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Are You Getting Vaccinated?

The vaccine is an either-or choice that is facing or that will soon be facing many who are reading these words, and some highly conflicting information is circulating. People are asking us our position. We don’t have a policy or official position per se.

It is the same dilemma in coming to policies about any medical intervention. Everyone is different, biochemically and energetically. We don’t take a position that surgeries are good or bad, or specific medications, or even that specific foods or supplements are good or bad per se – all of these depend upon individual energies and circumstances.

In this same sense, we don’t take a position on vaccines. When people ask our daughter, Dondi, about the vaccine to try to get a sense about our position, she says, “Some people in our family are getting it and some people aren’t. We all respect each other and our choices.”

For those who are choosing not to be vaccinated (as well as those who are), we encourage you to do all you can to keep your immune system strong. At the start of the pandemic, we made a 12-minute video on our YouTube channel with energy techniques that can be added to the Daily Energy Routine. That video has had more than 117 thousand views, and we continue to recommend it.

For those of you who are going to be vaccinated, here are a few energy tools you can use:

1. Do the Daily Energy Routine before you go for the vaccine and after you get home. You might even do it twice daily in the days leading up to your appointment.

2. Be sure your energies are not in a homolateral pattern prior to doing the Daily Energy Routine. To learn more about this, view this brief video on the homolateral crossover. Also, do the crossover shortly before and after the vaccine if homolateral patterning is an issue for you or if you aren’t sure.

3. Do the “Triple Warmer Smoothie” a few times before going for your appointment and after. If you are feeling nervous, do it just before the injection.

4. In the minutes before receiving the shot, take a few conscious in-breaths and let your out-breaths be very, very slow. This engages your vagus nerve and activates your parasympathetic nervous system, bringing your body into greater harmony with what it will receive.

5. If you feel any dizziness or nausea following the vaccination, do the hook-up.

Dawson Church, our partner in energy psychology, had the vaccine. He wrote: “Last week my wife Christine and I got our vaccine shots. We tapped on our way to the clinic. The atmosphere was festive, and we joked with the doctors and nurses who served us with kindness and respect. Afterwards we tapped on each EFT acupoint while saying, ‘My body loves and accepts this great medicine. I am grateful. My body builds millions of covid antibodies every hour. I am already immune.’ We used our minds — plus tapping — to condition our bodies.”

Whatever you decide about the vaccine, keep your spirits high about your decision and your immune system strong!

Happy Spring!


D & D

Donna and David

Photo: Dondi Dahlin

Eden Energy Medicine in Action

Bringing Energy Healing Into Hospitals and Hospices

Healthcare workers

Case History

Sometimes our sister organizations—particularly those bringing natural healing practices into conventional health care settings—make breakthroughs we want our community to know about and perhaps emulate. The “Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust” has been highly successful in positioning complementary healers into the U.K.’s National Health Services as well as hospices. They were very gracious to offer suggestions for steps our practitioners could take to do the same.

Participate in Our Story Contest

Have you had success in introducing EEM into a conventional health care setting? If so, you are invited to write up your experience in 3 to 7 paragraphs and send it to us at [email protected].

The top entry(s) will have their piece published in our e-letter in this section. Your website or other contact information can be included.

As of this month, the e-letter is being sent to 170,000 + people who are interested in Energy Medicine, so it would be a substantial way to let your work be known. Let’s celebrate advances in getting EEM into the mainstream!

Please submit your entry by April 1, 2021. Your entry may also be summarized in an article that Donna and David have been asked to write on this topic for an excellent magazine.

Activate the Body's Natural Healing Abilities

Learn About the Electrics in Our Fundamentals Classes

In the above video, Donna and Dondi discuss how Liz helped facilitate a miraculous recovery for her husband after an artery surgery. How? She tapped into the Electrics, a system that runs through all the other energy systems in our bodies.

You can learn how to utilize the healing power of the Electrics in our Level 1: Fundamentals program! This is only the tip of the iceberg as you empower yourself to take an active role in the healing of yourself and your loved ones.

Classes in Fundamentals are small so you get plenty of personalized instruction and hands-on practice time along with mentoring between classes. Choose from over 50 locations around the globe. If there are restrictions in your area, you can take the first class from home—check with your instructor for online options.

With many hospitals not accepting patients—while immunocompromised individuals are understandably wary of hospitals—the ability to care for ourselves and our loved ones is more important than ever. Classes are filling up fast and only start once a year, so if this opportunity is calling to you, don't hesitate to sign up!

Learn more and save your spot today.

