Introduction to Electrics

By Donna Eden, David Feinstein Ph.D., and Vicki Matthews, N.D. ©2006

  • The Electrics are a subtle energy system that interconnects with all of the other energy systems as well as the physical body.
  • At a physical level, our cells generate electricity.  Researchers at Harvard University say that when an embryo is only 4 cells in size, an electrical gradient starts switching on the genes that allow the developing embryo to distinguish right from left.
  • Every cell in the body is a miniature battery.  Normally the outside of the cell has a positive electrical charge and the inside has a negative charge.  But these charges may momentarily be reversed based on the action of “ion pumps” on the cell membrane that drive sodium ions out of the cell and pump potassium ions into the cell (an ion is an atom or group of atoms that carries an electrical charge).
  • This movement of electrically charged ions at the cellular level is the basic building block in the complex electromagnetic workings of your “body electric.”
  • Every muscle you move, every thought you think, every morsel of food you digest involves electrical activity.
  • Your feelings, memories, and thoughts are coded in patterns of tiny electrical impulses.
  • Electrical fields help regulate tissue growth in the fetus and promote tissue regeneration in adults.
  • Electrics relate to the heart, as it is the strongest electrical generator in the body.
  • The Electrics are a sort of “live wiring” for the heart’s electrical rhythm and the pulsing that travels to and from each cell giving the electric charge to our very aliveness, nature and rhythm.
  • When our heart and brain energy synchronize, we are more intelligent, intuitive, and healthier.
  • The heart is awesomely intelligent, having every single receptor that the brain has.  It thinks.  It remembers.  It feels, knows and loves.  It is hard-wired for bliss.
  • The heart makes hormones, has its own nervous system, and regulates your rhythm.  It creates an alchemy of healing forces, assisting your immune system in keeping you well.
  • The Electrics assist the heart in flowing these powerful hormones, thoughts, and feelings to the rest of the body.
  • The Grid is the power plant that also supplies electricity.  Hooking up the Electrics can sometimes hookup minor Grids.
  • The eight subtle energy systems discussed in Energy Medicine (meridians, chakras, aura, elements, triple warmer, radiant circuits, cross-overs, and grid) interact with the body’s electrical system, but they are also distinct and separate from it.
  • The electrical system is the body’s “densest” energy, which is why it is the only energy system that is easy to detect using physical instruments that move meters or produce images.  However, healing work with each of the eight subtle energy systems is likely to impact the body’s electrical system.  And you can also work with the electrical system directly.
  • The electrics are points on the body that can be touched and held by the practitioner to activate specific electrical circuits for the purpose of healing.  The points we teach directly affect the heart or the nervous system and secondarily may impact any other part of the body.
  • The electrics create the atmosphere and provide a catalyst for the body to then do the healing.
  • Unlike the strategic interventions in energy tracking, you often have no idea what will occur when you hold the electric points.  The energy goes where it is needed.  There are reports of scar tissue healing, all manner of emotional trauma overcome, and a wide variety of other diverse experiences.

Electrics Session Protocols

Electrics Session Preparation:

1)  Hookup navel to third eye.

2)  Open feet by opening up the gaits.  Press deeply between the bones and pull the energy off the toes.  Then broaden the foot, ankle and heels.  Pull energy off the feet.

3)  Open hands by lacing your fingers into the fingers of your client.  Bend their hand back and massage all over the stretched open hand, from wrist to fingers.  Pull and massage downward off fingers.

4)  Massage and rub the skull, and clear the crown with a Crown Pull.

5)  Massage deeply under the collarbone starting at K-27s and moving out to the upper arm joint on both sides, clearing the Central Meridian Neurolymphatics.

6)  Starting at the pubic bone, massage Central Meridian from pubic bone to mouth.

7)  Hold heart strengthening points.

Note: you can not over-hookup electric points.  They only take in as much energy as they need during any given session, so pay attention when they cool down, because you are done.


There are two basic types of electrics sessions:

1) An "Electrical Hook-Ups" session focused more on moving the electrical energy of the heart throughout the body.

