Testicular Pain

I have been studying your book (Energy Medicine) and using your techniques. I have reached a stumbling block, however, with my 16-year-old son. He has been having chronic intermittent swelling and pain in his testicular area, specifically the epididymis. He had to have one testicle removed when he was three because it torqued and sucked into his abdomen. For the current problem, a urologist has been following him for 2 or 3 months, and we have had an inconclusive ultrasound done. My gut feeling is that he does not need exploratory surgery. When I do energy testing on him, his circulation-sex and triple warmer meridians, among others, are weak and painful. I have traced them backwards and forwards, done a spinal flush, a chakra exercise, the 5-minute routine, and sedated and then strengthened both the circulation-sex and triple warmer meridians. Today I got the triple warmer to test strong afterwards, however I cannot get the circulation-sex meridian to test strong no matter what I try. 
He also consistently experiences pain in his testicle and his groin every time he or I do the hook-up procedure. Can you offer any suggestions?

While it is always guesswork when I can't see a person's energies and how they respond to various interventions, I do have some guesses:

Circulation-sex and triple warmer sit together on the same basic rhythm (Energy Medicine Chapter 7) and often play off one another. Since you've not been able to get circulation-sex strong, I would look to its opposite force, which is stomach meridian (see "wheel" on p. 126 - Energy Medicine). I would sedate stomach using the acupuncture holding points (p. 120). It may be the meridian that can take away even the swelling and the pain.

I believe that the "hook-up" is actually activating the penetrating flow, one of the strange flows (Energy Medicine Chapter 8), which goes right through the testicles. You might see what his reactions are if you slowly travel up central meridian, holding two points at a time for about 10 or 12 seconds (on the midline, one with your right hand, the other with your left), and then move up the meridian, going to the next pair of points. I would also hold the spleen strengthening acupuncture points as spleen governs swelling and infections. And I would not do the hook-up for now because it seems to be moving the energy enough to cause pain, but not enough to help with the problem.

I would also "chakra clear" (Energy Medicine Chapter 5) the painful area, treating the area as a chakra. Ask him whether circling in one direction takes away the pain more than the other direction.

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EverettTesticular Pain

Pain and Acupressure Points

On a few occasions I have held acupressure points to relieve pain for a few friends, but I haven't been getting the results I'd hoped for. What else can I do to bring about deeper, more lasting relief for them?

The sedating points are not always enough to relieve pain. I've often found it helpful to first hold the sedating points on both sides of the body and then hold the strengthening points. This combination brings a rush of fresh energy through the meridian that is affected, and it does a more thorough job of dispersing the pain signals.

Look at the muscle meridian chart on page 286 of Energy Medicine and find the muscle that is associated with the area of pain. This will not only help you identify the most important meridian involved with the pain, it will lead you to another option. You can reset the spindle cell mechanism within the muscle by gently stretching it apart with your fingertips and thumbs and then lightly pinching the skin over the center of the muscle. This sends a signal to the muscle and nerve cells to let go of tension and pain.

Also, look in Energy Medicine Chapter 11 at the discussion about the application of magnets to relieve pain. Magnets can be quite beneficial, but you need to use them carefully, and that chapter describes how to do this.

Finally, pain can also be relieved by using chakra-clearing techniques. Because small "chakras," vortexes of swirling energy, form over areas of pain and wounds, keeping this energy moving can be quite helpful. Simply rotate the left hand in a slow, counterclockwise, circular motion over the part of the body that hurts. This draws out stagnant energy and relieves pain. Do this for a few minutes, but not more than five minutes. Then move your hand in a clockwise motion to balance the energy you have just cleared.

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EverettPain and Acupressure Points

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – RSD

I have a patient suffering from reflex sympathetic dystrophy. As you probably know, RSD is an involuntary response to trauma. The trauma that initiates this disease can be as benign as tripping on a stair or bumping a shin. In my patient’s case, she dropped a wrench on her wrist. These injuries set off micro spasms in the blood vessels that supply the extremities. It is an acute pain you cannot get away from. There is no medical cure. The pain is so horrible and unrelenting that my patient has been thinking about suicide. Can you help me help her?​​​

This is a terrible condition. Energy interventions can help, but some trial and error will be involved. I will suggest the three possible remedies that, without seeing her energies, I suspect are the best bets. The first is to tape small, weak magnets to the area where the pain is the worst. Tape the north side against her skin. She needs to monitor when the magnet should be taken off and reapplied, using the guidelines discussed in Chapter 11 of Energy Medicine. The second approach is to hold the acupressure sedating points on bladder meridian. Bladder meridian governs the nervous system and RSD is a nervous system disorder. Third, since this is a triple warmer overreaction, doing the various techniques suggested in Chapter 8 for sedating triple warmer may also address the problem. I suspect that one, or some combination of these interventions, will give your patient enough immediate relief that she has a sense of hope and will continue to find the energy-oriented remedies that will completely overcome her condition.

