and confident in your health…body, mind, and spirit.

The Summit will feature over 30 illustrious speakers including, Dr. Dan Siegel, Poonacha Machaiah, Cyndi Dale, Dr. Andrea Pennington, Dr. Shamini Jain, Daisy Lee, Dr. Marc Grossman, and Lauren Walker… and our own Donna and Dondi 🙂

Donna will be teaching a hands-on session about resilience and the lymphatic system. You’ll learn how to make sure your lymphatic system is flowing and strong, so you can be free of inflammation and fight infection, bacteria, and viruses. Dondi will be hosting an entire day focused on cultivating resilience!

Each day of the 5-day Summit is centered on a different theme, and you receive expert insights and wisdom on everything from Neurobiology, Bio-Field Science and Adaptogenic Herbs to Forest Bathing, Ayurveda, Qigong, and many other healing modalities. In addition, they will share actionable tips, guidance, routines, and techniques to help your transition back into the world.

The Transform Your Health Summit is perfect for the time we are in, and it will help you gain confidence, focus, resilience, and a sense of overall well-being as you begin life anew in a post-pandemic world.

The Summit takes place between June 28th and July 2nd.

Click here to see the five-day schedule and join for FREE >>

Living The 5 Elements is Almost Here!!

Join Donna Titanya and Dondi On a Magical Online Adventure

A Photo Taken from Living the Five Elements

Are you a Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal? If you have no idea how to answer that, you’re missing out on deep insights about yourself and the world around you… insights that could help you live with more joy, freedom, love, and creative expression.

In Living The 5 Elements, Donna, Dondi, and Titanya will guide you on a fun, exciting, and potentially life-changing online adventure! You’ll discover how to use the ancient wisdom of the 5 Elements to successfully navigate the world as you improve your relationships, finance, career, health, and so much more.

Think of it this way… knowing how to recognize and identify core elements is almost like having your own “magical crystal ball.” It lets you “see” beneath the surface and gives you an accurate understanding of yourself and others on a much deeper level so you can resolve complicated conflicts in your relationships, overcome health challenges, and even find your authentic place in the world.

There’s no other online course quite like this one, and it’s about to launch in just a few weeks! Join our Living the Five Elements Insiders’ List and be the first to know as soon as it goes live. Just CLICK HERE >>

Your Energy Minute

Tapping Away the Blues

Feeling a little blue, worried or anxious? There’s a simple way to invite more joy, delight, and cheer into your heart in less than 60 seconds 🙂

Dondi Dahlin shows you how from John Adams’ (yes, that John Adams!) charming home in Quincy, Massachusetts.
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