Broken Wrist

I have been reading Energy Medicine, hoping to integrate this knowledge into my study of massage therapy. I recently fell and broke the styloid processes of the ulna and radius of my left arm and knocked the radiocarpal off angle by 30 degrees. Fortunately, we are doing bookwork in school until October. I am in a temporary cast and hoping it heals completely by October. My question is this:

​​​Your book shows that each meridian is related to an organ. What points can I hold to energize the area of the injury and trauma in my left wrist? I am doing the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" daily and that is helping me overall, especially with the changes in left and right brain functioning caused by this injury. Any suggestion you could give me to energize my left wrist and aid its healing would be greatly appreciated. My skin is not exposed for magnets due to the cast.

A. Any of the meridians in your hands and arms might be involved, including lungs, large intestine, small intestine, triple warmer, heart, and circulation-sex. You will be able to determine which need attention by the location of the pain and the break and comparing these to the meridian flow diagrams. Someone might be able to test the alarm points to verify. Once you have identified the meridians that are involved, use the acupuncture sedating points to help with the pain and the strengthening points to rebuild the bone and surrounding tissue. First sedate, then strengthen. It will not hurt to do this on meridians that don't "need it," and it can really help on those that do.

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