Can Energy Medicine be Used with Animals?

By Donna and David

Young Tiernan Tracing Rex’s Governing Meridian

We loved Shasta. Shasta was a Golden Retriever/Irish Setter mix who had the dignity of a Setter and the smarts and happy personality of a Retriever. She was the first dog who was truly ours together. We were in our 30s when Shasta entered our lives, just a few years after my (Donna’s) professional Energy Medicine practice had entered. Shasta was one of the first recipients of many of the techniques we now teach in the Certification Program. She was also one of my first collaborators as an Energy Medicine practitioner.

Shasta would greet my clients with a tail wag and a friendly sniff. Then she would take her place under the treatment table as I got to work. We had some concern that Shasta would take on people’s illnesses, but what I could see was that Shasta’s energies would engage the client’s energies in ways that were beneficial for both of them. That’s how it usually works for me as well.

We lived on an acre in the country just outside of Ashland, Oregon, and after Tanya and Dondi had left home, we took two more large dogs into the family. All three were between 70 and 90 pounds, and they all shared in their love of the land and in their love of food (remember the Far Side cartoon of two enthusiastic dogs watching their owner preparing their meal and one of them excitedly saying to the other, “Oh boy! . . . It’s dog food AGAIN!” It was like that.). We believed in energy testing our own diets, and we believed in that for the dogs. Each body is unique, and what would be good for one wasn’t necessarily good for the other.

As a result, we had a ritual about every six weeks of ushering the dogs into their accustomed spots in the back of our pick-up and driving them to the Grange Co-op, which was pet friendly and carried probably two dozen different types of dog food. We would march all three of these noble creatures into the Co-op and individually energy test them (using surrogate testing). “Ah, Shasta is OD’d on Science Diet for a while, but she’s strong on Nature’s Variety Duck and Turkey formula. Willow is ready to go back to Science Diet. Spirit is strongest on the Canine Wellness Protein Focused Formula this month.”

We will tell more stories about Shasta, Willow, and Spirit in future issues, but will close here by saying that the first Eden Energy Medicine canine recipient, Shasta, lived 17 healthy years. Even after her eyesight and hearing started to fail, she held her own with Willow and Spirit. She died quickly in an accident rather than old age.

We hope you enjoy this issue, which features a case history about EEM with a cat, an article on the incredible class Madison King will be offering for applying Energy Medicine with your pets, and an introduction to our upcoming Facebook Contest, “Favorite Fur Baby Friday”.

Jennifer MillsCan Energy Medicine be Used with Animals?

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