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Today is St. Patrick's Day! The following are our personal stories and experiences of Ireland in honor of Donna's Irish ancestry:

Donna's Story: I remember as a little girl, maybe 3 or 4, I couldn't wait to go to bed because I would visit the place where I used to live before I was born to the parents I now loved in Hollydale, California. I don't know if I was dreaming or astral traveling, but it felt incredibly real. I would be transported over many miles and find myself walking in fields or along the seacoast. I loved those nighttime journeys. As I got older, the longing to actually visit this place, which I knew to be Southern Ireland, grew. So I started to save my money when I was 17.

At 19, I signed up with the International Students Association for a 3-month visit. To keep expenses down, they grouped 5 of us girls together and arranged for a rich experience of the country. We went by ship and were met by two college boys whose job was to introduce us to the country. It felt remarkably familiar to me. When we got to our first town, Cobh, in County Cork, I would know what was around the next corner. I was so excited that I would blurt it out. And sure enough, when we turned the corner, there was the landmark I'd just described. The other girls started taking bets on whether I would guess correctly!

It was an amazing three months. I even kissed the Blarney Stone (see photo below)! Even though I hadn't started my healing work at the time, I sensed that I knew a lot about the Celtic healing arts. In fact, I believe to this day that I am deeply influenced by that tradition even though I've never studied it!

David's Story: I loved my one visit to Ireland (Donna holds the Irish adventures between us!), but I know something about the Blarney Stone. To kiss the Blarney Stone, you must ascend a wall of Blarney Castle. You accomplish this by braving a steep climb of 127 steps on spiral staircases. Then you lie on your back, hold onto an iron railing to avoid falling, and lean way back to kiss the stone, all the while managing the riveting sight of the ground from 85 feet up. According to legend, the magical Blarney stone in this wall bestows the power of eloquence to anyone brave enough to kiss it. I learned all this after working with a woman who had a long-term height phobia. She began to shake and hyperventilate when I instructed her to walk toward the 4th story balcony in the building where the session was held. After our 30-minute tapping session, she was not only free of any fear of heights, when she and her husband visited Ireland sometime later, she triumphantly told me: "I kissed that stone!!!" You can watch a 13-minute excerpt of that session here.

Whether or not you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we hope you have a wonderful day, and our wish is that you will always have "the luck of the Irish!"

Donna and David

Eden Method in Action

Grandmother Uses Figure 8's To Help a Child Post-Op
"I had to see it to believe it."

The Figure 8 patterns can be found in many Eden Energy Medicine exercises. They parallel one of the oldest spiritual symbols in the world, with roots that can be traced back to ancient Ireland (please see "The Story Behind the Logo" below for more on the Celtic symbols and the Celtic Spiral).

Figure 8s are easy to do even if you've never done energy work before, and they have many uses in healing sessions.
Sometimes they are surprisingly potent. A concerned grandmother, Janet, experienced this remarkable healing power when she performed Figure 8s along her 2-year-old granddaughter's surgery line post-op. The results were far beyond her expectations, and Janet was compelled to send a grateful note to Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner Dan Zhou, who had recommended that she do the exercise on her granddaughter. Janet's awestruck comment about the benefits of the Figure 8s was: "I had to see it to believe it!"

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The Story Behind The Logo
Why Donna Chose The Triple Spiral for Eden Method

By Dondi Dahlin

My sister Titanya and I grew up surrounded by Irish, Scottish, and Celtic symbols, and they have always been a part of our upbringing. Mom first went to Ireland in 1960 to trace her Irish ancestry. On that first trip and in her subsequent trips to Celtic lands throughout the years, she was drawn to the Celtic Spiral, which is essentially a set of three overlapping spirals, also known as the Triple Spiral. This ancient symbol was deeply personal to mom from the moment she first saw it. Somehow, the Celtic Spiral felt like something she had always known. She could relate to the Figure 8s and spirals she saw in energy patterns on the body…patterns weaving together and representing movement and motion, which signifies energy.

Today we use the Triple Spiral (triskele/triskelion) for our logo in Eden Method, which represents the cycles of life; birth, death, rebirth, the Triple Goddess; maiden, mother, and wise woman as well as mother, father, and child. The Triple Spiral also represents the holy trinity and three worlds -- the spiritual world, the present world, and the celestial world. It is a symbol that dates back to the Neolithic era and is believed to have been first used in the Celtic culture and at Newgrange in 3700 BC. The indigenous name of Newgrange is Bru na Boinne, and it is a "grand passage" tomb older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids! This makes the Triple Spiral extraordinarily ancient, and it has even been seen in antiquities and paintings in Greece.

There are many variations of the Triple Spiral, and symbolists believe the Triple Spiral reflects many cultures and many different eras, mythologies, and histories, but mostly Celtic ones. The number 3 holds a special symbolism within the Triple Spiral and also for Mom. The number 3 has always played a part in her life. The pattern of the Triple Spiral and the Figure 8 looms large whenever she sees people, animals, or spends any time in nature (if people, animals, and the land are healthy, she sees a lot of these patterns). Now you know a little bit more about why the Triple Spiral is so significant for Mom, for our company, and why it is used for the Eden Method logo 🙂

Síocháin agus sláinte!
(Peace and health!)


"Politics" is derived from the juicer Greek word, "politeia," which implies an active engagement in which people empower each other to enhance their communities. – Jean Houston

"The Earth is what we all have in common."

—Wendell Berry

The Harnessing the Energies of Politeia

3rd of Series

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

If you didn’t read the first installment, we suggest you start here.