2) A "Deep Electrics Work" session which surrenders to the electrical wisdom of the body.


Electrical Hook-Ups Session:

You will be focusing on a series of hookups between the heart and other places in the body.

1) a)  Place left finger/hand over heart (near Lung 1).  Look for a sore spot.

b)  Place right hand on right edge of pubic bone.

c)  Press firmly into both points.  Hold them until they get hot, then you can back off a bit.  Hold until they cool down, or up to 15 minutes.  This hooks up the heart.

2) a)  Leave left hand on heart point.

b)  Move right hand to:

  • under right bust (liver/gall bladder)
  • under left bust (stomach/spleen)
  • Pyloric valve (center at diaphragm, a bit left)
  • adrenals (either side of navel, up slightly)
  • left kidney and right kidney
  • Ileocecal valve
  • Houston valve
  • anywhere else in the body you want the electrical energy to flow

3)  It is possible that this next procedure might feel personally invasive.  If so, instruct the client to hold behind the nipples themselves and you hold the first sedating points of Circulation Sex (this hooks the Circulation Sex and Spleen Meridians, which is very important in cancers of all kind, and releases the root chakra to vitalize the other chakras.

a) Left hand under right bust (up behind nipple)

b) Right hand under left bust (up behind nipple)

This will probably be really sore.  This hooks up the Pericardium, Circulation Sex problems, hormone issues, and is good for women who have had mastectomies or problems with Fire Element.  This also hooks up Circulation Sex, Heart, TW and Lung.  Hold for several minutes.

4) a) Place a three finger notch of one hand over the middle of the heart chakra and a three finger notch of the other hand on the TW alarm point below the navel (a great use for this TW alarm point).

b) Hold for 2 to 3 minutes, then flatten hands in these locations for another minute.

c) This is a powerful connection between TW (and small intestine organ) and the heart (and thymus) that can connect Fire’s rhythm.

5) a) Middle fingers of both hands on Bladder 1

b) Thumbs of both hands on Liver neurovascular points at scalp.  Stretch in, then relax.  Good for sense of direction and sinuses.  Also opens the Third Eye.

6) a) Rest head in hands and push middle fingers into the power point (GV16).  Hold for a few minutes.

b) Massage base of skull and neck.

c) Place little fingers of both hands in power point (GV16).

d) Spread rest of fingers around base of skull.

e) Make sure the thumbs rest in front of the ears.

f) Hold this position for 2 to 3 minutes.

7) Move middle finger of each hand to Main Electric points at base of skull on back of head.  Hold for 5 to 10 minutes to end the session.


Deep Electrics Work Session:

You will be holding your fingers in the main electric points at the back of the head the entire time.

By holding just the main electric points at the back of the head, you plug into the circuits, and it can burn through blocks of all kinds, including energy blocks, physical blocks, even emotional blocks.  It can burn through scar tissue.  It can burn away a deep body memory, bringing it up to be remembered before it is burned away.

An electrics session done this way can take over an hour or longer.  These main points are held until the heat is gone.  There must be total silence (no talking, no music, etc), and you let the body’s intelligence direct the flow of electrical energy.  A session of this kind can be painful, but the outcome can sometimes be miraculous.

1)  Make sure the client is comfortable and the room is silent.

2)  Start with same preparations as above.

3)  Beginning with middle fingers in SI 13, slowly pull the middle fingers up the neck with firm pressure, and then massage neck thoroughly.

4)  Massage base of skull.

5)  Rest head in hands and push middle fingers into the power point (GV16) for several minutes.

6)  NO TALKING, as this will affect the energy.

7)  Push in deeply at the main electric points at the base of the skull (on either side of the power point) until you feel the tingle of the heat, then relax pressure slightly but maintain a firm hold until heat dissipates completely.  This can take over an hour or more.  You must hold these points until the heat is gone.

8) Hold Spleen NV points for a few minutes and then slowly Figure 8 the body.

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