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A dozen years ago, when the beautiful Wigwam Resort was courting us to bring our EEM Certification Program to their property, just outside of Phoenix, the only time we could find on our busy calendars to do a site visit was on our anniversary. While we were reluctant, they assured us that they would make it a memorable time of celebration even as we were doing the painstaking work of assessing every detail of the facility for our complex training program. They also promised that they would make it more affordable for our students than any comparable venue.

We were first greeted and brought to our room by a cheerful man named Don – whose interior designer girlfriend (now his wife) had – on her own time come in to decorate their “guest of honor” suite. We walked into a path of rose pedals that had been strewn from the doorway, through a room with a lit fireplace, leading to what would be our anniversary bed. Yesterday, Don was the last staff person to say goodbye to us as he walked us to our car and waved as we drove off for the final time.

In the dozen years between, more than 1,000 students have gone through our beautifully poignant graduation ceremony in the Wigwam ballroom (many have said it was more meaningful and emotional than their high school or college graduations), authorizing them to become Certified EEM Practitioners following two years of intensive training. Hundreds of them have returned to the Wigwam multiple times for the more advanced training of the program’s Year 3 and Year 4, for our Teacher Training, and for innumerable post-classes and other advanced topics.

EEM has filled more guest room nights at the Wigwam than any other group in the hotel’s 90-year history. Staff cried as they said good-bye to some in our community. When our group came onto property, they said, the energy of the place would transform, becoming exquisite. Our people, we were told, were the kindest and most enthusiastic of any group they served. After all, what other hotel guests would routinely take staff into corners to give them quick energy balancings or to take away a headache or send healing energy for a health challenge! Meanwhile, our grandsons Tiernan (who turns 10 on the day we are writing this) and Sequoia (23 months) have spent much of their young lives at the Wigwam, with our faculty and even some hotel staff having stepped into stabilizing “aunt” and “uncle” roles in their nomadic lives.

We are sadly parting ways with the Wigwam for only one reason, and that is because we have grown to the point that we need to regionalize our national program, and this is the year that begins. Our very last event, which ended yesterday morning, was the final class of our most advanced training, Year 4. Our elder daughter Titanya, who is our Mistress of Ceremonies, having created the powerful rituals that have graced more than a hundred classes and a dozen graduations, brought together the archetypes of the falcon and the snake as two dozen advanced students threw into the fire symbols of what they were leaving behind as an imaginal Phoenix (which symbolizes rebirth and renewal) rose out of the ashes. And so it was as we bid our precious farewells to both the mythic Phoenix and geographical Phoenixes that have served us so well.

Donna and David

Donna, David, and Tiernan Saying Goodbye to the Wigwam

Donna, David, and Tiernan Saying Goodbye to the Wigwam!

How Healing Imagery That Helped Heal a Usually-Fatal Cancer Stayed in My Energy Field

By Alder Allensworth

In July of 1990, I was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Lacrimal Gland and given less than a 10% chance to live with radical surgery, if I survived the surgery. I chose the surgery, my only chance at life, and had my complete left eye and orbit removed. I was 33 years old and had just finished my master’s degree in Music Therapy and Behavioral Medicine. I had studied the research of Dr. O. Carl Simonton, M.D., and Helen Bonny, Ph.D., and decided to visualize the “Mr. Clean white tornado” to clean all the cancer out of the now empty eye socket.

I used this image almost constantly. For example, I would spin that tornado sitting at a stop light, waiting in a grocery line, relaxing at home, etc. In 1995, I was given a clean bill of health and evoking the imagery gave way to fully engaging in life.

Prevail book cover

In 2017, I was moved to write a book about my journey through cancer, called Prevail: Celebrate the Journey, describing the actions I took, my beliefs, experiences, and an important outcome of the journey, the inception of Sailability Greater Tampa Bay, Inc., a non-profit sailing program for people with disabilities. I want to share with you my experience of validation of the “Mr. Clean white tornado,” which I described in my book:

. . . in 2009, I took a course from Donna Eden (2008) on energy medicine for women. It was given over several days and we were trained in the techniques of energy healing. Donna came up to me during one of the exercises and asked me to see her after class. I was wondering what I was doing wrong. It kind of felt like being called to the principal’s office!

