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  • Can you use the energies of your hands to repattern the energies of a pregnant woman’s womb to turn a breech baby?

  • Why has a major clinical journal featured Eden Energy Medicine in its very first issue?

  • As an EEM practitioner, is there a way you can use your skills to directly and powerfully help facilitate world change?

  • How did the pandemic lead us into one of our most powerful offerings ever?

All these questions are answered in this issue.

Last month we took the unprecedented step of devoting our entire issue to the upcoming U.S. election. While we don’t keep our political leanings a secret, we do not use our platform in EEM to try to tell you how to vote. You have plenty of other outlets doing that. Our audience, we feel, is anyone who has a body. We embrace everyone who wishes to apply energy medicine to help that body heal and function at its best.

So addressing the election was delicate. But first of all, we felt we had something to say about how voting and democracy impact the laws governing the practice of energy medicine. We then extended the same principles (basically: “You have the privilege of being able to vote – use it!”) to the upcoming election. That e-letter received more than 60 commentsalmost all positive, and we wanted to share a sampling:

  • It is one of the best thought out and written pieces of political education I have seen anywhere.

  • This is a model of how to empower people without polarizing them.

  • Thank you so much for your beautifully written and exceedingly timely letter.

  • Nonpartisan inspiration of the kind you provide is life-saving.

  • I live in New Zealand and know that all over the world this message is important.

  • Beautifully said. Such a powerful realignment of energy. True leadership of the people you serve. Thank you for teaching yet another facet of energy.

  • Thank you reminding everyone of the struggles, sacrifices, and bloodshed that those before us (who desperately wanted to be able to vote) experienced so that we now have this precious right!

  • I have great concerns, and people like you sending such a newsletter is reason for hope!

  • People who are working for energy medicine on the right, left, center and way beyond these are essentially on the same side . . . Some vote with prayers as well as ballots.

  • Beautifully written and inspiring to read right now.

  • Too deep for expression!!! Chilling, hopeful, empowering!

  • Thank you Donna and David for being a thoughtful, action-oriented voice of reason.

  • This was a fantastic and super important newsletter!

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Donna and David

Donna and David 2020

Breech Baby Returns to Proper Position

Audrey Hoeller

Audrey used Energy Medicine to help her co-worker with a breech baby.

Case History

Audrey Hoeller, who is in her second year of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, experienced a synchronicity due to the structure of this year's classes. Discover how this synchronicity enabled her to help a co-worker who was experiencing a challenge with her pregnancy.

Eden Energy Medicine Featured in Prominent Journal!

Donna and David Help You Build Your Case for
Friends and Colleagues

Advances in Mind-Body Medicine cover

Just as the country is divided on major issues that have profound consequences, Western medicine has been divided about the very nature of reality as it relates to the body’s subtle energies.

When our book, Energy Medicine, was published in 1998, the existence of the subtle energies described in numerous time-honored healing traditions was barely a footnote within conventional medical practice. Today, with millions of people in the West utilizing one form of energy medicine or another, doctors have become much more comfortable discussing with their patients alternative approaches to healing.

As the 1,600 practitioners who have completed our 2-year Certification Program have been working with growing numbers of clients every month, Eden Energy Medicine has been contributing to this shift in the worldview of the health care community. Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, a prominent journal within the field, made an editorial decision last summer to include energy medicine as one of its major areas of focus. We were honored to be invited, in the first issue that reflects this change, to contribute an article describing the development of EEM and where energy medicine fits within the larger scheme of health care.

The paper, which was just published, includes a brief history of EEM, several persuasive case histories, and then digs into the science supporting a subtle energy perspective. It ends with a focus on the strengths for health care of a perspective that recognizes the powerful influences of invisible subtle energies in the body and in the universe.

The journal agreed to make this paper “open access,” which means it is available as a download to anyone, not just the journal’s subscribers. You may download it from https://eem-overview-paper.edenmethod.com and share the link to any and all who might be interested. We believe it will be the go-to article for our practitioners who want to provide a highly professional explanation of energy medicine to their colleagues, their community, and their clients.

