Spreading the Spirit of Tikkun Olam

EP Canada

David Feinstein presenting at the Energy Psychology Conference of Canada

By Dondi Dahlin

When I recently MC’d the Energy Psychology Conference of Canada, our good friend Sharon Cass-Toole told me that we need to keep spreading healing and “Tikkun Olam.” Tikkun Olam is a Jewish concept represented by acts of kindness to repair the world. Sharon has extended the spirit of Tikkun Olam at her Energy Psychology Conference of Canada every year for the past 19 years. This year was no exception in bringing healing and light to people, especially those who have experienced grief, loss, and trauma. And, truly, who hasn’t? That is just about all of us. We are living in some scary times, fueled by fear, ignorance, and intolerance. Sharon shows us how to empower ourselves with an excellent array of teachers, classes, vendors, and music that she offers every year. People from all over the world attend the only conference of its kind in Canada.

This year the Energy Psychology Conference of Canada was held in Vancouver, British Columbia and it featured a multitude of workshops including transforming grief and loss, the effect of transgenerational traumas, helping children and teens through Energy Psychology, emotional reframing of trauma-induced pain, birth trauma syndromes, sound healing, sacred geometry, epigenetics, and an exquisite panel of doctors and healers who discussed what to do when energy healing fails. Keynote speakers included Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Dr. Christine Page, Dr. David Feinstein, and Dr. Dawson Church.

We celebrate Sharon and her husband Meyer Toole, and look forward to their 20th anniversary event in Toronto, October 2018. In these days when so many people are turning to online education, we love to support high-quality live events like theirs. Live events are rarely lucrative. The people who run them do it out of love and passion for the work. Conferences like Sharon and Meyer’s, with diverse offerings and excellent presenters, hold a magic that will never be duplicated online. It is wonderful to bond face-to-face with people of like minds! We will be in Toronto in 2018 to further this important work and we hope to see you there! Click here for details about the 2017 conference.

Jennifer MillsSpreading the Spirit of Tikkun Olam