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EverettReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – RSD

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

What can I do for osteoarthritis in my right knee?

Without seeing your energies, I can only give some very general guidelines. Techniques that are likely to be helpful include:

  • Look at the meridian diagrams on pp. 101 – 109 of Energy Medicine and the "Muscle Meridian Chart" on page 287. Determine which meridian or muscle runs through the portion of your knee that bothers you. Hold the acupuncture sedating points for that meridian (pp. 120 – 123). If your leg feels weak after you hold these points, follow the sedating points with the strengthening points.
  • Hold your thumb and first two fingers softly behind your knee for three or four minutes. The neurovascular points there will pull blood to the area.
  • There is a technique, certainly a part of energy medicine but a field onto itself, called orthobionomy (numerous listings can be found on search engines such as Google). It basically deals with placing the middle finger on an area of pain and then folding up the body or the muscles up around the finger so you have taken the tension off of that area. There is no set time frame for this, but it is usually less than two minutes. After you stop holding, check the point again by pressing in on it. You will often find that the pain is gone.
  • Many people report that zone tapping (Energy Medicine p. 288) has been very helpful to people with their knees as well as many other forms of chronic pain.

Weave a figure 8 in and above the energy field all around the area of the pain.

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EverettOsteoarthritis of the Knee

Hiatal Hernia

My husband has a hiatal hernia. An x-ray taken during an attack revealed his stomach to be 60 to 80% above his diaphragm. Surgery has been recommended. I have your book and my friends are encouraging us to try energy medicine techniques instead of surgery. I do not know where to put my faith.

This is a very difficult question to even begin to approach without being able to see or test his energies and make an assessment. I can tell you that I have seen many many instances where energy work did correct a condition where surgery was the standard medical treatment, including hiatal hernias. Following are three procedures that have been helpful, and he will know within two or three days if they are working:

  1. Relaxing the body as much as possible (bath, massage, deep breathing, etc.) and then sedating stomach meridian using the acupressure sedating points (p. 121 of Energy Medicine), holding them two to three times longer than suggested in the book.
  2. Massaging the neurolymphatic points for small intestine (p. 84).
  3. Modifying the diaphragm exercise (pp. 266 – 269) by first doing it as described, and then pushing in hard with the fingers while bending over as you push.

Doing these two or three times should lead to some relief within a couple of days if this is going to be enough to help. If there is no sign of immediate relief, he will have to consider either the surgery or an immediate and thorough assessment and intensive work with an alternative healer. If there is some let-up in the symptoms, he could continue to do these procedures to see if the condition can be turned around completely. Best would be to find a local energy medicine practitioner who could work in conjunction with his physician. But I have seen these techniques alone help the system to relax so completely that all the organs come back into their natural positions

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EverettHiatal Hernia

Gallbladder Removed

I really enjoyed your talk last year at the "Mind-Body-Spirit" Conference in London, so I bought your book and your video. As I watched the video, I saw you demonstrate how a woman lost energy on her right side because of a gallbladder operation, and this really got my attention. Having recently had my own gallbladder removed, I couldn't help but wonder how energy medicine might help me with the post-surgical swelling and pain that I'm still experiencing. In fact, I've wondered how this meridian was affected now that the actual organ is no longer there. Not only do I have a major scar from an incision that the surgeons made to remove my gallbladder "the old fashioned way," but I also have a small one near my navel where they first tried a laparoscopic procedure. This smaller scar is healing quite well, but it has definitely affected my stomach and intestinal system.

Last but not least, I had a severe reaction to the anesthesia and antibiotic medication that was used during the operation, so the ordeal of major surgery was made even more stressful than usual. Remind me to not do this again any time soon. Meanwhile, any advice you can offer would be gratefully received.

A. The gallbladder meridian is still there, even though your gallbladder has been removed, but its energy flow has likely become scrambled because of the operation. You can rebuild this pathway, by first sedating and then strengthening the gallbladder meridian. I would recommend that once or twice each day you hold the gall bladder acupuncture points (see page 122 of Energy Medicine).