We’re Building Our Membership Site!

Tell Us What You Want and Win Prizes

Titanya Donna Dondi

We’re launching our Membership Site! This will be a fun, safe, and educational place to hang out online with fellow Energy Medicine fans and practitioners.

We will have a lot of surprises and exclusive content to share with you there, but as we put the finishing touches together, we want to make sure that we are providing the type of site that will best serve your needs.

Please click on the link below to fill out our short survey. Don’t delay—everyone who responds by Sunday, March 28 at midnight will be eligible for a special drawing!

One lucky survey contributor will win free streaming access to Donna’s upcoming Advanced Class in June 2021 ($495 value!). Thank you!

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Rhine River Cruise 2022 is a Go!

There Are Still a Few Spots Left if You're Willing to Share a Cabin

Rhine River Cruise 2022

We are thrilled for our Cruise of a Lifetime in 2022! Guests willing to share a cabin should check out our Roommate Finder Forum as some of our guests are still looking for someone to join them.

While all of the cabins are now reserved, we encourage you to sign up for our waitlist if you are still interested. Links for both the waitlist and the Forum can be found on our cruise webpage.

Learn More About the Cruise -->

ACEP Brings Stellar Line-up to Its Annual Conference

See Deepak Chopra and More in This Online Event

ACEP Conference

We have in recent years been honored to receive ACEP’s (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Lifetime Achievement Award (Donna) and its Outstanding Contribution Award (David). One or both of us has attended nearly every one of ACEP’s annual International Conferences in the past two decades, often delivering keynote addresses or pre/post-Conference workshops. The Conferences have always been wonderful experiences, recharging our batteries and keeping us updated on the latest developments in the field, often cutting-edge advances no one has yet written about.

This year, the Conference (like so many conferences) is being held online. Because they don’t have to fly and house the keynoters, or pay for their travel time, vast new possibilities were opened. And ACEP reached high, pulling together an amazing group. You probably recognize at least half of these thought leaders:

ACEP Speakers

It will be a remarkable event! Deepak Chopra will be talking about “Reimagining Humanity: The Future of Wellbeing & Technology.” Rupert Sheldrake on his 40 years exploring morphic fields as a key to “A New Science of Life.” Rollin McCraty (of the HeartMath Institute) on “The Energetic Heart: Personal, Social & Global Transformation.”

ACEP is also very good at making their online events highly personal with chat rooms and other online devices. It will be a powerful event. Learn more.

Help Bring Energy Medicine to the World

You Can Donate Through Your Amazon Purchases!

Amazon Smile

Have you heard of the Energy Medicine Institute? This non-profit corporation advances Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology through public education, professional training, and advocating the use of an Energy Medicine perspective within healthcare, business, and education.

Great news—you can donate to the Energy Medicine Institute through your Amazon purchases! All you need to do is add them as your Amazon Smile recipient at See image below for details. You can also make donations right from the site at

Amazon Smile Instructions

Behind the Scenes on “Living the Five Elements”

Filming an Online Course During Challenging Times

filming the Five Elements

This month, we started filming our long-awaited course, “Living The Five Elements." This 5-week online course taught by Donna, Titanya, and Dondi will show you how to use the 5 Elements to improve so many areas of life: relationships, parenting, health, work… just to name a few.

To keep everyone safe, we scaled our team down to a 2-person film crew and utilized the outdoors to film many of the segments—no makeup, no hair, no craft services (that’s food to lay people), no assistants, and no visitors on the set. Everyone was in masks and observed social distancing when not on camera. Our camera crew even offered to go to a drive-through and eat in their cars…everyone is working together to make this course possible!

Month 5 of the Five Elements Series!

By Donna Eden

Explore the Five Elements In This 6-Part Newsletter Series

Donna Eden and the Five Elements



Earths are naturally compassionate and supportive. They love spending time with friends and family and enjoy activities like cooking, music-making, gardening, homemaking, sewing, woodworking, and crafts. They often have problems balancing the needs of others with their own. The stress emotion for Earths is worry.

Earths have a swish and a sway to their walking—a lyrical step, like a deer prancing. They often move slowly and deliberately and take their own space. Earths like a beginning, middle, and end to all movements. They do not like to be rushed. Earth governs the spleen and the stomach.

Your Energy Minute

Take Your Stress Levels Down with Donna and David

Learn the Triple Warmer Spleen Hug, which balances energies between these two energy pathways and helps reduce the fight/flight/freeze response that we often turn to in times of stress. Join Donna and David from the historic Santa Cruz Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California!

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