Save the Date!
Understand Yourself More Deeply with Your Life Color

An Online Class with Titanya Dahlin

Life Colors by Titanya

Do you wish there was a map for how best to live your life?

A key to understanding yourself is to understand your energetic blueprint – the missing piece that lets you know you were “born this way.” And this blueprint is in your Life Color. It provides a map of the ways you are meant to grow, evolve, and thrive!

Your aura is full of colors that move and change – except for one color which is constant throughout your life. THAT color is your Life Color. And your uniqueness is coded in its energy!

Appreciating that uniqueness is an antidote to comparing yourself to others or being your own worst critic. Instead it helps you recognize your own special qualities, accept your personal challenges, and live your life with greater clarity about your purpose.

Your Life Color is a key to understanding not only who you are but also to staying on the life path you are meant to travel.

If you’d like to identify your Life Color, learn the traits of the different colors, and as a result, come to a deeper, more loving understanding of yourself, Donna’s daughter, Titanya Dahlin is teaching an online, 2-day Life Colors class!

Titanya has been researching and giving Life Color readings since 2006 and has become a leading expert on Life Colors. In fact, Donna says, “You will love this class! It will present wonderful information, and I think Titanya is the best person out there teaching this material.”

It will be a fascinating class that will change how you see the world. And Donna will be making a cameo appearance!

Mark your calendar! November 14 - 15, 2020.

Let’s Get Our Energies Ready For What’s Next…

An ENERGY challenge is coming your way
October 25 - 31
(Our challenges are one of our most popular offerings!)

Donna Titanya and Dondi 2020

Another burst of change for our world is in the air as everyone on earth has their eye on America in the upcoming presidential elections. Let’s get our energies as super-charged as possible so we are energetically prepared for whatever comes our way in November and beyond!

Starting October 25th, Donna, Titanya, and Dondi will do a brand new Daily Energy Routine challenge with you! Donna wants you to know that you can keep your immunity strong, your spirits up, and your energy high, no matter what happens in this crazy year of 2020 (so far it wouldn’t be much more surprising if aliens landed or dinosaurs reappeared to walk the earth). Our challenges are fun, simple, and super popular. We invite you to take the challenge and commit a tiny part of your day to this wonderful form of self-care.

We will post the routines on Facebook and YouTube and send you daily reminders. It’s free. It’s fun. And it is one of THE BEST THINGS you can do to keep yourself healthy – no matter what comes our way. Join us on Oct. 25 – Oct. 31st.

An Unusual Volunteer Opportunity
for Adept EEM Practitioners

By David Feinstein

In February 2019, I had the honor of being invited to spend an entire week co-facilitating an international group of 25 social change leaders. We were tucked away in a small hotel at the foot of the mountains outside Vienna, one where Sigmund Freud used to vacation and sometimes see patients. Here I am with their lifesize replica of the doctor himself.

Sigmund Freud and David Feinstein

More than a dozen native languages were represented in the room. I had been invited by The Well-Being Project, which is co-created by a group of foundations and other organizations working in the space of social change and wellbeing and funding hundreds of non-profit organizations that are making a positive impact in the world.

Recognizing that leaders in social change are characteristically so passionate about their work that their own self-care is often neglected, the Wellbeing Project is focused on “catalyzing a culture of inner wellbeing for changemakers.” It is a model of a collective response among diverse organizations to a shared concern.

During those seven days, using my personal mythology model, supplemented with energy psychology, my co-facilitator and I led the participants through a deep exploration of their personal history, its impact on their current aspirations, and how to best mobilize their resources for personal wellbeing as well as success in their visionary endeavors.

Those benefiting from the Wellbeing program are proven leaders in social change who are taking on serious world problems such as poverty, inequity, terrorism, environmental devastation, and world and regional peace in innovative and scalable ways. Many are CEOs of organizations that have made an international impact on the issue of their passion. Here is a link to some reflections by participants on how the Wellbeing program has influenced their lives.

This week, I heard from the Dean of Inner Work Programs at The Wellbeing Project, inviting our advanced EEM practitioners to become a part of a new platform that The Wellbeing Project has launched to further support those on the front lines of social change. Wellbeing Connect will serve transformational leaders, like the ones I worked with, connecting them with those of us who can help keep their energies humming along with other experts in self-care.

