Energy Psychology: A Hands-on Workshop

Tapping for Self-Healing, Self-Empowerment, and Greater Happiness

May 24-28, 2018


The Wigwam Resort
Phoenix, AZ

Photo Courtesy of Kersti Niglas

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Walk out of the room with a new sense of self-empowerment over your own destiny...

Energy Psychology brings a new dimension of self-empowerment to personal development. Drawing from contemporary psychological understanding as well as ancient healing traditions, it provides simple methods for shifting the brain's chemistry – simple to learn AND simple to use. These methods give you the keys to unlock the buried barriers that hold you back from all you can be. 

Why does this matter? Infants are wired for happiness. Then life happens. Regaining our natural state of well-being is one way to think of the fundamental challenge of a journey through life that leads to wisdom and fulfillment. Your brain chemistry carries the record of your difficulties and your potentials. Acupoint tapping is proving to be a way of healing the wounds of childhood difficulties and supporting the beautiful possibilities that are within.

You will receive a hands-on introduction to Energy Psychology, mastering the basic principles and enough technique to immediately begin using energy psychology in your daily life. 

You will learn how to:

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    Work with energy points on the skin to send signals that shift the electrical and chemical activity in your brain.
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    Reduce the emotions that hold you back, including unwarranted fears, anger, anxiety, jealousy, shame, and depression.
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    Rapidly uncouple undesired responses from their triggers.
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    Receive internal support for moving forward according to your highest wisdom.

David is one of the field's most prominent leaders!
Don't Miss This Opportunity to Learn From a True Master!

EP Canada

David Feinstein, Ph.D. , presenting at the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference

Open to Beginners and Experienced Energy Psychology Users

This workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants to jump-start desired changes in life and learn about how to use Energy Psychology in the process. Both beginners and people with considerable experience with EFT or other forms of Energy Psychology are welcome. Hands-on practice will be done in groups of two or three. The class is being live streamed. People watching it from home can invite one or two other people for their own small group or can watch the work of one of the triads, which will be filmed.


Class starts at 9:00 am on Thursday, May 24. For most people this means you should arrive in Phoenix no later than Wednesday, May 23. Class runs from 9:00 am-12:00 noon & 2:00 pm-5:00 pm Thursday-Sunday & 9:00 am-12:00 noon on Monday.

Class ends at noon on Monday, May 28.  

Please read:

Although the techniques of Energy Psychology are powerful, this class does not substitute for psychotherapy. The class may, nonetheless, evoke strong emotions. If you are currently in psychotherapy or have serious psychiatric challenges, please obtain agreement from a psychotherapist who is willing to provide back-up before enrolling in the class.

David Feinsteing

CarrieEnergy Psychology: A Hands-on Workshop