A major operation like you've had not only affects the meridian that is most obviously involved, it also tends to scramble your energies in many other ways. For example, a number of your other meridians may be running backwards, and your energy may have become homolateral rather than crossing your body as is needed. To correct these possible imbalances, I’d suggest the "Daily Energy Routine" (Energy Medicine - Chapter 3). Then trace all of your meridians as an additional step. They are illustrated in Chapter 4, but are easier to learn from the Energy Healing videotape set. You'll be surprised by how quickly you can learn them. This will help your recovery process, and might also help you calm the stress from your body's reactions to the anesthesia.

Because of the symptoms resulting from the scar near your navel, I'd suggest that you sedate your small intestine, stomach, and large intestine meridians by holding the respective acupuncture sedating points, and follow this by holding the strengthening points for each. These pathways, too, will be rejuvenated by the jump-start of fresh energy.

If you do these procedures one or more times daily, I suspect you will see some improvement, but because I am laying out a fairly complex routine, you might also want to seek out an energy healer who can work with these systems and supervise your back-home practice.

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EverettGallbladder Removed

Ankle – Heel Pain and Sciatica

I have a client who has excruciating pain in her ankles and heels. As a reflexologist, I would assess this as a form of sciatica, although she has yet to feel pain in her hips or lower back. I have held acupressure points on her, and have gently pulled and stretched the skin over the painful areas, which has brought her some relief, but I want to know what else I can do to help her.

My own experience suggests that if there is no pain in the hip, back, or leg, it is probably not sciatica. To help with her ankle pain, I would work with the bladder, kidney, or spleen meridians, depending on where the pain is sharpest, because these are the meridians that run along the ankle. Energy testing will help you to zero in on the specific meridian that is involved, although there may actually be more than one to treat. If you feel uncertain about your testing results, you could also sedate all three (using the acupuncture points shown on pp. 134 – 137 of Energy Medicine), noting which one helped to ease her pain the most. Then, follow this by strengthening the spleen meridian, also using the acupuncture points. You can also determine which meridians need attention by the location of the pain and the break and comparing these to the meridian flow diagrams in Chapter 4 of Energy Medicine.

You could also tape the north side of a magnet to her heel to reduce the pain (read and experiment with the pain techniques in Chapter 10 of Energy Medicine and the use of magnets in Chapter 11 of Energy Medicine). Painful heels also often indicate a problem with a person’s spleen and pancreas energy, indicating the possibility of blood sugar issues.

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EverettAnkle – Heel Pain and Sciatica


I am having terrible pain from a bunion on my foot. My doctor suggests surgery, which I hope to avoid. Do you have any suggestions?

I have successfully treated bunions by sedating the acupressure points on the meridian the bunion is on.  They were made to completely go away.

For immediate relief of the pain, you can lightly tap on certain points around your ankles. Refer to the "pain zones" (p. 290 of Energy Medicine) to find where to tap.

To begin to rid yourself of the bunion, begin by using the meridian alarm points to determine which meridians are involved. Have someone energy test you against your "alarm points" while touching ("energy localizing") the bunion. The tester lightly touches your bunion with one hand. You touch the alarm points (p. 112), one at a time. With each alarm point, the tester puts pressure on an indicator muscle. You will probably find it simpler to use the spleen test (p. 51) rather than the deltoid muscle test because it will be easier to reach while the tester is touching the bunion.

Often, bunions are helped by treating the spleen meridian because it runs along the outside of the big toe (where bunions are usually located). At any rate, the meridians needing attention are those where the indicator muscle goes weak when the corresponding alarm point is touched.

Once you've identified the meridians that need treatment, either of two approaches can shift the energies that result in a bunion. The first is to hold the acupressure sedating points (pp. 120-123) on both sides of your body (or have someone else hold them) for each meridian identified by the alarm point test. Then hold the strengthening points. This combination of sedating and strengthening is often needed to bring fresh energy to an affected area.

The second approach involves the use of magnets. The north side of a small magnet (see Chapter 11), held against the bunion, can take pain away. The south side, held against the bunion until you begin to feel discomfort, propels congested energies away from the bunion. Hold it there only until you begin to feel the slightest amount of discomfort. If the discomfort continues after you remove the magnet, simply place the north side of the magnet against the bunion once again.

There is also a more general consideration. Any kind of pain can scramble the body’s energies in many ways, and one of the best ways to unscramble these energies is to practice the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3). You may need to modify the cross-crawl so you are not putting pressure on the bunion—you can, for instance, move your legs and opposite arms while you are seated

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