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A participant in our class last week at 1440 Multiversity asked if Energy Medicine involves spirituality. This is not a subject we routinely address because our community contains such a wide spectrum of spiritual and religious perspectives, yet it is still a topic that comes up frequently. As people learn to work with their energies, they often find themselves consciously entering into realms that are beyond their usual ways of perceiving and knowing. It is as if their sense of the universe and their place in it expands.

The dynamics are as familiar as they are mysterious. At conception, the union of a physical egg and a physical sperm beckons in a new consciousness. As the physical body grows, that consciousness becomes more complex and capable. It is able to act on the physical body that first ushered it into the world. The more you think about it, the more miraculous it appears. And in some mysterious ways, the body’s energies seem to be a bridge among the physical world, the conscious being, and beyond.

For instance, in this issue you will read how researchers at the University of Arizona have established, using sophisticated scientific instruments, that healers can, by focusing their attention, shift magnetic fields and change the pH of water. And EEM practitioners, it turns out, excel in these talents. You will also see a brief announcement of a class we will be sponsoring in September that teaches you how to expand your intuition, your connection with the world that is beyond what you normally see and know.

These are exciting times for Energy Medicine! We hope that as the Earth’s tilt brings your world into summer, that it is a fruitful and happy time!

Donna and David

infinity pool at multiversity

Donna and David in the “Infinity Pool” at the end of a day of teaching Energy Medicine at 1440 Multiversity, in the Redwoods just outside of Santa Cruz.

87-Year-Old's Stay-Young Secret!

Marie Long and son

Marie Long with her son on his motorbike

We are overjoyed when we receive notes from people in the community who share how Eden Energy Medicine has impacted their life. The following is a note from Marie Long, written in response to an email we sent entitled "Is This Your Stay Young Secret?"

"At 87, I feel younger and more supple than ever in my life. I recently visited my son in Japan and was riding with him on his motorbike! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Me, who never even wanted or has ridden even a pedal bike, is now experiencing a great new adventure for an 87-year-old.

It has been 26 months since I started doing Donna’s routine, and I said I would give it two years to prove its worth. I will continue to do the Daily Energy Routine for the rest of my life. I have reversed my diagnosed Osteoporosis, displaced vertebrae, collapsed lung, and so much, much more! The “piddling little exercises” as my granddaughter calls them take only about five minutes a day with benefits beyond my belief. God bless you all. One day, Donna, I hope to meet you and give you a humongous hug. I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. To think, coming from allowing myself to sink into the poor-me-redundant-granny-nobody-needs-me victim roll, I am now a geriatric delinquent biker whom my granddaughter is very proud of! The Daily Energy Routine is certainly my keep-young secret.

Thank you, Marie! What a wonderful story!

EEM Practitioners Go Off the Charts on Instruments Measuring Healing Abilities!

Melinda Connor PhD

Neuropsychologist, Melinda Connor, Ph.D.

A research program that has been of great interest to us was initiated in 2004 at the University of Arizona by neuropsychologist Melinda Connor. It was designed to determine whether healers are able to make objective changes in the physical world through their intention and/or through the energy of their hands. For instance, can a healer change the length and frequency of the waves in a magnetic field? That would tell us something about the impact of that healer on the body’s electromagnetic energies. Or the pH of water? Because 73% of the brain and heart are composed of water, it isn’t too much of a stretch to envision the implications this could have for healing.

Since her original experiments, Dr. Connor has carried out 15 formal studies which have involved more than 1200 healing practitioners. She has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that healers can indeed create changes in the physical world without direct touch.

We were both honored and a bit nervous when she wanted to include EEM practitioners in her research. It turned out, however, that our group produced the most impressive results of any healing specialty she has investigated. EEM practitioners were able to produce the intended effect 97% of the time on her “test suite.” And a group that was limited to our faculty attained a 100% success rate, including on the pH test, which is considered the most difficult of the various tests used in her most current research! The paper presenting her latest study, which includes the results produced by our EEM practitioners, is currently under journal review.

