Traumatic Brain Injury

I've referred several of my Truamatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients to your "5-minute Energy Routine" on YouTube. They like it for the general sense of balance it creates, but I wondered what you would add to more specifically target cognitive function for improvement?

TBI is very challenging, and its incidence is increasing at an alarming rate due to the wars. Energy work can make a distinct difference. Several exercises come to mind that could be added to the Daily Energy Routine for TBI, although there is the problem with any diagnosable condition that the same symptoms might involve one energy constellation for one person and a very different constellation for another. So there is never a one size fits all protocol. But here is what I would add to the Daily Energy Routine -- while still keeping it relatively brief -- to give the brain a nice "energy bath" that promotes healing and improves cognitive function. It brings the 5 minute routine up to a 10-minute routine, though they can be done separately.

  • Add a fourth thump to the "Three Thumps": stomach meridian points under eyes (about 10 seconds).
  • Stretch ear lobs (about 20 seconds)
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie, p. 253 (Energy Medicine, 2nd ed), about a minute.
  • Isometric Head Press, (pp. 154 - 155, 90 seconds)
  • Memory exercise, p. 225, about a minute, best done sitting down.
  • Front and back neurovascular hold while breathing deeply (place one hand over forehead, other at back of head, behind the eyes, hold lightly for about a minute).

I hope this is helpful for your patients!

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EverettTraumatic Brain Injury

Suicidal Depression

I have a close friend who is the father of four children. He is caught in a terrible depression, and he recently tried to kill himself. Is there any way that energy work can help him?

I feel for your friend and his obviously desperate situation, and I know that you must be very concerned. In addition to whatever professional help you can get him to seek, there are some energy techniques that could improve his state of mind. Try to get him to do the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine) at least twice a day. This will immediately help organize some of his basic energy patterns. Whenever he feels unable to handle things or out of control or particularly depressed, have him do a "hook-up" in that moment (Energy Medicine p. 119). All of this he can do for himself. The following will need someone else’s assistance:

Find out if his energies are flowing in a homolateral pattern by energy testing him while he looks at an "X" and then again while he looks at a pair of parallel vertical lines. He should energy test strong on the X and weak on the parallel lines (this indicates that the energies are crossing over properly between the left and right sides of his body). If you get any other result, have him do the "homolateral crossover" (Energy Medicine pp. 233 – 235) instead of just the cross crawl during his daily routine.

Hold the main neurovascular points (the "Oh, my God" points, Energy Medicine p. 90) on his forehead for several minutes. These points not only help to soothe the emotional system, they also help us to think better.

Balance his chakras (see Energy Medicine Chapter 5). They are a key component of the energy system. They store information regarding our past, our current challenges, and our emotions. And they energetically connect us to the universe. Having them in balance can help him make a tremendous difference in how he feels and in how clearly he can think.

Trace figure eight patterns slowly in front of his face several times and have him follow the patterns with his eyes. This creates a neurological effect that can help loosen the grip of long-standing depression.

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EverettSuicidal Depression

Night Terrors

I recently suffered an awful experience. While I was not physically hurt, I was terrorized. I have worked through much of this pain, but occasionally at night I still feel terror. What can I do to ease this?

It sounds like a meridian called triple warmer, which governs the fight or flight response, is on over-alert and can’t turn off. The fear you experience deep in the night may be that triple warmer does not want you to give up your vigilance. It wants to keep you on alert so you do not let your guard down. By calming triple warmer when the fear is there, you retrain it, you show it that you understand the fear and you tell it in its language that you are managing the situation and that it is safe now. Be ready with these techniques for when the terror comes: 1) do the "hook-up" (Energy Medicine p. 119) while breathing deeply, 2) "smooth behind the ears" (Energy Medicine pp. 235 – 236), and 3) tap for up to a minute on the back sides of your hands, between the 4th and 5th fingers, just below the knuckles and toward the wrist.

Finally, each evening before you go to sleep, or if the terror returns, place one hand on your forehead and the other at the back of your head, with your thumb just below the occipital ridge (where your neck and head connect) and the rest of your hand above it. Hold for about a minute. You will simultaneously be holding several points that are involved with fear and others that act to calm the entire body

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EverettNight Terrors

Long-Lasting Depression and Fatigue

I have suffered from deep depression for the past ten years. It started when both my father and mother died, and although I thought I had worked through the grief, I began to notice health problems within a few years after their deaths. Since that time I've never quite been able to turn the corner. I drag myself through life in a constant state of fatigue, low energy, and stress, and am plagued with numerous physical ailments. After I read your book, I tried helping myself by practicing the daily energy routine—the three thumps, the cross-crawl, and the Wayne Cook posture, but they didn't seem to be enough. In fact, I didn't notice any change. I'm reluctant to massage my neurolymphatics again because after I tried it for the first time I felt ill for days. Yet, I'm still intrigued with the concepts of energy medicine and am hoping that you can give me some ideas to help me to break this cycle of emotional and physical distress.

