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This has been a nostalgic month for us at Eden Method. We are getting used to our new name, which brings the energy-based approach we have developed over the past four decades to healing, psychotherapy, education, organizational development, sports, and more. We are recalling the three incredible International Gatherings of Eden Energy Medicine (IGEEM) as we envision Energy Fest 2020, which promises to be our most amazing event ever. We are savoring nearly fifty powerful, 4-day, heartfelt, poignant, high-level centralized practitioner trainings over the past dozen years as we watch the regions (Baltimore, Chicago, Phoenix) shine as they become the new centers for our Certification Program.

Managing change is everyone’s challenge in this era, and we are deeply grateful for our staff, our faculty, and our community as we step into the future with renewed vigor and vision. We wrote this intending to share one principle we’ve learned through these recent transformations. It is that change brings out people’s fears as well as their sense of possibility. You will best help them move into that possibility by addressing their fears with compassion, understanding, and a willingness to take on their concerns as your own. This holds for people in every arena of your life.

It’s a wild world for every one of us right now. Bonding with those you love and connecting constructively with those you disagree with is the best way we know to field it. The primitive brain is wired to cast dispersions and mistrust on those outside your intimate tribe. This is a losing strategy in today’s world. The higher brain centers, on the other hands, are wired to find the means for effective collaboration. Discovering ways to work together for a better family, a better organization, or a better world for our grandchildren is a winning strategy, and you may be surprised by how many are willing to enlist.

Sending you our love and blessings,
Donna and David

Eden Energy Medicine Enters Cancer Care
at Johns Hopkins

Dianne Faure teaching

Dianne Faure teaching Energy Medicine Techniques
at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Anyone who has experienced a cancer diagnosis knows the difficult and often painful side effects that can come with its treatment. Bone and muscle pain, fatigue, neuropathy, edema, and ‘brain fog’ are just some of the side effects patients can suffer while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Often, patients and their families feel powerless to do anything to help mitigate these side effects. At the Johns Hopkins’ Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, the number one request from patients with breast cancer has been: Are there any complementary techniques I can use to help me through this process? In response to those requests, the Hopkins Breast Oncology Integrative Medicine Seminars were created to help support patients and their caregivers on their journey towards healing.

Anyone familiar with Eden Energy Medicine knows it can be a powerful complement to traditional allopathic care. Keeping the nine energy systems in balance can help the body navigate its way back to health and vitality. This summer, Dianne Faure, one of our Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners, was invited to teach Eden Energy Medicine classes to Johns Hopkins breast cancer patients under the auspices of the Young Women with Breast Cancer and the Oncology Integrative Medicine Programs. Dianne taught patients, their caregivers, and hospital staff how to use Eden Energy Medicine to combat fatigue, stress, pain, and other side effects secondary to breast cancer treatment. For David Feinstein, who taught and conducted research in the Medical School at Hopkins from 1971 - 1977 and led therapy groups in one of the Hopkins Hospital’s outpatient clinics, this was full circle.

The photo shows Dianne teaching the Brazilian Toe Technique, a protocol that can help with the symptoms of pain, fatigue, anxiety, and neuropathy. Patients were grateful to have new tools to help them in their fight, and Dianne was thrilled to bring resources and hope for moving from “survivors to thrivers” by sharing the easy, hands-on techniques of Eden Energy Medicine!

ENERGY FEST 2020 - Save the Date!
September 10-13, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio

Energy Fest image

For those of you who have connected deeply with others in the Eden Energy Medicine Community... How many times have you said to yourself, "I so wish I could connect more with our tribe!"

And for those of you who are new to this vibrant community... how would you like to spend FOUR DAYS learning, sharing, and experiencing Eden Energy Medicine alongside faculty, instructors, students, and practitioners AND Donna Eden herself!

Save the date next September 10-13
for ENERGY FEST 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio!

  • Feature Presentation by Donna Eden
  • Keynotes by Lee Harris and Jean Houston
  • 21 Breakout Sessions with Eden Method Experts
  • Saturday Night Dance Party and much more!

If you’d like to teach one of our break out sessions, we’ll be putting out a call for submissions next month! All submissions are welcome.

Follow this link to learn more!


Prune Harris Empath Dilemma class image

Imagine being so tuned into your intuition that you trust it to make the big and little decisions in life.

Imagine being able to “tune-in” in ways that feel very grounded so your sensitivities enhance your life instead of overwhelm you!

Intuition and increased sensitivity to energy can be a little tricky to the inexperienced person. How do you know what’s real vs. something you made up? How do you “tune-in” and become more sensitive without getting overwhelmed by all the new energy you’re tuning into?

Just like any new skill, it’s helpful to have a guide. Someone that can show you the ropes and help you avoid the pitfalls. And that’s why we are super excited that medical intuitive and Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, Prune Harris, is teaching this class. Like Donna, Prune is an empath. With over 20 years of experience as a practitioner, she has a knack for helping people develop their empathic gifts in ways that feels wonderful.