Update on our New Name

Donna and Eden Method

Simple Techniques for Greater Energy, Increased Joy, and Better Health

In April of this year, we announced our new all-encompassing name The Eden Method! We couldn’t be more pleased with the response from all of you in our tribe.

You understood that as we broaden our reach, we needed a name that encompasses Eden Energy Medicine and our many other activities as well. Our mission goes far beyond just healing the body. Energy work can be applied to relationships, learning difficulties, emotional issues, aging, productivity at the workplace… the list goes on and on. Our new name, The Eden Method, paves the way into our future.

In the next month, we will be releasing a “mini” Eden Method site that features a brand NEW, FREE 60 minute online intro course with Donna. The class is called Simple Techniques for Greater Energy, Increased Joy, and Better Health. (Thank you to those of you who volunteered to be our on-screen test subjects!)

We will be announcing the class in an email. Please keep an eye out for it. We are super excited to share our new look, the class, and all things Eden Method with you!


Take a seven-month journey with us through the chakras.


The word chakra means disk, vortex, or wheel. Each major chakra in the human body is a center of swirling energy positioned at one of seven points, from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Chakras are like energy stations that bathe the organs in their proximity, influencing the health of the organs. They are also like little encyclopedias and record an imprint of every emotionally significant event you have experienced. To quote Donna “if I know your chakras, I know your history, the obstacles to your growth, your vulnerabilities to illness, and your soul’s longing.”

For the next seven months (in the next seven Energy e-Letters), we’re going to feature one of the chakras in each issue! We’re kicking off the series below with the Root Chakra!

The Root Chakra


Quick Phrase: The Urge for Life

The Root chakra sits at the base of the spine, serving as a receiver for the Earth’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies. It propels energy both up the body, carrying life force, and down the legs, providing grounding and support. Therefore, when the Root chakra is compromised, you can often feel un-centered or ungrounded, and the other chakras won’t be adequately fueled.

The Root chakra also resonates with the primordial force of the Earth. When the Root chakra sends its force outward to connect with other people and the environment, this connection is basic and primal. The Root chakra is the home of your visceral drives: eat, drink, acquire, connect sexually, stay safe, protect family, and preserve our lineage or our tribe. It is the place where your tribal instincts reside and where you derive your sense of identity with all of humanity and nature.

Our earliest life experiences are imprinted in the Root chakra and can affect us throughout our lives. If your basic nature is not easily compatible with the values instilled by your environment, or if the world was not a safe place for you, the resulting tension and contradictions may be carried as lifelong issues in your Root chakra.

Contrary to the teaching of other systems that sexuality originates in the second chakra, I (Donna) see sexual energy having its foundation in the Root chakra. The sexual drive that is rudimentary, instinctual, animalistic, and focused on the perpetuation of the species is foremost in the Root chakra. The inception of life begins with a sexual act and this is supported by Root chakra energy.

The Root chakra can look dense and closed or open and free-flowing. If it is too dense, it weighs you down, leaving you sluggish in your movement and thinking. Too much density in your Root chakra can sometimes lead to depression. When a person is feeling enthusiasm, is motivated, or is sexually attracted to someone, the Root chakra literally lights up.

A healthy Root chakra looks like a pilot light that is igniting the other chakras. The flame rises causing energy to move. This has a cleansing effect that also maintains mental clarity. It fires you with a kind of excitement, and you are both grounded and filled with dynamic, upward-moving energy. This robust kinesthetic energy leads to a sexy or earthy quality. It empowers you, providing drive for accomplishment and a huge YES to life!

Align the Chakras to help with Anxiety

Whenever you feel panic or anxiety, the Darth Vader breath can bring calm and stability to your spirit and as it strengthens the connections among your chakras.

On a deep inhale, "catch" your breath at the back of your throat. Hold the in-breath as long as you can comfortably hold it, and then let your breath out using the same method to "catch" the breath in the back of your throat on the exhale.

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click www.EnergyMinute.Innersource.net.

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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