Hashimoto’s Disease

I have a thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s disease. It has been somewhat controlled with acupuncture and now medication.  Despite these efforts, I still have symptoms. What can I do energetically to ease this problem?

Without being able to see your energies, and not knowing what your acupuncturist has tried, I can only make a very generic recommendation, which is to be sure that triple warmer and spleen are in a good balance (see Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine). Triple warmer and spleen govern the thyroid. To maintain that balance, diligently keep calming triple warmer and strengthening spleen. You might also, several times each day, do the "hook-up" (p. 119) and the "smoothing behind the ears" (pp. 235 - 236) exercises and tap the spleen neurolymphatic points (p. 84). Because the thyroid often balances itself as the body’s energies come into a better balance, I would also strongly recommend the five-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3).

EverettHashimoto’s Disease