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Even as the world grows smaller with instant connections to anywhere, Eden Energy Medicine is growing larger! We are thrilled to be seeing increasing numbers of EEM practitioners around the world. Our books are appearing in many countries and languages. That is the focus of this e-letter, and we’ll get things started with a few personal vignettes.

Shortly after Donna’s first book, Energy Medicine, came out in 1998, she was teaching in Wales and visited the ancient township of Laugharne. With a population of about 1200, Laugharne lays claim to Dylan Thomas, the most famous of all the Welsh writers, who spent the final years of his life there. The local community is very proud of the association, and the township is home to a famous bookstore, the Corran Bookshop, run by a noted author and largely devoted to Dylan’s work.

Donna of course had to visit it. As a first-time and largely unknown author, she hardly expected to find her book at this legendary but tiny bookshop 5,000 miles from home. Not only was it there, it was featured in the window! Her angels probably wanted to whisper in her ear, “Get used to this, Donna!”

One of our sweetest encounters happened in Costa Rica. We had taught a 5-day class for the Omega Institute at Sueño Azul, a retreat center on the edge of a rainforest. Following what was a remarkable class, we had asked the resort staff to map out for us a few days where we could get a taste of the culture and the country’s beauty yet where few tourists go. They were very accommodating and found a beach town several hours away that seemed perfect. It was small, isolated, and surrounded by incredible beauty. While tourists had not generally found it, the Sueño Azul staff thoughtfully located a tiny resort whose owner was Canadian and could serve as a sort of guide since neither of us speaks Spanish. When we arrived, Donna sat down in the small lobby, and David went to the front desk to check in. Sure enough, English was the native language of the woman at the desk, but there was something very strange in her demeanor. As David tried to explore what was going on, she finally could contain herself no longer. She blurted out toward Donna, “You wrote the book!” as she pulled Energy Medicine out from behind the desk and held it up. It turned out that she was not the owner; that was her mother. But her mother had become quite ill, and she had come to fill in at the resort. She was desperate to help heal her mother, and she was trying to do it with Donna’s book. Of course she wound up getting energy medicine lessons from us every evening after each of our day’s adventures, and Donna did some healing work on her mother.

Another vignette: We were on a train during one of our then annual European teaching tours, around 2010. Two young women who were wearing headphones had commandeered the last cluster of seats and had spread their papers over the two remaining seats. We were only able to stand in a corner at the front of the train, which was laid out so we were facing their way. They seemed very excited by what they were studying. They were avoiding looking at us since their having taken over the seating area was the reason we were standing. Then one of them did look up. She saw Donna smiling at her, and she let out a little scream. It turned out that they were both listening to an audio version of Energy Medicine and going through all their notes. It was kind of Twilight-Zone-ish for them to realize that they were listening to our words while we were standing in front of them. They were soon showering us with over-the-moon compliments and greetings as well as sheepish apologies for having hogged the seating area as they made room for us. We learned that they were from Slovenia, and we still hope we will at some point be able to clear the time to accept their invitations to organize classes that bring us there.

We have room for one more brief story. During a teaching tour in Ireland in 2015, our entire family was going from class to class and touring the country in an SUV. We stopped at the tiny town of Cobh in County Cork. Cobh was the last port-of-call for the Titanic before it sank and also the harbor town from which millions of Irish immigrated to the U.S. in the 19th and 20th centuries. Donna wanted to stop there because of fond memories about when she took the ship from Cobh back to the U.S. after some amazing adventures in Europe when she was 19, and we planned to film an Energy Minute there. A couple of people spotted us walking around the town, and they came running up to us super excited! They couldn’t believe we were in their small town. They asked if we were going to film an “Energy Minute,” and they were thrilled when we said, “Yes!” More people have now watched that glimpse of Cobh on YouTube (please see Your Energy Minute in this e-letter) than the entire population of the town!

Donna and David

Energy Work in Action

7 Essential Self-Care Habits to Follow
(Especially if You Have Trauma)

Karen Ortner Tapping

The past 2 years have been challenging for millions around the world, and just as we thought things might return to normal, it appears that we’re not out of the woods yet! You’ve probably noticed that there is no shortage of recommendations and guidelines on how to stay physically safe and healthy, but what if you’re struggling to remain calm on the mental and emotional levels? That’s why we’re so glad we found Karen Ortner’s immensely useful article. The 7 Essential Self-Care Habits to Follow (especially if you have trauma) gives you valuable insights and practices (including EFT tapping) you can use to support your mental and emotional health.

Eden Energy Medicine Around the World

Energy Medicine in Portuguese

When Donna and David first wrote Energy Medicine more than 2 decades ago, they had no idea that it would be so well-received or that it would -- literally -- make its way around the world 🙂 The book is now a treasured go-to health and healing manual for hundreds of thousands of people in every corner of the planet. It has been translated into 19 languages. We’re proud and happy to announce that Portuguese is the most recent language joining the foreign edition family!

