November 2022 Newsletter

I love bringing Energy Medicine to children. Children are closer to their instincts and can often feel the techniques working more vividly than adults. Many times, desperate parents have brought in a child whose ailments have stumped the doctors, yet when understood in terms of the energies being blocked or out of harmony, the path to healing becomes obvious. For instance, I was once brought an 18-month-old boy with a lung infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics. His coughing had been keeping everyone awake for several long nights. As expected, his lung meridian was very weak, but the energy in his liver was also disturbed. His liver wasn’t processing the toxins being discharged from his lungs and also from the antibiotics that weren’t working. Sedating and then strengthening his distressed liver meridian was the key to rapidly overcoming his symptoms. Energetically, the liver meridian feeds the lung meridian, so once liver had been stabilized and was able to do its job, the lung meridian could hold its strength and do its job. The day following the session, the boy’s mother called to tell me his cough was gone, his fever was gone, and he wanted to eat for the first time in days.

It was very handy for me to have Energy Medicine at my hands while my daughters Titanya and Dondi were growing up. There was a period when... continue reading Donna's story here >>>

Inside this issue:

  • Helping a Baby with Reflux Issues
  • Energy Medicine Helps Lexi Succeed at School
  • Kids in Haiti Hook Up!
  • Energy Medicine Helps with Chronic Bedwetting
  • Spooning "Stinky" Feet
  • Fantastic New Children's Book: Chakra, Chakra
  • Upcoming Stars!
  • Your Energy Minute: Ground Like a Tree!

Donna and David

Energy Medicine in Action

How One Mom Helped Her Baby When Doctors Couldn’t

"As a mother, to be able to DO SOMETHING to help my child—I cannot describe the sense of comfort that brings." - Meredith Brown

When her baby girl started having serious reflux issues, Meredith Brown didn’t waste any time. She consulted with various doctors who prescribed medications (one even told her to “wait it out!”), but nothing worked. So when Meredith came across Donna’s Energy Medicine book, she didn’t hesitate. She immediately applied some of the energy-based techniques she learned on her daughter, and the results were nothing short of astounding! Read more >>>

Energy Medicine Helps Lexi Succeed at School

Lexi doing the Wayne Cook at age 7 and at age 14

This is lovely Alexia Wakefield -- or Lexi as she’s known to friends and loved ones. She’s been practicing energy medicine for most of her life thanks to her mom Natalia Savelieve, an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Clinical Practitioner and Energy Medicine Authorized Teacher in Mallorca, Spain. Natalia started Lexi on the Daily Energy Routine when she was just three, and it was a beautiful start to a lifelong relationship with EEM! Today, Lexi is a successful, well-adjusted teenager who studies Latin and music full-time at a conservatory. Proud mom Natalia says her daughter’s love for energy medicine has played a significant role in her achievements. “There is no way Lexi would be able to handle her full schedule if she didn’t do EEM!”

Hope and Healing for Children in Haiti!

After a major earthquake hit Haiti a few years ago, Certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner Kristin Trotter Van Wey immediately volunteered to teach energy medicine to the people of the island, especially kids in dire poverty. Kristin’s photo captures the unbreakable spirit of Haiti’s beautiful children, and it’s a wonderful reminder of how anyone at any age can find hope and healing in the power of energy medicine.

Empowering Kids to Heal Themselves

Eden Energy Medicine advanced practitioner and long-time EEM faculty member Tara Beck says finding EEM was one of the most profound experiences of her life. “It gave the power to heal back to me and my hands!” In this video, Tara talks about the joy and fulfillment she feels every time she gets to help people with EEM -- particularly in this case a young client who used fast-acting EEM techniques to overcome chronic bedwetting.

Watch Tara share from the heart >>>

Have You Rubbed Your “Stinky” Feet with a Spoon? 🙂

This is Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner Dr. Valerie Rice’s adorable little grandson. Can you guess what he’s doing in this picture? If you said “grounding with a spoon, ”you get a gold star! In her post on Facebook, Dr. Rice shares how her little grandson loves this simple technique, and says it feels good to “rub your stinky feet” 😃 He also adds that he doesn’t think “you all have rubbed the bottom of your feet in a long, long time and it’ll make you feel better.” We think that’s excellent advice!

Chakra, Chakra

A Fantastic Way To Get Your Kids Started with Energy Medicine

What if you could show your little ones how to tune into an invisible force that can help them learn better, play better, sleep better, feel better, and BE better… not just today and tomorrow but for the rest of their lives?

Well, that’s exactly what Donna’s daughter Titanya Dahlin had in mind when she created her beautifully illustrated children’s book Chakra, Chakra. It’s a delightful, lyrical read where kids can learn to tap into the energy of their chakras to feel empowered, confident, and calm.

We love Titanya’s book, and something tells us you will too! Click here to find out more and order your copy >>>

Introducing EEM’s Upcoming Stars!

Mary Lichenstein is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner with two young fans who show great promise in becoming acclaimed EEM practitioners one day. Here they are enthusiastically practicing their future profession! Mary jokes that she has two “students” that she is recruiting now, but “it might be a few years before they can do Fundamentals. They have to finish Elementary School first!”

Eden Energy Minute: Kids Edition!

In honor of our spotlight on kids this month, we’re sharing a fun video created especially for the little ones! Titanya Dahlin shows them how to stay healthy with a delightfully simple grounding exercise they’ll love! Watch here >>>

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