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The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is the oldest of the Five Chinese Classics, with more than 2500 years of commentary and interpretation. Meanwhile, we are living in the most rapid period of change in human history. Your grandparents couldn’t have imagined a world where you would have so many choices in your identity, beliefs, activities, the ways you access information and communicate . . . or how delicate is the very survival of your species. Nor could your parents have prepared you for such a world. Managing change is more than an art. It has become a survival skill. This is true at all levels: individuals, organizations, societies, and the whole of humanity.

For our organization, this is a time of profound change. After a dozen years of absolutely magnificent gatherings in Arizona, our two-year Certification Program is fully regionalized in the U.S. and U.K. and starting to spread throughout the world. Our signature contribution for decades, Eden Energy Medicine, has become too limiting a term as our work moves into education, business, sports, and even politics, thus our new “Eden Method” website and brand.

Our major projects are taking on massive new proportions as we partner with the likes of Mindvalley, Hay House, Sounds True, the Shift Network, and find ourselves being featured on cutting edge media such as Gaia and in major documentaries. Starting as a two-person Ma and Pa operation and cautiously taking on three staff members 20 years ago, we have grown to 14 hard-working, dedicated, highly motivated core staff serving the hundreds of thousand of individuals who are touched by us each year. Our 1,500 Certified Practitioners provide sessions to thousand of individuals every month. People who run organizations and know all we do typically guess that we have more than a hundred employees.

We “threw” the I Ching in preparing to write this Introduction, contemplating all the changes in our organization. Rather than attempting to predict the future as do some divination systems, the I Ching provides philosophical perspective. Our primary hexagram was “Inner Truth,” changing to “Creating Success.” The key questions are “What agreements are at work?” and “What limits apply?” The danger or possible pitfall is “constancy.” Well, stunningly appropriate! We started with no ambition to build an organization. Our “Inner Truth” was that Donna had healed herself from a life-threatening condition, had learned a great deal in the process, and wanted to share her hard-earned discoveries with others facing serious health challenges. Our entire staff is in wide agreement about starting from that “Inner Truth” and is passionately engaged in “Creating Success” from it. As we forge ahead with such enthusiasm, we are also learning about the limits that apply as well as the limits that don’t apply. And it is clear that trying to hold on to what has worked in the past, grasping constancy, is not a viable option, even as it would be sweet to pause and savor and rest in recent successes.

For us, and all of us, it is a time to stay highly conscious as the energetic tides of the universe sweep us forward at unprecedented speeds. Always keep in mind that it was totally unlikely for a small primate, so much weaker than lions and tigers and bears, to not only survive but to come to dominate the planet. And as grim as things might seem on the world stage right now, our species has an intelligence and has developed communication and collaboration tools that can perform miracles. Stay tuned!

Donna and David

Energy Medicine Interventions to
Help Balance Hormones

By Gopita Katharine Manning

Working with Jane has been a remarkable journey. Over the last five years, we have worked on and healed her hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), her IBS, extreme nausea, and a tendency toward other conditions which Chinese medicine calls “excess.”

In the beginning, my work with Jane consisted of treating what is known as stagnant liver chi. She needed to rest. She needed to learn to breathe properly. She needed to correct homolateral repatterning daily. Her marriage needed attention. Her work situation was very stressful. Her commute in LA traffic was long and difficult.

So, we worked on how to relax Liver meridian, how to improve digestion, and how to correct homolateral energies. Through the Daily Energy Routine and sessions on the table, slowly, but surely, Jane had success in each of these areas.

About a year ago, however, Jane ran into what seemed an almost insurmountable health problem. She was bleeding vaginally and had severe endometriosis. Her periods were horrendous. Her doctor recommended hormones. I knew the problems this approach could cause, but in spite of my protestations, Jane opted for hormone treatment.

Within six months, Jane’s liver problems had returned. She was also angry, irritable, sweaty, and her stomach problems had also come back. Despite the hormone medication, I worked on Jane’s hormone issues, focusing each session on relaxing her Liver meridian, strengthening Spleen meridian, and sedating Kidney meridian. I always began each session by opening her pelvis with sedating Circulation Sex meridian. We were making some headway. It was slow going, but eventually, Jane decided to titrate herself off of the tablets. She did so very, very slowly.