I feel great compassion for you and your long struggle with depression and illness. The timing of the onset of your emotional and physical symptoms, shortly after the loss of your parents, is probably significant. Energies systems can go into shock after significant loss or trauma, and it is not unusual for the pattern that was initially in response to the shock to become stuck in the body. This type of quagmire, in fact, traps more people than you might realize. I would suggest that you read about triple warmer in Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine as it governs both your response to trauma and your energy habits.

While I cannot provide you with suggestions that are attuned to your unique energies, the following sequence can help to release the energy patterns caused by shock that can become stuck in the body:

First, calm triple warmer with the "smoothing behind the ears" movement described on pp. 235 – 236. This is an excellent way of taking down the stress level and helping to break the energy habits that maintain depression.

Second, you may need more "space" in your body for your energies to flow. This can be created in numerous ways. One of the best is called "Separating Heaven and Earth" (p. 248). This not only stretches your physical body, it gets your energy moving through it.

Third, Your energy may have become homolateral (i.e., running in parallel lines instead of crossing and weaving as is needed for optimal health.). If this is the case, you are fighting an uphill battle with only a fraction of the energy that could be available to you. Doing the Homolateral crossover (pp. 233 – 235) two times per day should help coax your energy into a more functional pattern.

Fourth, I recommend that you have someone clear your chakras on a regular basis (Chapter 5). This can often facilitate healing on much deeper levels.

Next, you might add Heaven Rushing In, described on page 23, to help you with the spiritual dimension of healing, and to help you not feel so alone.

These techniques should be helpful to you, and you should experience greater benefit from the "Daily Energy Routine" after you have done them for even a few days.

Regarding clearing your neurolymphatics, the problem you experienced, feeling worse rather than better, is because these points help physical and energetic toxins break free so they can move out of our body. But if you have a toxin build-up in your body, massaging the points can move too many toxins into the lymph system and blood stream too quickly, resulting in feeling sick from all the toxins. The fact that the technique made you ill, if you understand the principle, is a signal of how much you needed it. So you might start with just one or two points. This is not likely to overwhelm your system. Once some of the toxins have been dislodged and eliminated, and your overall energy system grows stronger, your body will more readily tolerate neurolymphatic massage.

Because I am suggesting a relatively complex set of procedures, and your symptoms are also complex and longstanding, you might seriously consider consulting an energy medicine practitioner to assess your energies, give you some treatments, and also to supervise your back-home routines.

If your physical and emotional health is still slow to improve after following these suggestions, there is one other energy system that should be investigated. It may be that your basic grid needs to be woven back together. This work definitely requires an experienced practitioner's help. I've written a little about it in Chapter 6. Both emotional and physical trauma can create the equivalent of ruptures and weak spots in a person's basic grid, and if this foundational energy system is not in reasonable shape, it is harder for the other techniques to work well. You can find a qualified grid practitioner by searching for an Advanced Practitioner in our EEM Certified Practitioner Directory.

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EverettLong-Lasting Depression and Fatigue

Chronic Anger

Can your techniques help me with chronic anger? I am really a very nice person, but no one knows it because all this rage builds up in me and just explodes with the slightest provocation.

Many people are victim to destructive emotions they do not know how to manage. Energy work can empower you to become fully responsible for your behaviors by significantly reducing the charge on your rage so that you will be able to handle it.

The following routine will both move the energy that fuels your anger out of your body and it will bring in positive energy to replace it:

  1. Do the "Expelling the Venom" exercise (p. 219) several times each day.
  2. Do a zip-up (p. 82), paired with an affirmation related to your problem with anger, such as "I am feeling joy and peace replacing my anger."
  3. Hold your frontal neurovascular points (the "Oh my God" points) and your "anger" (gall bladder) neurovascular points (p. 217).
  4. Do the Wayne Cook posture (p. 73).
  5. Do all the stretching you can. This will help make space so anger can quickly move through and out of your system and fresh energy can easily enter.
  6. Do the temporal tap (p. 332) with affirmations designed to change your habitual outbursts.
  7. The "Heaven Rushing In" technique (p. 21) can help you begin to feel more connected to the universe, more aligned with the cosmos and everything in it.

Of course you may also want to consider a psychological approach, seeking help from a qualified psychotherapist, but often energetically reducing the emotional pressure frees a person to work out the psychological dimension of the problem.

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EverettChronic Anger

Depression from Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long

Is it possible to hold someone's triple warmer for too long? In an effort to become deeply relaxed, I had my wife hold my triple warmer points well beyond the point when I sighed [the sign that indicates an energy connection], and I found, unexpectedly, that I began to feel depressed. I read somewhere that triple warmer is associated with the thyroid, and I am aware that this endocrine gland impacts mood.

Actually, it is possible that sedating triple warmer for too long could cause depression, especially if it is not balanced by strengthening the spleen meridian.

And you are right that the thyroid gland could be involved. The thyroid is actually governed by the balance of triple warmer and spleen, not just the triple warmer alone. So be sure to work with the two together – sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen. Triple warmer is a powerful and assertive life force, and if you take its power away without providing the counterbalance of spleen energy, depression is possible.

