October 2021 Eden Energy News

"Death is that curse that makes sweet love our anguish."

– Attributed to the Buddha in The Light of Asia

When your career involves working with illness, as does ours, you encounter dying and the apparent finality of death more frequently than most people. Meanwhile, the COVID pandemic has brought death closer to home for everyone around the world. Our Energy Medicine community has certainly been impacted, along with lifelong friends and people we’ve long admired.

We don’t know with certainty what happens to those who enter, in Shakespeare’s words, "the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns." But we do know something about the challenges for those left behind.

This issue of our Eden Energy News is dedicated both to those who have died and to those who have been left behind.

In David’s 1990 book, Rituals for Living and Dying, his co-author, Peg Elliott Mayo, wrote, "The terrible fire of grief is an energetic furnace, refining character, personality, intellect, and soul. It is a catalyst for creation. What is created may be dreadful—a distorted, unapproachable monument to despair—or a distillation of experience that is wholesome, useful, bright, and even wise."

The book introduces the term "expressive grief work" to describe the importance of emotional expression, catharsis, and addressing pain in the process of "conscious, ritualized grieving."
Most cultures have memorials and other practices that allow time where the family and other bereaved "are supported, expected, and encouraged to experience and express their anguish." (See Dondi’s beautiful video below honoring the sacred Mexican ceremony known as Dia de Los Muertos.)

The Rituals book guides the reader through a series of internal rituals "for transmuting grief to creativity." One of these is presented below (please see "A Ritual for Saying Goodbye").

We hope that whatever the challenges COVID might have brought into your life, that this month’s e-letter will bring you some comfort and inspiration.

Donna and David

Eden Method in Action

How One Loving Mom Helped Her Daughter Overcome COVID

Laurie Chapman had no idea that her whole world would be turned upside down when she picked up her daughter at school that fateful Friday. Her 11-year-old Aria tested positive for COVID-19. Laurie’s anxiety instantly shot through the roof, but little did she know she already had what she needed to help heal and protect her beloved daughter.

Read Laurie & Aria’s empowering story >>>

Becoming Unstoppable

Coping With COVID Using Eden Energy Medicine

Shawn Doubiago

Shawn Doubiago’s brush with COVID-19 arrived out of the blue. It took her completely by surprise and left her grappling with the after-effects. But this strong, resourceful Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and professor of Comparative Literature (and Donna Eden’s niece) refused to let the virus get the best of her.

Here’s Shawn’s experience in her own words>>>

A Ritual for Saying Good-bye

Grief is undoubtedly one of the most complicated of all human emotions, and if you’ve ever lost someone close to your heart, you know the piercing pain of grief only too well. Discover a simple, powerful ritual that can be an effective step toward working through this pain in a way that lets you remember with love, say goodbye with grace, and ease your soul.

Read more >>>

Dia de Los Muertos

Marigolds & Monarch Butterflies: A Magnificent Celebration of Life & Death

Dondi honors Dia de Los Muertos on Nov 2 and Nov 3

In many cultures and traditions across the world, death is not the end but part of the natural cycle of life. In this enchantingly beautiful, touching, and ultimately inspiring video, Dondi Dahlin takes us into the heart of Dia de Los Muertos, a proud and sacred Mexican tradition that goes back 3,000 years. Dondi talks about love and loss and how we can all find a way to remember and celebrate the life and death of those who have gone before us.

Click HERE to watch. >>

Forever In Our Hearts

Just like millions of people around the world, the Eden Method team has lost loved ones and beloved community members over the past 2 years. We have been grieving deeply. But, even though they are gone, they will live forever in our hearts. We’re hosting a special memorial space on our community page on Facebook and if you feel moved to share about those you may have loved and lost, we invite you to join us there.

Please click here >>>

FREE LIVE Webinar With Donna!

Successfully Dealing with Long-Haul COVID

For an increasing number of people who technically recover from COVID-19, lingering covid-related symptoms can remain for months - making it difficult for life to return to normal. Fatigue, brain-fog, shortness of breath, heart issues, and joint pain are just some of the most common symptoms.

Because Long-Haul COVID is only recently getting the attention it deserves, people suffering with Post COVID-19 symptoms don’t always know where to turn and who to trust.

Donna, who has been observing the body’s energetic response to COVID-19, feels there are ways COVID Long Haulers can work with their underlying energy to help alleviate Post COVID-19 symptoms. Come join her in an informal, FREE online webinar where she will be sharing her one-of-a-kind insights and techniques.

Donna will go LIVE from her home in Southern California on November 13th at noon, Pacific for this FREE webinar. If you can’t make it LIVE, we will record the video and post on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Click HERE to register. >>

Energy Tools to Stay Safe & Healthy During COVID

Still feeling a little worried or nervous about COVID?

Here are 2 FREE videos by Donna and David that show you powerful energy medicine tools and techniques for strengthening your immune system to help you stay healthy and safe.

Video #1 Energy Tools to Feel Safer

Video #2 Energy Tools to Stay Healthy

Energy Psychology Series #5 of 10

Breaking Free of Addiction
See How Energy Psychology Can Speed Recovery

More than 30 million Americans have had a drug use disorder at some time in their lives. Drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990. And addictions are notoriously difficult to treat. Relapse is frequent.

A growing number of therapists and treatment facilities are finding that integrating acupoint tapping into addiction treatment improves outcomes. Treatment for substance use disorders may be done in the context of individual, group, or family therapy, inpatient or outpatient. It often requires a multimodal approach.

For instance, a professionally-supervised intervention by family and friends may be an early step. Medication may be used to assist with withdrawal and cravings, to discourage future ingestion of the substance, or to treat psychiatric conditions not directly related to the addiction. A 12-step or other peer-support program may be part of the treatment regime. Actions may be taken to limit access to individuals or settings that support the addiction or access to the substance itself. Treatment may be done in the context of individual, group, or family therapy, inpatient or outpatient.

Within whatever the treatment plan, acupoint tapping protocols can be used to literally change a person’s neurological landscape in ways that rapidly reduce cravings, anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-defeating behaviors.


A Wonderful Opportunity & An Exclusive Invitation

Calling All Teachers, Healers & Fans of Eden Energy Medicine!

Have you ever combined Eden Energy Medicine with other healing modalities to create a unique approach? Perhaps you had a surprising breakthrough when working with your own or a client's energies. Maybe you’ve daydreamed about sharing your discoveries with an eager and receptive audience. Well, your daydream might just become a reality!

ENERGY FEST is an international gathering of kindred spirits, and it’s where our dynamic and supportive community gets the chance to exchange ideas, share personal discoveries, and explore different approaches and techniques in the world of energy.

We will be running ENERGY FEST September 8-11, 2022, so we can come together to expand our horizons about the power of energy and how it can make a significant difference in our lives.

In addition to our wonderful keynotes and Donna's feature presentation, ENERGY FEST will offer 21 more intimate classes (each approx. 2.5 hours in length) to be taught by members of our community. It is our privilege to invite you to submit a proposal to teach one of these 21 classes at ENERGY FEST 2022!

Please submit your proposal via our online form by December 1, 2021. This is an exclusive invitation to all our community members. Your submission is welcome!

Please click here for details >>>

Your Energy Minute

Activate The Inner Healer Within

In this brand new, never-before-released video, Donna shows you how to activate the inner healer within so you can boost your immunity against Covid and start to overcome long-haul symptoms. These techniques also work for other physical conditions or health challenges so this video is perfect for everyone!

Click HERE to watch. >>>

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