August 31 - September 5, 2019

Big Sky Retreat

How would you like to study Energy Medicine with Donna and David in the Rocky Mountain West, only 45 minutes from Yellowstone National Park? At the life-changing Big Sky Retreat, now in its 44th year, you can also learn the Five Elements with Dondi, do Tai Chi, attend meditation sessions, participate in morning movement, dance and mingle at music gatherings, and attend a myriad of various workshops like Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker. This year the theme is “Into the Mystic!”

Many who have attended this event more than once can personally mark their lives by what happened for them at this event. Big Sky Retreat is a total immersion in body, mind, spirit. It is also endless views, wide-open skies, whitewater rafting, blue ribbon trout streams, backcountry hikes, widespread wildflowers, fly fishing, gondola rides up the mountain, horseback riding, mountain biking, waterfalls, and meandering wildlife.

Follow this link to learn more and to register.


Eden Method header for e-letter

On July 16, we launched our new website, edenmethod.com, to start transitioning to our new name. Visit the site to see our new logo and color scheme. We love it!

We appreciate your tremendous support in making this transition. We are so happy that our change is a true evolution, expanding us from Eden Energy Medicine into Eden Method, a term with a much wider embrace as we move into education, sports, business, and community development.

If you haven’t visited the new site yet, we encourage you to take a look at: https://edenmethod.com.

You’ll have a chance to learn more about us on our “About” page, and do check out the “Success Stories.” These are stories are your stories and demonstrate the power of the Eden Method to significantly help all kinds of issues. Many, if not all of these stories, will amaze and inspire you!

NOTE: Many of you have also asked about our current site: https://edenenergymedicine.com. We will continue to run both sites in parallel for now as we slowly move things over to the Eden Method!

 Exciting times!


Take a seven-month journey with us through the chakras.


The Second Chakra


Quick Phrase: Childlike Wonder, Joy, Intuition, and Creativity

Where the Root chakra is basic to the survival of the body,
the Second chakra is basic to the survival of the spirit.

The second chakra sits between the pubic bone and the belly button and contains the female reproductive organs, bladder, small intestine, large intestine, ileocecal and houston valves, the pelvic girdle, sacrum, and lumbar vertebrae.

This chakra holds our innocent essence: free, pure, unafraid. It is the energy of who we were before life’s trials and tribulations altered us. Its energy is playful, loving, unfettered, non-judging. The umbilical cord that connected us to our mother sits at the top of our second chakra and it is also the energetic cord that connects us to the creativity within us and gives us joy. People who have a strong second chakra tend to be those who naturally put others at ease. They are authentic and unfettered, with energies that engender safety and comfort.

The second chakra is the seat of pure creative energy and imagination. There is no need to make sense of this energy, to corral it, or to shape it. Just let it flow. The second chakra embodies faith and trust, going with the flow, being artistic, childlike, and trusting.

The passion and joy of the second chakra fuel our sensual pursuits, artistic expression, and other creative endeavors. Second chakra energy is also a source of our natural healing abilities. People with a strong capacity for healing often have an indigo or blue color in the second chakra. It’s as though the umbilical cord is still active and receiving information from the cosmos. The insights of the second chakra are more gut-level or psychic than mental.

The second chakra is sometimes called the Spleen chakra even though the spleen itself sits within the Third chakra. This is because the Spleen meridian’s energies are most closely akin to the energies and the theme of the Second chakra.

A woman’s womb and unborn child are protected by the strength of the Spleen meridian energy, and the baby’s health is dependent on the health of Spleen energies. The Spleen meridian plays a role in both the second and the third chakras. Radiant Circuit energies also resonate closely with the second chakra.

Chakra Clearing for Pain

If you experience pain, you can use a chakra clearing technique over the area to release the blocked energies. Imagine a clock, facing out from the area where you feel the discomfort. Shake your hand and then move it in a counter-clockwise direction over the area five to seven times slowly.

Shake the excess energies off of your hand and then move over the same area in a clockwise direction, eight to ten times. Breathe deeply while you are clearing and move slowly.

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click www.EnergyMinute.Innersource.net.

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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