Depression can also result from problems with the large intestine meridian as well as with an imbalance between triple warmer and spleen. An energy test will help you to determine which meridians are involved. From there you can experiment with the various ways described in Energy Medicine for bringing a meridian into a good flow and balance, such as tracing the meridian, flushing it, holding the relevant acupuncture sedating or strengthening points or the neurovascular points, massaging the neurolymphatic points, etc

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EverettDepression from Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long

Depression, Prozac, and Energy Checking Dosages

I have suffered over the years from bouts of depression.  I have finally come to some relief, using Prozac.  While it is wonderful to have found a medication that helps, I am now having trouble with side effects. What would you suggest?

Depression scrambles the body’s energies and also slows the movement of energy through all the body’s systems. This in turn often causes the meridians to run backwards.  The 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" can, in itself, be helpful, and there are numerous other focused energy techniques that can get all the energy systems hooked up and flowing again. However, long-standing endogenous depression, in particular, can be very tricky to treat, and anti-depressant medication can be a godsend.

But because medications themselves often also scramble the body’s energies, prescribing is an art that often also involves a great deal of trial and error.   Assuming you have discussed the side-effect problem with the physician who is managing your medication and that your current choice and dosage is as good as he or she knows how to get it, here is how to use an energy medicine approach to counter the side effects. First you would check both the Prozac and its dosage with energy tests.  You would begin using the spleen as a general indicator test (Chapter 2 of Energy Medicine). You would also need your physician’s involvement or at least consent to do these tests, and if you cannot get it, you have the choice of staying with your current dosage and medication or finding a physician who is willing to at least explore an energy approach to counter the medication’s side effects.

If the spleen indicator test shows the Prozac to be strong, you would then use the same test to determine the proper dosage. This is a time where your intention for the test makes a difference. You could do the first general indicator test holding either the container of pills or a single pill. Your focus is on whether this is the proper medication.

When you are testing the dosage, you would, at the time of day when you would normally take the medication, test one capsule. If the test shows weak, cut the capsule in half. If half the amount tests strong, this is more likely to be the proper dosage for you to take at that time of day. If the original capsule tests strong, cut another capsule and see if adding part of it keeps you strong. Continue until you test weak. The amount that last tested strong will probably be a good dosage to take each day at the appointed time (if the medication is normally taken twice each day, this would be the amount to take each time). Because, however, other factors that are specific to you on that day may vary, and anti-depressant medication seems to work best if you stay with the same dosage each day, it can be useful to do the test on several days to see the amount that is most frequently needed.

If the general indicator test does not stay strong, perhaps your physician has samples of other anti-depressant medications that you can energy test. Once you have identified a medication that is in harmony with your energy system and determined the proper dosage, you would then test this dosage on each of the alarm points (p. 112). This would show you which meridians are having trouble with the medication, even though the spleen general indicator test showed that it is generally good for you. You would then work with these meridians daily to keep them strong and flowing, including working with them while holding the medication on the related alarm points. The "5-Minute Routine" (Chapter 3) will also help stabilize your body’s energies so you can more readily tolerate the intrusion of the medication

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EverettDepression, Prozac, and Energy Checking Dosages

Alzheimer’s Disease

I recently attended a seminar at the Omega Institute and heard Wayne Dyer talking about healing through the use of energy medicine. Is it possible to treat Alzheimer's using energy techniques? My Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 3? years ago, and she has been deteriorating rapidly. She has taken Aricept, Cognex, and other medications, but none of them seem to have helped at all. Please let me know if there has been any success using energy medicine. I would do anything to heal her or at least reverse the progression. Thank you for any information or guidance you can provide.

My heart goes out to you about the excruciating situation facing you and your mother. In my experience, "Alzheimer's" may involve any of a variety of dysfunctional energy patterns. Energetically, it is a single name for a variety of disorders that have similar symptoms. While there is still no cure, some of the patterns are more responsive to energy work than others, and I have seen Alzheimer’s symptoms diminish with its use. However, without seeing your mother, I cannot even begin to guess what is involved for her. What I can do is make some suggestions that have helped in certain instances, would generally be beneficial, and never harmful, and you can see if they are of any value. You would probably know within three or four weeks of applying them daily.

If the problem is that there is not enough "space" in her head (constrictions in the musculature and circulatory system as well as in the energy pathways) for oxygen, cerebral spinal fluid, blood, and energy to flush through her brain, then energy work can be of value.

A simple procedure for treating these constrictions is called the "crown pull," which is part of the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" presented in Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine. Do the "crown pull" for her as described there, and extend it all over her head, especially rubbing the "lumps" at the top back of her neck and base of her skull (these happen to be triple warmer points).

Then, "pump up" her cerebrospinal fluid (Energy Medicine p. 208, softcover edition only) and hold her neurovasculars (p. 217) and notice which neurovascular points seem to feel the best to her. Do these regularly, along with the crown pull and pump up.

Chances are that in addition to being constricted, her energies are also neurologically disorganized. The "three thumps" (p. 63), the "Wayne Cook" procedure (p. 73), the "homolateral crossover" (p. 233), and the "hook-up" (p. 119) all address this.

I am truly hoping these suggestions can be of help to her. If they are even slightly, it is a good sign. You might then see if there is an energy worker in your area who could work with her regularly.

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EverettAlzheimer’s Disease