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Did you know there is an Energy Medicine Research Institute? We are so focused on developing Energy Medicine and bringing it to the public and to health care providers that we didn’t learn of it until more than a year after it was established. And we learned about it in a most gratifying way. We were the featured guests (via Zoom) at their “2nd annual Awards Event and Benefit” in Detroit last Thursday evening (November 21).

More than a hundred people (this is a research group – who knew that more than a hundred people in the Detroit area are that interested in energy medicine research!) watched as one of our wonderful practitioners, Joanne Karpinen, Ph.D., accepted the awards in our absence. Donna was honored “for creating the Eden Energy Medicine method” and David “for his innovative Energy Medicine research.”

Energy Medicine Research Awards

Even though we were busy on the West Coast, electronic communications let us Zoom into the room and talk about how surprised we were when our book turned into a movement, and how gratified we are that more than 1,500 people have graduated from our Certification Program and are providing energy medicine services to thousands of clients every month.

We talked about three areas we hoped their research efforts would address: 1) demonstrating the effectiveness of energy medicine with specific medical conditions, 2) developing “best practices guidelines,” and 3) understanding the nature of subtle energy and the mechanisms that make energy medicine treatments effective. And we talked about our own interest in conducting research specifically on EEM (funding ideas, anyone?).

This is Thanksgiving week. We have so much gratitude for so much! Let us say to you, who is reading these words: we deeply appreciate you for your interest, at whatever level, in learning how greater awareness of the intelligent energies that animate the human body can help (repeating now our organizational motto) “raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time.”

Donna and David

Donna and David summer

Energy Medicine in the Classroom


Ramona describes her classroom after using EM as a "collective consciousness of calm"


Many of us initially turn to Energy Medicine to address physical or emotional issues in our own lives. Once we experience the benefits, we then look to ways we can deliver the gift of EM to others.

This was the case for Ramona Sidlo, who credits EM with helping her recover from her "dark night of the soul." She then felt a calling to help others, specifically children who had undergone trauma. Ramona began volunteering at a women and children's shelter, where she taught in an afterschool program.

Discover how Ramona used Energy Medicine techniques to connect with these children when other methods failed, giving her "confidence in her healing powers."

Last Call to Submit Your Proposal!

Energy Fest image

Do you have an energy technique you can't wait to share with the world? This could either be your take on a preexisting Energy Medicine technique or something completely unique. Don't delay -- the deadline for ENERGY FEST proposals is approaching!

ENERGY FEST is an international gathering that will take place in fall 2020. Imagine presenting your ideas to a receptive audience who speaks your language. Interacting with and learning from like-minded people who are as excited as you are about exploring the possibilities of Energy Medicine.

There will be several wonderful keynote speakers, a feature presentation by Donna, and 21 more intimate-style classes taught by members of our community...could you be one of them?

Please submit your proposal via our online form by December 1, 2019. All submissions are welcome.

Click HERE for Presenter Details→.

40% Discount Ends Nov. 26 at Midnight!

Energy Healing course image

The Fundamentals of Energy Healing is an exceptional 11-week online course, created by Hay House, that features Donna, David, and 7 other top energy healing teachers.

What sets this program apart is that it doesn’t focus on just one modality. You’ll learn a variety of key energy healing techniques that have the power to transform your life:

  • The Radiant Circuits with Donna Eden: Experience vitality, resilience, and spontaneous healing
  • The Science of Healing in Energy Medicine with David Feinstein, Dawson, Mona Lisa, and Rajshree: Discover how Energy Medicine can bring about healing at the level of DNA
  • Reiki with Kelsey Patel: Learn techniques to create balance and harmony
  • Color Therapy with Dougall Fraser: Spiritually activate colors to harness their energy
  • EFT Tapping with Dawson Church: Change deep emotional patterns and resolve physical issues 
  • Breathwork and Sound Healing with Rajshree Patel: Connect with your vital force using one of the world’s longest-standing spiritual traditions
  • Chakra Tapping for Empowerment with Margaret Lynch Raniere: Release stuck energy with these in-depth exercises
  • Charge and the Chakras with Anodea Judith: Master your body’s “charge” to bring about more balance and health in the seven vital energy centers of your body
  • Medical Intuition with Mona Lisa Schulz: Harness the power of your right and left brain to uncover your natural ability to pick up the body’s intuitive signals

Click here to learn more. Save $200 and get access to 3 LIVE Webinars when you order by November 26 at midnight!

Black Friday Sale Begins Nov. 29

Black Friday sale image

Our biggest sale of the year starts on Black Friday (Nov 29) and runs through midnight on December 1, 2019. You’ll get a great deal on one of Donna’s premier classes! Be sure to keep an eye out for emails from us announcing the sale.

Discover the Five Elements Through Belly Dance and Ceremony

Titanya and Dondi on set

Behind the scenes on the set of Titanya and Dondi’s latest course with The Shift Network. Having fun on the set with video producer David Wayne White

Watch for an exciting FREE online class coming December 4 with Donna's daughters, Dondi and Titanya, called "Discover the Five Elements Through Belly Dance and Ceremony: Ancient Wisdom and Healing Movement to Reclaim Your Power."

  • Find out about your unique personality type through the Five Chinese elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, so you can navigate your work, relationships, and personal life with ease and joy.
  • Discover belly dancing as “energy medicine” so you have more energy and a stronger body. 
  • Learn how sacred ceremony — tailored to balance your dominant element — can awaken your true essence and help you learn how to easily work with emotions like fear, anger, panic, worry, and grief.
  • •Learn to do a “shimmy,” a belly dance movement that quickly connects you to the feminine power of the fire element which is about passion and fun!
  • Be guided in a simple, "figure 8" movement to embody the water element — and align the left and right hemispheres of your brain to balance your energies and bring calm.


Take a seven-month journey with us through the chakras.


The Sixth Chakra


Quick Phrase: Sensory/Extrasensory Perception and Abstract Thought

The sixth chakra embraces the activities of the mind, but it is also a seat of psychic awareness. An energy that looks to me like light split into a spectrum of color shoots up from the Root chakra, passes through all the other chakras, comes up to the pituitary gland and bends, and then darts out the sixth chakra, bringing energy with it. This energy seeks information in the environment and brings it in through the sixth chakra.

Also referred to as the “Third Eye,” the sixth chakra is the home of sensory perception and extra-sensory perception as well as thought, abstraction, and imagery. Its capacity to assist the human brain in performing abstract mental operations makes it possible for us to transcend the life of the body.

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