In the previous installment of this series, Donna and David echoed the following point by my friend and colleague, the late Joseph Campbell: "If humanity is to survive, at least one archaic but dominating myth must be transformed. While all mythological systems direct the ‘expansive faculty of the heart’ toward the in-group, they deliberately direct ‘every impulse toward violence’ at the out-group." We are witnessing another tragic instance of this violence toward yet another manufactured "out-group" in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The invasion not only activates the fight-or-flight response of our collective Triple Warmer, as Donna and David explained last month. It has also activated our collective Radiant Circuit response – the "Inner Mom" writ large – as seen through a global outpouring of solidarity and support. A new collective response is emerging all over the planet, forcefully countering the old ways of "divide, conquer, and rule."

The soul of politeia, the energy that fuels active engagement for boosting community well-being, is awakening in the midst of this violence and terror. Here are six forms within which the energy of politeia can operate towards establishing a culture of vibrant health for the individual and the community.

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Ukrainians and Russians Uniting in Music

Amidst the tragedy and heartbreak unfolding in Ukraine are also acts of courage, collaboration, compassion, and inspiration. Ukrainian soldiers offering their cell phones to captured Russian soldiers so they could call their mothers. Songwriters and poets are producing a growing number of pieces that call to the highest in the human spirit during this dark time – including defiance of evil. A Krakow theater company has, for instance, rewritten the words of "Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina," creating a beautiful duet, "Prayer for Ukraine," with one woman singing in Ukrainian and the other in Russian.

Before the invasion, collaborations by artists from both countries were not uncommon. For instance, have you ever heard of "Chicagovitch"? It’s an album created as a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. rock band Chicago. The group that created it, "Leonid and Friends," has members in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus, with recording studios in Moscow and Kyiv. The symbolism is potent. Leonid and Friends started as a YouTube sensation (more than 50 million views as of years ago), and they now also tour. A remarkable fact is that none of the band members have ever seen Chicago play. Often, no scores or music were available. Yet, by transcribing the original band’s recordings, often by ear, they have been able to replicate Chicago’s complex arrangements, amazingly, note-for-note.

Give yourself a 5-minute treat by listening to this remarkable piece of music (whether or not you like rock music, it is quite amazing). Take in the complexity of their task and the promise it holds. Thanks to our friend, Rick Leskowitz, who brought this recording to our attention. Because it is so beautiful, and because the collaboration is so meaningful and inspiring at this moment, we wanted to share it with you. Please click here.

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The Celtic Spiral for Healing

Special Discount on Donna’s One-of-a-Kind Chakra Class

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and in honor of Donna’s Irish roots, we’re doing something special … *drum roll*… it’s a 24-hour Flash Sale for Donna’s Advanced Chakra Class! The Advanced Chakra Class is a transformational, 9-hour online extravaganza where you can learn to free yourself from various health issues using the Chakra energy system. The best part is this class is based on Donna’s unique approach to working with the Chakras using ancient Celtic methods (no one else teaches this!). But don’t forget, this special flash sale is on for 24 hours only.

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Energy Psychology Series #10 of 10

Understanding The "Energy" in Energy Psychology

How Energy Psychology Instigates Powerful, Positive Outcomes Through Five Forms of Energy

In more than 120 clinical trials, energy psychology, which is the umbrella term for the Emotional Freedom Techniques, Thought Field Therapy, "tapping", and related approaches, has been shown to deliver significant improvements across a wide range of psychological and physiological conditions with striking speed and durability.

But despite impressive results in clients with issues ranging from PTSD and depression to cardiovascular and immune disorders, many therapists and clinicians dismiss the approach because of the vague and often controversial use of the term energy in energy psychology.

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Everybody Poops (But Not Always!)

How Figure 8s Helped Little Ben "Go"

Tracing Figure 8s is one of the simplest and most versatile techniques in the Eden Energy Medicine toolkit. It is a healing pattern that dates back to ancient Ireland (please see "The Story Behind the Logo" above for more). The Figure 8 pattern can be used to reduce pain, release stress, improve memory and even help you be more "ahem" regular 🙂

EEM Advanced Practitioner Pamela Cornwell remembers receiving an urgent call from her daughter just after 8 pm one night… 5-year-old Ben was having trouble moving his bowels, and could grandma help? Pamela rushed over and immediately did some surrogate testing (with Ben’s mom as the surrogate). She strengthened Ben’s large intestine meridian points and did some figure 8s on his belly. After he fell asleep, Ben’s mom took over doing Figure 8s. Much to Grandma and mom’s delight, their efforts were rewarded the next day -- Ben could finally "go!" Pamela’s happy comment: Ben is back to normal thanks to Eden Energy Medicine!

Fundamentals Classes Are Open for Registration!

Fundamentals classes are open for registration just once each year, and the good news is the 2022 classes are starting now! All classes are led by advanced EEM practitioners, and they're available in many locations around the world… including Ireland 🙂. So no matter where you happen to be, chances are good that you have access to one of our top practitioners.

Fundamentals is a series of 4 classes held over 4 extended weekends over a year. Each class is designed to empower you with the EEM tools and techniques you need to address a broad spectrum of health issues and bring about extraordinary benefits for yourself and your loved ones, even if you're a complete beginner.

So if you’re ready to take greater charge of your health and happiness, there's no better place to start than with the Fundamentals class!

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Your Energy Minute

How to Use Tiny Figure 8s to Release Stuck Energy

You can break up congested or "stuck" emotional and physical energies using "fairy flows" – an Eden Energy Medicine term that refers to the multitude of Figure 8s in your energy field. Watch Titanya Dahlin at the Stone Circle Kenmare in Irelands, as she shows you how to help your energy flow freely with Figure 8s!

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