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In last month’s issue, we listed some of our favorite movies and TV series. While a somewhat frivolous departure from an otherwise fairly heavy e-letter Intro, there is a broad real-world application for one of our observations about well-written legal programs, such as The Practice and L.A. Law: “After the prosecuting attorney presents the evidence, we would always feel the defendant was “Guilty!”

Then, after hearing the defense, we always felt “Not Guilty!” Then the prosecutor’s closing arguments would persuade us back. And so it went. It was mind-bending.

Many people during this pandemic are equally confused when they hear the latest “facts” about COVID-19 and then the counters to those “facts.” This can get particularly intense when it comes to conspiracy theories.

Whatever you believe, what we ALL SHARE is how much we DON’T KNOW as we navigate through the vital health questions brought up by this crisis. Scientists are still confused about basic facts regarding the nature of the virus, its origins, whether immunity follows recovery, what it does to children, and the ways it gets spread.

When it comes to speculation about malicious manipulation by governments or big business or the medical pharmaceutical complex – conspiracy theories – we see an unsettling range of fiercely held viewpoints.

Humans need explanations, and the greater the fear, the more that the emotional appeal of an explanation trumps logical scrutiny. Vested interests have also become very good at building cases with strong emotional appeal and apparent intellectual grounding. So whether you are buying into a conspiracy theory or refuting one, you can cherry-pick from ample authoritative sources as you build a persuasive case.

What is the point of having this harangue about conspiracy theories in our Energy e-letter? People in our community look to us to sort out conflicting health-relevant information.

The only truth we personally can state with certainty is that we don’t have conclusive answers. We can, however, tell you how WE are fielding the conflicting information.

First, just like the meditation practice of returning to your breath when your mind wanders, when we feel overwhelmed or confused, we keep returning to the basics: keeping our bodies fit, keeping our energies flowing, and feeding our minds and hearts with wholesome “nutrition” for the soul.

Second, the more one-sided a position, the greater our skepticism. Every facet of this crisis and how to manage it is highly nuanced.

Third, we are orienting ourselves toward living with ambiguity. That is part of the human condition, but perhaps more so now than at any previous time in our lives.

In next month’s e-letter, we will present two more ways we are fielding the crisis: using the pandemic as a prompt from nature to bring about a more compassionate world and finding reasons for optimism.


Donna and David

Donna and David summer

Recovering from Spinal Surgery Quicker than Expected

Frank and Alison Fernando in Spain

This photo of Frank and Alison was taken last year in Spain - about 10 months after the surgery. Frank was once again able to look forward to and enjoy going on holiday.

Case History

Alison Fernando's husband Frank needed a major operation to have two spinal vertebrae fused. She decided to try Donna's surgery protocols in Energy Medicine before and after the surgeryDiscover precisely what techniques they used, stunning the hospital staff with his rapid recovery.

Neighbors in Sweden Do the Daily Energy Routine Together During Quarantine

For 8 Weeks, This Certified Practitioner Has Been Sharing EEM with Her Neighborhood

Swedish neighbors doing DER

During this time, it is more important than ever to connect with our communities and foster new communal experiences. For 8 weeks in Sweden, one of our practitioners, Anki Rosén, has been doing “Daily Energy Routine (DER) on the Lawn” every morning at 10 AM.

She has consistently had 15 - 20 participants within 2 meters of social distancing. Most neighbors are ages 70 - 90. Maybe this is something you would like to try with your neighbors!

Free Energy Healing Toolkit

7 Practices to Restore Balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Energy Healing Toolkit

The Energy Healing Toolkit is a FREE digital sequence of practices from Donna and other prominent leaders in energy medicine. Receive 7 lessons and practices including:

  • Cleanse physical tension with Donna's "Morning Energy Routine to Remove Stress"
  • Settle into appreciative presence with Iyanla Vanzant's "An Awareness Exercise to Find Faith by Trusting the Divine"
  • Activate the most important energetic junctions in your body with Robert Peng's "A Qigong Practice to Awaken Your Three Qi Energy Centers"
  • Engage with and disperse anxious energies with Dawson Church's "A Tapping Exercise to Lower Cortisol and Support Immunity"
  • Break through bad habits with Lauren Walker's "A Breathing Exercise to Interrupt Unresourceful Habitual Patterns"

The Language of Energy

“Energy is the language your body speaks” ~ Donna Eden

Donna Eden teaching

“Energy is the language your body speaks” is one of Donna’s most frequently quoted one-liners, and it is the theme of a new book by Ellen Meredith, one of our Advanced Practitioners.

Two ways energy medicine practitioners recognize energy as the language of the body are in energy testing and energy interventions. Energy testing helps us “hear” the body’s energy language. Meanwhile, all the Eden Energy Medicine interventions are, in a sense, ways of “speaking” back to the body in that language.

But energy is more than just a language. It is the force that animates the body and all its processes. And it is an intelligent force. Think of the immune system. It is brilliant in its ability to detect invaders, determine which are real threats, and mobilize millions of cellular-level actions into individually-tailored strategies that are effective in countering most threats.

The more you think about it, the more miraculous it seems. While the biochemistry of this process has been well-studied, it is the intelligent energies of the Triple Warmer, in collaboration with the other energy systems, that govern the entire operation.

By the third year of our Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, after having learned hundreds of techniques for intervening at the level of each of the body’s major energy systems, the focus shifts from primarily being about learning techniques to being much more about cultivating an energy-attuned intuition. Our practitioners learn how to attune themselves to the body’s energies. This is where those energies speak to you directly, showing you what the body needs and guiding you in how to address these needs.

But you don’t have to wait until you are an advanced practitioner to begin learning how to hear the body’s language! We created a live course, “Energy Testing, Intuition, and Beyond,” taught by Madison King, which can still be viewed online. Donna’s Advanced Course, “Playing with the Frequencies,” is also available from our website. And now, Ellen Meredith’s book, The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-healing with Energy Medicine (New World Library), goes into wonderful depth in exploring this territory. Donna was so impressed with the book that she provided it with one of her rare Forewords.

Acting for the Greater Good

“My husband isn’t ill. Humanity is ill.”

Hedy Schleifer with her mother Miri

Hedy with her mother, Miri

We don’t usually reprint articles in our e-letter, but the following from a colleague we admire, Hedy Schleifer, touched us deeply. We found it to be particularly timely as so many are going through great hardship, yet we see these outpourings of love and displays of courage as people are willing to stand up for the greater good of humanity and act in integrity with their principles.

Month 5 Of The Radiant Circuit Series!

Explore the Radiant Circuits In This 8-Part Newsletter Series

Radiant Circuit series

The Yin and Yang Regulator Flow Circuits

By Donna Eden


The front (Yin) and back (Yang) Regulator Flow Circuits regulate all the energetic and physiological systems including circulation, hormones, and immune function.

They help your body adapt to the endless challenges of internal and external changes.

Hormonal imbalances and the emotional turmoil that may follow can be addressed by working with the Regulator Flow Circuits.

Your Energy Minute

Tracing the Yin Regulator Radiant Circuit with Titanya Dahlin!

Titanya demonstrates how to trace the Yin Regulator Circuit. When you trace this regularly, you can reinforce joy in your life, calm the stress hormones, and regulate circulation in the body. When you are going through change in your life, this is a wonderful circuit to trace to help keep your internal world stable. Breathe in and out deeply while you follow Titanya!

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