March 2023 Newsletter

One of my (this is Donna speaking) greatest honors within the conventional medical community was to be asked to deliver “grand rounds” at the Cleveland Clinic (please see “A Major Medical Milestone for Energy Medicine” below). While it started as a small outpatient clinic in 1921, it is today one of the country’s most prestigious hospital systems with more than 6 million patient visits each year.

A synchronicity with that presentation led to one of my life’s greatest (and most blessed) ironies. Eight years later, I happened to be presenting at a conference in Cleveland when I had an acute medical emergency and was rushed to the Cleveland Clinic, which undoubtedly saved my life. Several of the nurses recognized me from the Grand Rounds.

Entry into conventional medical systems has, however, been rocky. Early in my career, I was seeing clients who also happened to be patients at a medical practice. The medical practice was owned by five physicians who had affiliations with the local hospital adjacent to their building.

Enough stories got back to them that they decided to initiate legal proceedings against me for practicing medicine without a license, which is a felony.
I can look back now and understand it from their point of view—this uncredentialed “healer” giving their patients, in their estimation, false hope by doing some kind of energy voodoo with passes of her hands over their bodies and other such nonsense.

The prosecuting attorney subpoenaed several of these patients to testify, at a pretrial hearing, showing that I had been working with their patients on ways that crossed the line into their exclusive domain. Hearing from the witnesses, the judge was impressed that my work had made a significant positive difference in their medical conditions. He asked the prosecuting attorney to find one patient who had been harmed.

When he couldn’t, the case was thrown out of court, with the judge agreeing that quackery should be prevented but then making some disparaging remarks about anyone trying to ban the kinds of healings the patients had described under oath.

The incident had a redeeming sequel. Some eight years later, the hospital that was adjacent to the doctors’ office had me teach an energy medicine class to its staff. Several of the doctors who had brought the charges against me attended and were among the class’s most enthusiastic participants!

In this month’s edition of our newsletter, we’re grateful and happy to share a few of the many ways energy medicine is finding its way into mainstream medicine and how it is gradually becoming a reliable healing approach for a growing number of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

Donna and David

Inside This Issue:

  • Accelerating Post-Surgery Recovery with Energy Medicine
  • David and Donna to Receive the “Pioneer Award”
  • Donna’s Big Dream is Coming True!
  • “More Powerful Than Anything I Can Do With a Scalpel”
  • A Major Medical Milestone for Energy Medicine
  • The Five Elements, Energy Medicine, & Belly Dancing at Bethesda Hospital!
  • Energy-based Testing as a Reliable Diagnostic Tool
  • Overcoming Overwhelming Odds
  • Dondi at “Mind Heart Connect” in Melbourne Australia!
  • The Art & Science of Transformational Change
  • This Month’s Featured Event
  • Your Energy Minute

Energy Medicine in Action

Accelerating Post-Surgery Recovery with Energy Medicine

When Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, Patricia Butler, was asked to help a post-surgery patient who was in a lot of pain and discomfort, she was more than happy to get to work. What happened next was a wonderful and welcome surprise for the patient, his wife, and his doctors. Read more >>>

David and Donna to Receive the “Pioneer Award”
at the Energy Healing Leadership Conference

The online Energy Healing Leadership Conference is designed to help “Honor the Past,” “Expand the Present,” and “Design the Future” of energy healing. Part of honoring the past involves bestowing awards on teachers and innovators who have helped shape the field of contemporary energy healing. Donna and David have been selected to share the “Pioneer Award.”

Ann Hession, the organizer of the Conference, wrote to Innersource inviting Donna and David to receive the award. Ann wrote: “A huge wave of growth in the field of energy healing is happening right now. Exciting signs are there for anyone to see, and this growth is due in no small part to Donna Eden and David Feinstein and their work in educating and training healers around the world.”

The award will be presented online on Monday, April 3, 12:45 Pacific Time, followed by an interview of Donna and David. You can tune into that for free or learn about the entire three-day conference by clicking this link >>>

Donna’s Big Dream is Coming True!

Bringing Energy Medicine into Western Medical Settings

One of Donna’s big dreams is to see Eden Energy Medicine fully accepted and applied in mainstream medicine so more people can enjoy the life-enhancing benefits of energy medicine in the journey to reclaiming their health… and we’re thrilled to say that we’re starting to see Donna’s big dream come true!

We recently learned that some of our EEM Practitioners -- including a doctor and a certified practitioner in Germany -- have been successfully sharing EEM in Western medical settings and seeing astonishing results! Check out their interviews here >>>

“More Powerful Than Anything I Can do With a Scalpel”

Gina Sager, M.D., a surgeon, suffered from ongoing headaches, chronic fatigue, and chronic fibromyalgia symptoms that left her stressed, depleted, and miserable. Then she found Eden Energy Medicine, and everything changed! In this empowering, eye-opening video, the “recovering surgeon” talks about her experience taking the EEM Level 1 Fundamentals class and how energy medicine “feels more powerful than anything I can do with a scalpel.”

