Traumatic Brain Injury

I've referred several of my Truamatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients to your "5-minute Energy Routine" on YouTube. They like it for the general sense of balance it creates, but I wondered what you would add to more specifically target cognitive function for improvement?

TBI is very challenging, and its incidence is increasing at an alarming rate due to the wars. Energy work can make a distinct difference. Several exercises come to mind that could be added to the Daily Energy Routine for TBI, although there is the problem with any diagnosable condition that the same symptoms might involve one energy constellation for one person and a very different constellation for another. So there is never a one size fits all protocol. But here is what I would add to the Daily Energy Routine -- while still keeping it relatively brief -- to give the brain a nice "energy bath" that promotes healing and improves cognitive function. It brings the 5 minute routine up to a 10-minute routine, though they can be done separately.

  • Add a fourth thump to the "Three Thumps": stomach meridian points under eyes (about 10 seconds).
  • Stretch ear lobs (about 20 seconds)
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie, p. 253 (Energy Medicine, 2nd ed), about a minute.
  • Isometric Head Press, (pp. 154 - 155, 90 seconds)
  • Memory exercise, p. 225, about a minute, best done sitting down.
  • Front and back neurovascular hold while breathing deeply (place one hand over forehead, other at back of head, behind the eyes, hold lightly for about a minute).

I hope this is helpful for your patients!

EverettTraumatic Brain Injury