I am having terrible pain from a bunion on my foot. My doctor suggests surgery, which I hope to avoid. Do you have any suggestions?

I have successfully treated bunions by sedating the acupressure points on the meridian the bunion is on.  They were made to completely go away.

For immediate relief of the pain, you can lightly tap on certain points around your ankles. Refer to the "pain zones" (p. 290 of Energy Medicine) to find where to tap.

To begin to rid yourself of the bunion, begin by using the meridian alarm points to determine which meridians are involved. Have someone energy test you against your "alarm points" while touching ("energy localizing") the bunion. The tester lightly touches your bunion with one hand. You touch the alarm points (p. 112), one at a time. With each alarm point, the tester puts pressure on an indicator muscle. You will probably find it simpler to use the spleen test (p. 51) rather than the deltoid muscle test because it will be easier to reach while the tester is touching the bunion.

Often, bunions are helped by treating the spleen meridian because it runs along the outside of the big toe (where bunions are usually located). At any rate, the meridians needing attention are those where the indicator muscle goes weak when the corresponding alarm point is touched.

Once you've identified the meridians that need treatment, either of two approaches can shift the energies that result in a bunion. The first is to hold the acupressure sedating points (pp. 120-123) on both sides of your body (or have someone else hold them) for each meridian identified by the alarm point test. Then hold the strengthening points. This combination of sedating and strengthening is often needed to bring fresh energy to an affected area.

The second approach involves the use of magnets. The north side of a small magnet (see Chapter 11), held against the bunion, can take pain away. The south side, held against the bunion until you begin to feel discomfort, propels congested energies away from the bunion. Hold it there only until you begin to feel the slightest amount of discomfort. If the discomfort continues after you remove the magnet, simply place the north side of the magnet against the bunion once again.

There is also a more general consideration. Any kind of pain can scramble the body’s energies in many ways, and one of the best ways to unscramble these energies is to practice the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3). You may need to modify the cross-crawl so you are not putting pressure on the bunion—you can, for instance, move your legs and opposite arms while you are seated