Watch Gina share her extraordinary story here >>>

A Major Medical Milestone for Energy Medicine

The Grand Rounds is a formal presentation of a medical problem -- and the treatment of the problem -- to an audience of doctors, residents, and medical students. An essential and prestigious teaching tool (and beloved ritual) in the medical community, the Grand Rounds is a golden opportunity for medical professionals eager to learn from the best of the best across various medical fields. Given these factors, an invitation to "do the Grand Rounds" is considered an incredible honor and is usually offered only to prominent doctors in mainstream medicine.

We knew energy medicine had crossed a significant milestone when Donna was asked to do the Grand Rounds in 2016 at one of the world's most respected and distinguished hospitals- the Cleveland Clinic! It was an exciting, unmistakable sign that medical professionals were starting to embrace the healing power of energy medicine. We are profoundly grateful and continue to remain hopeful that Donna's "unconventional" approach to health and healing will one day become a part of mainstream medicine.

The Five Elements, Energy Medicine & Belly Dancing at Bethesda Hospital!

Donna isn’t the only one in the Eden family who has had the honor of presenting an energy-based approach to discerning doctors, nurses, and medical staff 😀 A year after Donna was invited to do the Grand Rounds at the Cleveland Clinic, Dondi was delighted to receive an invitation to present at Bethesda Hospital, also in Ohio. Dondi shares her memorable teaching experience in her own words (and yes, her story includes belly dancing!). Read more >>>

Muscle Testing as a Reliable Diagnostic Tool

Donna performing an Energy Test during a class.

Do you know that muscle testing is used by nearly half of all chiropractors in the United States alone? Based on research published in the Advances in Integrative Medicine journal in 2015, approximately 40% of chiropractors in the U.S. rely on Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing (AK-MMT) to check for structural imbalances, neuromusculoskeletal integrity, and physical misalignments so they can successfully evaluate and diagnose their patients.

Originally developed by Dr. George Goodheart back in the 1960s, AK-MMT has given rise to various forms of energy-based testing, including the Energy Test, which is used extensively in Eden Energy Medicine. Dr. Goodheart was a legend in the complimentary healing community. He is also the only person in the history of the world who consistently called Donna, “Mrs. Feinstein” (always with a smile).

Overcoming Overwhelming Odds

How a Devoted Nurse Found a Way to Comfort Oncology Patients with EEM

Eileen Kelly Vallatini, RN, first learned about Eden Energy Medicine when she happened to find Donna’s book -- Energy Medicine -- at her local bookstore. Eileen was instantly captivated, and that first encounter sparked a deep and abiding passion to help oncology patients find comfort and relief with EEM. Soon the devoted nurse found herself battling against overwhelming odds to bring energy medicine into a highly respected cancer institute. Read Eileen’s incredible story>>>

Dondi is a Keynote Speaker at Mind Heart Connect

Guess where?

It was 1997 when the Eden clan was last in Australia. Donna was the featured presenter at a major event in Sydney (and Titanya performed!). Fast forward to 2023; now it's Dondi's turn to present in Melbourne!

We’re thrilled that Dondi is invited to be a keynote speaker and workshop leader at the “Mind Heart Connect” conference. This world-class event will take place live from April 28-30, but you can get online access to the main day of keynote presentations using a special,1-day virtual pass (this means you'll be able to watch from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world 😀) Find out more here >>>

Special note: You can apply for a “student pass” (and save $400) to attend “Mind Heart Connect” live in Melbourne. This option is perfect for students or anyone facing financial difficulties. Simply fill this form to apply

Exciting Energy Psychology Conference

Discover The Art & Science of Transformational Change!

The 25th International Energy Psychology Conference will be a major celebration of the evolution of energy psychology over the past quarter century. Every year the ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Conference is a life-changing event. Reflecting on recent conferences, 600 people attended last year, Dr. Gail Gillespie said it all when she commented: "I wouldn’t even call it a conference. It’s an enlivening, soul-enriching, mind-exploding experience. Every. Single. Year."

For this quarter century anniversary year, many of the field’s leaders will be presenting. It is being held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor resort in Baltimore and will also be streamed live. Held June 1 through 5, our own David Feinstein has the honor of having been asked to deliver the closing keynote address! You can get access to early bird tickets until March 31st (and save $200!) Find out more here >>>

This Month's Featured Program

Go Deeper with Eden Energy Medicine!

Level 1: Fundamentals can empower you to take an active role in healing yourself and your loved ones using gentle, non-invasive, and highly effective Eden Energy Medicine tools and techniques. Classes are held in person and available in multiple locations worldwide.

Each class is purposefully kept small and led by highly-trained Eden Energy Medicine practitioners, so you have everything you need to feel confident about your skills -- even if you’ve never worked with energy before!

Plus, if you've ever considered making Eden Energy Medicine a career, completion of Level 1 qualifies you to enter Level 2 of our world-renowned Certification program!

Classes start just once a year, so find a class near you today >>>

Your Energy Minute

Strengthen Your Heart!

This exercise can help strengthen your heart. It can also be used to help ease heart break. Just twist and hold your pinkie for 2-3 minutes. It’s deceptively simple, yet very powerful. Watch Dondi and Titanya demonstrate in front of the original Cleveland Clinic in Ohio! Click here to watch and follow along >>>

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