If you’d like to check out the Portuguese edition of Energy Medicine, please click here. >>

For other translated editions of Energy Medicine, please click here to see our foreign editions list. >>

Special Spanish editions of some of our other books, like The Little Book of Energy Medicine, Energy Medicine for Women, and more, are also available! Just click here for the Spanish editions. >>

“Mum Didn’t Like My Fiancé's Aura!”

Donna & Dondi laughing as they read the article about themselves in the medieval town square.

It was 2013, and Donna and Dondi were strolling through the beautifully quaint 14th-century town of Conwy in Northern Wales when they happened to pass a magazine stand. One headline instantly “jumped” out at them. There it was in large print on the cover of Spirit & Destiny magazine -- “Mom Didn’t Like My Fiancé's Aura!” Intrigued, Donna and Dondi stopped to take a closer look. They were shocked to learn that the article was about them! It was a full magazine spread complete with photos. And it was a true story. It really happened! When Dondi showed the shopkeeper, he said, “I don’t think I have ever had celebrities in my shop before!” It was a fun experience, but it was also a moment of gratitude and joy because the truth was undeniable -- Eden Energy Medicine was helping people around the world, even in the tiny, faraway town of Conwy!

Get Your Free Ticket!
2021 Global Energy Healing Summit

Learn to Master Your Energy for Health, Wealth & Happiness

We’re excited to announce that Donna and David have been invited to present at the 2021 Global Energy Healing Summit along with our much-loved COO (and certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner), Jeffrey McDonnell! For the first time, Jeffrey will share his unique blend of “business smarts” and “spiritual heart” that helped build one of the most successful and conscious-based business names in the world -- Eden Method!

Jeffrey, Donna, and David will be joined by nearly 40 of the world’s best healers, coaches, practitioners, and teachers. This one-of-a-kind online gathering is designed to help more people learn to direct their personal energy for lasting health, wealth, and happiness. The best part is you can access the entire Summit and learn from the best, for FREE!

Click here to learn more and get your free ticket >>

Eden Method Membership Site

It’s Been Years in the Making & It’s Almost Here!

This will be our first online membership space, and we’re going ALL out 🙂

It’s shaping up to be an empowering online haven featuring exclusive content designed to help you take control of your health, well-being, and success.

You’ll get new tools and energy-rich content every month. Plus, you’ll have a direct line into a supportive community that can help you maintain a healthy, self-healing energy practice that will continually replenish and nourish you.

This is unlike anything you’ve seen before online (even if we do say so ourselves!)

In October, we will be offering our community the chance to get in at the ground level and help us test the site. In return for your help, you'll be able to lock in your membership at a heavily discounted monthly rate that will NEVER INCREASE.

 Keep an eye out in your inbox for details in October. We can’t wait to start this adventure with you!

Energy Psychology Series #4 of 10

Have You Met Energy Psychology’s Mother?

Did you know that Energy Psychology is a derivative of Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine works with at least nine major energy systems. In contrast, Energy Psychology modalities generally focus on only one of these systems. These may be the chakras, the aura, or most frequently, the meridians (by tapping on or otherwise stimulating the acupuncture points that are distributed along the meridian lines).

Energy Psychology draws from a narrow range of Energy Medicine techniques and applies them to psychological and spiritual issues. Research shows that it is very good at this, with clinical outcomes that are notable for their power, speed, and durability.

A way to think about the relationship between Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology is to look at the relationship between conventional medicine and conventional psychiatry. Psychiatry draws from conventional medicine, using only a small range of the tools available for treating health issues, and it focuses what it does use on mental health issues. In this sense, psychiatry is a derivative of conventional medicine. In a parallel way, Energy Psychology is a derivative of Energy Medicine.

So Energy Medicine, whose roots extend back thousands of years, is the “mother” of Energy Psychology. The glaring difference with psychiatry is, of course, that psychiatrists have gone through four years of medical school, including hands-on clinical “rotations” in eight of the major medical specialties before entering their three-year intensive residency in psychiatry. Many Energy Psychology practitioners, on the other hand, may have never taken a single course in energy medicine.

This article offers Energy Psychology practitioners and others who might be less schooled in Energy Medicine a glimpse into the development of one of the most widely-known and highly-respected contemporary forms of Energy Medicine, Eden Energy Medicine, based on the work of Donna Eden, an ACEP Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. It then delves into the controversial question of whether subtle energies that science hasn’t been able to measure or even detect—Iike the “life force,” “chi,” or “prana”—can be accessed for health and healing, and whether they even, in fact, exist.

Read the article and access the link to the full paper >>

Your Energy Minute

Strengthen Your Heart & Heal From Heartbreak

In this video, you'll learn how to strengthen and support your heart and even help yourself heal from heartbreak with a simple energy technique. This extra special episode of "Your Energy Minute" features the Cobh -- the little town Donna and David mentioned in the intro of this e-letter :-). This video was filmed just after Donna, Titanya, and Dondi were "recognized" by townsfolk, who ran up to them to ask if they were going to film an Energy Minute, which of course, they did!

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