What if you could combine two ancient healing systems - Energy Medicine and Yoga?

Energy Medicine Yoga

Lauren Walker, a student of Donna's and a longtime yoga practitioner saw the potential health benefits of integrating Energy Medicine into her yoga poses.

The result:

Energy Medicine Yoga!

FREE One-of-a-Kind Energy Medicine Yoga Webinar
with Donna and Lauren
Thursday, May 30

Our 7-Day Energy Medicine Yoga Challenge is Underway!

See How GOOD it FEELS. It's NOT too late to join!

Take the challenge with us so you can see for yourself how great Energy Medicine Yoga feels!

We have committed to doing a simple Energy Medicine Yoga Routine every day, for 7 Days! The challenge started on May 20 but it runs until May 26 so it's not too late to join!

We'll post a video, each of the days on Facebook and YouTube so you can follow along and feel invigorated by these simple poses! 

**You can watch the video at anytime during the day. And we’ll keep the videos up so you can return to them later, if you like!

Give it a try. These challenges are super fun and will help us build a great community vibe (and will help you get ready for our free webinar with Donna and Lauren.)

Discover Four Powerful Practical Ways to Bring Energy Medicine Into Your Everyday Life

Voted THE BEST Mindvalley Master Class in 2018!

Donna and Vishen

Donna demonstrating her techniques on Vishen, the Founder of Mindvalley!

Donna's Master Class is a must-see. You'll get 4 powerful tools immediately in the 90-minute class:

  • Tool 1: Overcome an afternoon slump with an instant Energy Medicine technique. It takes less than 30 seconds, and you’ll instantly feel better EVERYtime you do it.
  • Tool 2: Conquer stressful situations with two fun energetic shortcuts. Anyone can do this. You don’t have to be a healer.
  • Tool 3: Choose the right food with just… Energy. Learn this unusual energetic testing exercise that’ll show you what to eat and what not.
  • Tool 4: Improve your energy using a simple kitchen utensil. It can’t get any simpler than that! It could be surprisingly hard to dismiss the power of energy medicine after you watch this.


Becoming Deeply Attuned Yet Not Overwhelmed

The Empath Dilemma

The Empath Dilemma
September 9-11, 2019
San Diego or Live Stream Online

Early Bird Discount Ends May 31st!

To be held in San Diego over three full days, and live-streamed throughout the world, this will be taught by Prune Harris. Here is what Donna had to say about Prune and about this course:

“Prune Harris has been graced with strong empathic and intuitive abilities her entire life, and she, like me, has also had to learn how to move through the world without being overwhelmed by these sensitivities. She has also taken it upon herself to learn how to cultivate these abilities in others while helping them stay protected. I am thrilled that she will be bringing her talents and resources to our next international class, being live-streamed out of San Diego September 9 - 11, 2019."

A rare weekend introductory class at a beautiful wellness resort in the Redwoods!

June 14-16, 2019


We will be teaching an increasingly rare weekend introductory class, Energy Medicine: A Hands-On Experience, June 14-16, 2019, at 1440 Multiversity in the beautiful and serene California Redwoods.

We are very selective when it comes to locations for our classes. You can imagine how important the energy of the location is to Donna. 🙂

Well, if you'd like to combine a little getaway with one of our weekend classes, you're in for a treat with 1440 Multiversity. It's tucked away in a lush forest between Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley and your tuition includes delicious, locally sourced meals, a Fitness Center, an infinity-edge hot tub, daily yoga classes, and more. We thought it would be the perfect setting for you to learn Eden Energy Medicine.

Eden Energy Medicine for Good Digestion
with Titanya Dahlin!

Your body has thousands of little valves within it -- from your heart to your elimination system. These valves open and close all of the time, but when you accumulate too many toxins, the energies in your body can become like a sludge that prevents these valves from properly opening and closing. This technique will help move the energies within the Ileocecal and Houston Valves, which will help to move that "sludge" through your system. This is GREAT for the digestive system especially!

To begin, place both hands on either side of the front of the pubic bone. Pull up deeply on both sides while breathing in. Shake your hands off. Do this three times. To finish off, take your thumbs and start at the top of the inside of the pubic bone and exhale as you smooth down. This helps to reset these valves for proper functioning.

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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