June 2023 Newsletter

After Donna came out of her heart surgery on September 19, Titanya and David were giving her energy medicine sessions regularly right there in the hospital, sometimes to the interest of the medical staff, other times just to their amusement. While she has continued to receive sessions from the two of them, she has also naturally gravitated to working on herself in ways she hadn’t before. Since self-care is the theme of this month’s e-letter, we wanted to share some that she has come up with or altered which go beyond the Daily Energy Routine.

For instance, not surprisingly, Donna traces heart meridian on both sides every day. But she does this much more slowly than she ever did before the surgery, caressing the meridian, pulling and hugging the force of this precious meridian all the way down with her full hands and off her little finger.

Another practice that has changed for her since the surgery is the way she does the cross-over shoulder pull. The pattern is the same, but again she does it more slowly and more deeply, with her consciousness supporting Triple Warmer to relax and experiencing everything in her body connecting and crossing over together and paying homage to the queen, her heart.

The most meaningful of all the practices she has created or revised since her surgery is also the simplest. Putting both her hands over Heart Chakra, she "comes home" to herself, directing positive energies into her body. Taking a deep in-breath through her nose, her consciousness goes right to her heart, thanking it, expressing gratitude for helping every organ in her body get back into rhythm with it.

Her heart was literally removed from her body during the surgery, so every organ has to re-establish its connection with her heart. She describes it as so much more than just a connection. It’s more like the heart is the conductor of the orchestra and every cell, organ, and communication has to be in rhythm with it. She becomes very present to that process, using her consciousness to support it.

In the same way she figured out how to establish a new relationship with her nervous system when she overcame her multiple sclerosis while in her early 30s, she has been establishing a new relationship with her heart in her early 80s. And she is thrilled about it!

Now nine months into her recovery (a year is typically what is required, but two years is not uncommon), the staff at her Cardio Rehab exercise facility says she is ahead of schedule. It was an invasive procedure for any body, particularly a body that is 80 years old, but as always, we are grateful for the power of this natural approach for bringing our energies into a vital alignment with body, mind, and spirit.

Donna and David


Inside This Issue:

  • The Energy Medicine Tool that Sparks Deep Calm (in Less than 2 Minutes!)
  • Summertime Self-Care Toolkit: Donna’s Reading & Watchlist
  • 90-Second Practice to Improve Your Emotional Health
  • Discover the Art of Energy-Based Self-Care
  • How to Give Yourself an "Energetic Pedicure"
  • Bringing Energy Medicine to Underprivileged, Marginalized Communities
  • Open Up Your Intuition to Improve Your Overall Well-Being
  • Featured Event: Free Energy Medicine Yoga Routine
  • Your Energy Minute: Boost Your Confidence and Your Immunity

Energy Medicine in Action

The Energy Medicine Tool that Sparks Deep Calm (in Less than 2 Minutes!)

Dan Zhou arrived at a friend’s 4th of July picnic, ready to enjoy the festivities, when a guest, whom she did not know, became highly agitated during the city’s extravagant fireworks display. Luckily, Dan knew exactly how to help the guest, who became completely calm in less than 2 minutes! Find out what Dan did to calm the guest >>>

Inspiration for Your Summertime "Self-Care Toolkit"

Take a Peek at Donna’s Favorite Books and TV Shows

There’s something about the summer months that inspires us to relax and take extra special care of ourselves doing what we love. Two of Donna’s go-to summertime pastimes include reading and some of the high quality programs you can find on TV. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your "self-care toolkit" this summer (or winter if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere :)), here’s a list of Donna’s current favorite books and TV shows. Take a peek at Donna’s current favorites >>>

Donna’s 90-Second Practice to Improve Your Emotional Health

Self-care isn’t just about eating right or getting enough sleep and exercise. While looking after your physical body is important, an essential element of self-care involves taking good care of your emotional health. So, in addition to doing Donna’s Daily Energy Routine (which we hope you’re doing every day!), here’s an easy, self-care practice you can turn to whenever you need a soothing dose of calming, relaxing energy. Watch Donna’s 90-second demonstration here>>>

Discover The Art of Energy-Based Self-Care

Do you know Donna and David are award-winning, bestselling authors? Their first book, Energy Medicine, has sold over 300,000 copies. This wonderfully in-depth work includes insights on using energy-based tools to release stress, relieve arthritic pain, eat smarter, feel more joyful, and much more. Hailed as the "Gray’s Anatomy of the Subtle Body," Energy Medicine is a must-read when it comes to learning the art of energy-based self-care. Find out more and get your copy here >>>

Force of Nature

Bringing Energy Medicine to Underprivileged, Marginalized Communities

Described as a "force of nature," African-American EEM Certified Practitioner Shannon Yarbrough is devoted to bringing healing and self-care to those who need it most. As Shannon puts it, "I have been able to share my knowledge with so many in need and have seen a vast improvement in the health of my small community -- there is a deep sense of empowerment and connection to more than pain." Read Shannon’s remarkable story in her own words >>>

How to Give Yourself an "Energetic" Pedicure

If you’ve ever read or browsed through a woman’s magazine, you’ve probably come across an article that links self-care with going for a manicure or pedicure. While it can certainly be a fun way to give yourself a well-deserved break, the benefits of a traditional mani/pedi are skin deep, at best. 🙂 It’s why we recommend giving yourself an "energetic pedicure" in addition to the classic version (and it doesn’t cost a dime!). Dondi shows you how to do it >>>

Open Up Your Intuition to Improve Your Overall Well-Being

Strengthening your intuition helps your life go better! Donna taught her daughters, Dondi and Titanya, how to open their intuition and psychic abilities from an early age. In this video, they share a fun energy medicine tool that can support you in deepening your intuitive skills. Watch Dondi and Titanya here >>>

This Month's Featured Program

Free Energy Medicine Yoga Routine!

Lauren Walker is the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga, a style of Yoga that flows directly from her studies with Donna Eden and Eden Energy Medicine. Lauren says, "putting Eden Energy Medicine together with Yoga is like putting peanut butter on your chocolate!"

One of Lauren's favorite EMYoga routines is called the 5 Element Flow (it takes less than 5 minutes to complete), and she's created a free instructional video, guidebook, and 21-day challenge to infuse the energy of the 5 Elements for emotional balance. You can learn more and sign up for Lauren’s free EMYoga routine here >>>

Your Energy Minute: Special Edition

Boost Your Confidence (and Your Immunity) with Donna!

The Taiji Pole is a powerful force field that runs right through the body. It’s connected to your immune system and your sense of inner calm and self-confidence. Do this handy little "Tajii Pole" technique anytime you need to boost your confidence and strengthen your immunity. Watch Donna do the Taiji Pole technique here>>>

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