Come benefit from Prune’s experience and develop your own sensitivities in her 3-Day Livestream class, The Empath Dilemma. She’ll share her most trusted tools and techniques with you. It’s going to be a great class.

Also: If you’d like to get to know Prune before class, watch her and Dondi on Facebook LIVE, August 31 at 11:00 am, Pacific. You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to watch. Follow this link for Facebook.


September 29 - October 4, 2019
Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY

David Feinstein

The mind is a powerful tool, capable of taking us anywhere we desire. But all too often it can feel like an anchor holding us down. We can feel stuck in the same negative feedback loops of anger, apathy, or despair.

Perhaps you’ve heard that if you change your thoughts, you can change your reality. Sounds simple enough, right? But anyone who’s tried to overcome negative thinking using will power alone knows that it’s anything but simple.

As it turns out, if you combine your intention with powerful techniques from Energy Psychology, you can be empowered in ways that are hard to imagine.

By pairing proven psychological methods with tools from acupressure (you may have heard of EFT, a popular form of Energy Psychology), you can free stuck energy and create new pathways in your brain -- pathways that lead to more inner peace, joy, and accomplishment.

Learn how in David Feinstein’s 5-day intensive Introduction to Energy Psychology workshop.


October 4-6, 2019
Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY

Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York image

Imagine a radically different approach to medicine. Instead of treating symptoms through an invasive procedure that often creates more symptoms, Energy Medicine realigns the energy centers in your body, leading to greater clarity, vitality, and inner joy.

Learn practical Energy Medicine techniques with Donna Eden (livestreamed), David Feinstein, and Sue Morter in a wooded paradise just 90 miles north of New York City, yet worlds apart. Feel your troubles melting away in the meditation garden, listening to the soothing sounds of birdsongs. Engage in contemplation while communing with nature as you walk the labyrinth or unwind in the hilltop Sanctuary.

Discover what awaits you at the Energy Medicine Weekend in magnificent Rhinebeck, New York.


Take a seven-month journey with us through the chakras.


The Third Chakra


Quick Phrase: Ego, Identity, and Power

The third chakra is the force that maintains our individual identity and personal ego. "This is who I am." "This is how I want to be seen."

The third chakra sits between the belly button and the sternum. It contains the kidneys, liver, adrenals, pancreas, spleen, diaphragm, stomach, gall bladder, solar plexus, and lower thoracic vertebrae.

When the pure and innocent energy of the second chakra moves up into the third chakra, it meets the framing and organizing (and often opposing) forces of rules, regulations, and expectations. The third chakra embodies logic, judgment, structure, responsibility, and discernment. When out of balance, this can turn into guilt, suspicion, paranoia, anxiety, anger, and other emotions that reflect discomfort with oneself and one’s world.

While the second chakra’s energies emphasize flowing freely, the third chakra seems to “think.” This is reminiscent of generalizations about the right brain and left brain. The third chakra is more like the left brain, sorting, ordering, and framing experience.

Our essential nature—genetic and soul level inheritances—of course provide only part of our identity. Our identity is also shaped by our experiences with our parents and extended family, culture, social expectations, and the world around us. These all deeply impact the third chakra. It is here that tensions between who we are in our authentic self and who the world wants us to be play themselves out within the energy body.

The third chakra encompasses more organs than any other chakra. Between the navel and the ribcage on the right are the liver and gallbladder. On the left are spleen, pancreas, and stomach. The diaphragm sits above these. Towards the back are the kidneys and adrenals. The 3rd chakra is a processing plant taking in, refining, and distributing nourishing energies from the world to all these organs.

The Earth Rhythm organs (spleen and stomach) sit within the left side of the third chakra; the Wood Rhythm organs (liver and gallbladder) sit to the right. The issues of power and personal identity are the natural dance of these two elemental energies. Finding a balance between Wood and Earth energies is everyone’s challenge.

Our culture places great emphasis on the third chakra’s themes of power and personal advancement. To our peril, this often results in the desires of the individual trumping the needs of the collective.

The Belt Flow Circuit is an energy system that flows around the waist between the second and third chakras. It can become like a wall, cutting off the second chakra’s energy from the third chakra. When the Belt Flow Circuit is healthy and flowing, the connection between the second and third chakras is open and the gentle, accepting energy of the second chakra can soften the judgmental nature of the third.

Help for Digestion and Lower Back Pain!

Energy Medicine is a wonderful modality for helping to alleviate back pain, balancing hormones, and aiding digestion. The Belt Flow is a wonderful technique to help address these three concerns, plus it is a Radiant Circuit! Radiant Circuits are areas on the body which bring revitalization and joy!

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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