Wellbeing Connect is a searchable directory featuring therapists, coaches, and other wellbeing support providers, and the platform is currently accepting practitioners willing to offer pro-bono support to leaders in bringing about social change. It could be a deeply meaningful way to bring your EEM skills to support change you believe in but can’t directly catalyze. You can learn more about the platform and sign up at https://connect.wellbeing-project.org.

We hope some of you will consider this opportunity and let us know how it went by eventually submitting an “Energy Medicine in Action” piece (with permission obtained of course) for a future e-letter.

Eden Method Teacher Training Adjusts to the Times

A record-breaking number of participants
share the love for teaching!

Eden Energy Medicine Teacher Training 2020

Eden Method Teacher Training 2020

We just finished our Eden Method Teacher Training with rave reviews after spending five days online with students and faculty from over 30 countries! The success of the class is still buzzing through the air, and we want to thank everyone who was involved in this challenging, exciting, and groundbreaking endeavor.

Our Eden Method Teacher Training program is one of our most important offerings. It is open only to Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners who have completed our two year practitioner training program. It grows out of our recognition that applying energy medicine with a client and teaching it to a group are entirely different endeavors. So we have for the past dozen years or so been running a separate course to train our teachers in how best to deliver the principles and practices of EEM to an audience.

This has been enormously successful, with hundreds of our practitioners now teaching EEM throughout the world. One of the reasons for such success is that Titanya’s and Dondi’s father was a world-renowned speech and debate teacher (his team at Palomar College was known for consistently beating contestants from top universities like Harvard and Stanford), and both daughters won multiple national titles in multiple categories of public speaking and literary interpretation. We have built our teacher training program around their talents as much as around Donna’s success teaching EEM. Dondi has been the course administrator and all three have presented on numerous topics, along with the best teachers who have come up within our EEM community.

This year the Teacher Training program was scheduled to be taught earlier this month in San Diego. We expected about 30 participants. We invest a lot in every one of them, not only by creating a top notch class but also with focused mentoring as they begin to teach. After all, our teachers are the ambassadors of EEM into the world!

Because of the pandemic, however, we had to re-envision the class. Many of our classes involve advanced levels of hands-on healing and cannot be taught online. Teacher Training is definitely an advanced course. However, since teaching doesn’t require hands-on healing per se, we realized that perhaps we could adapt it to an online format.

As class administrator, Dondi dove into this challenge, totally transforming every aspect of the training. The course was LIVE online with both U.S. and European tracks (to accommodate time zones). Rather than the anticipated 30 participants, 154 people attended. Nineteen faculty members taught and led small groups! We had to keep adding faculty as more and more signed up from all over the world.

The faculty really stepped up and delivered, leading the small Zoom practice groups and with a few teaching from the virtual stage. The feedback was as good as we’ve ever received for a class, live or online. Many people are saying that this is the best class they have ever taken, anywhere! Congratulations to all of the students who embarked on this premiere program, and thank you to the whole teaching team!

Month 1 of the Five Elements Series!

By Donna Eden

Explore the Five Elements In This 6-Part Newsletter Series

Donna Eden and the Five Elements

The Five Elements or Five Rhythms were mapped by Chinese physicians thousands of years ago, represented by Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. The Chinese system also emphasized processes within nature, not her static forms. The element of Water corresponds with the season of winter, Wood with spring, Fire with summer, Earth with the transitions between the seasons (solstice and equinox), and Metal with autumn.

In the ancient Chinese texts, even the metaphors used for the Five Elements are thought of in dynamic terms. They are associated with primary impulses in nature. Water ebbs and flows; Wood bursts forth from a seedling and grows; Fire flares and dances; Earth supports and nurtures; Metal brings structure and order.

All people embody qualities of each of the Elements. However, one or two Elements will be more dominant than the others in most people. As we explore each of the Elements in this series, you will learn your dominant Elements, which can help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Next month, we will begin with Water Element.

Discover the Five Elements Personality Types!

Dondi Dahlin Interviewed by Steve Harrison

Learn about the Five Elements and what your personality type might be! Are you a Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal?

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