Low Platelets

Is there any way that energy techniques can help with thrombocytopenia [an abnormally small number of platelets in the blood]?

I have known energy work to increase platelet counts, but I would suggest you find a qualified practitioner to figure out what energy systems are involved in the problem. Here are some approaches that will be generally beneficial and while they in themselves may improve the condition, they will also support the more focused work:

  • The "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine)
  • Keeping the triple warmer and spleen meridians in balance (Chapter 8). Spleen meridian is always involved with this kind of occurrence in the blood, and it always needs to be strengthened.
  • Keeping your energies crossing over with the homolateral crossover (p. 233)

Also there is a cell salt that is renowned for its ability to raise platelet levels. It is called ferrum phosphate. It comes as a 6x potency and a typical dose would be 5 pellets, twice per day, away from food. You can energy check to see if this might be a good supplement for you.

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