October 2022 Newsletter

Just as explorers of the 1500s would plant their national flag on a newly discovered land or U.S. astronauts famously left the American flag on the moon, energy medicine has more or less planted its flag on the treatment of autoimmune disorders. Western medicine is limited, for the most part, to symptom control and a slowing of disease progress for autoimmune conditions such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.

Energy medicine, on the other hand, by working with the energies that govern the immune response, has been shown to reverse these conditions in enough isolated cases that systematic research is called for. Such research would already have massive funding if the cures were brought about by a drug instead of a marginalized non-invasive health care approach. While research to establish a new treatment is wildly expensive and has never been conducted with energy medicine for autoimmune conditions, we are ready when a funding source appears.

One of Donna Eden’s “credentials” is her having cured herself from multiple sclerosis in her early 30s using an energy approach. First diagnosed when she was 16, she had been told by her doctors that it was progressive, unstoppable, and that she should “get her affairs in order.” Now at 79, she has been essentially symptom-free for more than four decades.

This e-letter issue is dedicated to the uses of energy medicine for addressing autoimmune conditions. However, we will finish this introduction with a different focus. And that is an instance where conventional medicine is no less than miraculous.

As everyone who receives this e-letter has been informed, Donna had triple bypass heart surgery on September 19. Some people have expressed to us surprise that Donna would resort to such an invasive procedure. Can’t energy medicine handle any health condition? We remind them that we have always said that energy medicine and conventional Western medicine (at its best) complement one another beautifully. For autoimmune disorders, we believe energy medicine is in the front seat of this collaboration. For physical injuries caused by car or other accidents, serious infections, or Donna’s heart condition, conventional medicine is in the front seat of the collaboration.

Donna’s organs were breaking down by her 20s due to her M.S., leading to a heart attack at age 27. This made her cardiovascular system vulnerable, and after she got sepsis on a teaching tour in a foreign country, it was discovered that a build-up of scar tissue in her arteries made them unable to pump enough blood from her heart to her body’s cells and organs to sustain life. When this occurs, cardiologists have a number of options. In 2018, Donna had stents implanted. These failed last May and a repair was attempted. It became apparent that the repair was not successful in Cleveland last month, and artery bypass surgery seemed the only viable option. Donna was way beyond the point that working with triple warmer, heart meridian, or her heart chakra were going to keep her alive.

In by-pass surgery, veins or arteries whose functions can be duplicated by the body are removed and grafted, using micro-stitching, onto the blocked arteries, creating a detour. While the steps necessary are brutal, such as sawing the sternum in half along its length and separating the halves and all the attached ribs to get to the heart, about 270,000 people in the U.S. alone receive this life-saving treatment every year. This is an area where Western medicine stakes its flag! Energy medicine is in a supportive role, hastening the healing and managing the pain. We are grateful beyond all bounds for both approaches!

Here’s what’s included in this issue:

  • Finding Freedom From Fibromyalgia
  • Another Remarkable Healing from Multiple Sclerosis
  • Donna’s Free Class on Long-Haul Covid
  • Upcoming LIVE, Online Autoimmune Class
  • Take a Trip of a Lifetime with Us in 2024!
  • Your Energy Minute: An Easy-to-Do Technique to Address Arthritis

Love and blessings,
David (with Donna in recovery and the family with her every step of the way)

Energy Medicine in Action

Finding Freedom From Fibromyalgia

At the beginning of Session 5, Anne told Advanced Practitioner Ellen Farrell (pictured above) that she had no more Fibromyalgia symptoms.

At 66, Anne became interested in exploring Eden Energy Medicine as a result of her fibromyalgia and a severe drop in energy following a bilateral mastectomy. After attending a workshop led by Advanced Practitioner, Ellen Farrell, Anne was filled with hope when she felt a return in energy for the first time since her surgery months before. This significant change inspired her to consult with Ellen in a series of private EEM sessions over a few months. What happened next was far beyond anything Anne expected. Read more >>>

Another Remarkable Healing from Multiple Sclerosis!

A physiotherapist in the UK reclaims her health

When doctors told her to get her “affairs in order” in her early 30s, Donna Eden decided to take her health into her own hands. After a period of experimenting using her own body as a laboratory, Donna successfully healed herself from a variety of conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis… and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) was born 🙂 That was over 50 years ago, and since then, innumerable people have reclaimed their health with EEM, working with our 1600 practitioners and teachers, or sometimes on a self-help basis. A particularly dramatic case was reported by Sarah, a physiotherapist from the UK. Like Donna, Sarah* was diagnosed with MS. She felt lost and devastated until she discovered EEM. Read Sarah’s remarkable story >>>

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

Donna’s Free Class on Long-Haul Covid!

Transformational Insights and Techniques

As a child, Donna could literally see the body’s energies change and shift before her eyes. This extraordinary gift has given her a deep understanding of the body’s ability to self-heal. Over the past two years, Donna has been observing the body’s response to Covid-19, including symptoms of Long-Haul Covid. This free in-depth recorded class is overflowing with Donna’s wisdom, insights, and techniques to alleviate symptoms, and it’s exactly what you need if you’re struggling with Covid or looking for effective ways to support a loved one. Watch Donna’s free class now >>>

Brand New Autoimmune Class

31 Self-Healing Tools to Alleviate Chronic Symptoms

Autoimmune illnesses happen when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive and attacks healthy cells and tissue. It’s one of the more common, yet baffling health challenges in the world, with over 20 million people in the U.S, along with millions more around the world, affected by some form of autoimmune issue.

Eden Energy Medicine for Autoimmune Illnesses includes 31 easy-to-use self-healing tools you can use at home to address symptoms related to any kind of autoimmune illness such as Lupus, Psoriasis, Type 1 Diabetes and more. This brand new class is currently available at a significant early bird discount (but only through tomorrow!). Click here to find out more >>>

Winter Wonderland Cruise 2024

31 Self-Healing Tools to Alleviate Chronic Symptoms

Join us on the beautiful Danube (pictured above) Dec 7-14, 2024!

If you’ve been part of this community for some time, you already know Donna and the team at Eden Method absolutely love cruises 🙂 Over the years we’ve sailed together to some of the most beautiful locations you can imagine. But we’re going to go ahead and say that the upcoming Winter Wonderland cruise promises to be the most captivating and magical journey of all!

And the best part? We have the entire boat to ourselves.

That means we'll create our positive, supportive, and happy vibe on the boat as we sail to gorgeous cities like Nuremberg, Budapest, and Vienna! We’ll explore enchanting, one-of-a-kind attractions including Europe’s iconic Christmas markets, and return to a ship full of our open-hearted and welcoming Eden Method friends.

Plus, this is an all-inclusive trip which means everything on the itinerary (tours, meals, and even free-flowing fine wine, beer and soft drinks) is included in your ticket 🙂

Some of the cabins are already sold out so now’s the best time to check the details and join us. Learn more here >>>

Your Energy Minute

An Easy-to-Do Technique to Address Arthritis

Pain in your hands and wrists can hold you back from doing everything from washing the dishes to writing your novel. Today’s Eden Energy Minute features an easy-to-do technique for giving relief to ailments like arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Titanya will show you how to do this exercise from the sun-drenched San Bernardino Mountains in California! Watch here >>>

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