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We are in Costa Rica as we write this, presenting the final day of a week-long workshop at Omega Institute’s Blue Spirit center near Nosara. It is a rare and delicious treat for us anymore to teach a longer introductory class. We are deeply gratified by the appreciation expressed by the students, and our spirits are enriched by the surrounding beauty.

Our own amazement about the power of working with the body’s energies was again renewed as we watched the students in the Costa Rica class become amazed and empowered. The opening story in this issue gives you a whiff of that power. And the next article shows what is happening in the brain when you tap to overcome food cravings. Quite extraordinary!

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Donna and David

Donna and David teaching

Energy Healing in Action:
​​​Energy Medicine Interventions to Help Balance Hormones

By Gopita Katharine Manning

Working with Jane has been a remarkable journey. Over the last five years, we have worked on and healed her hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), her IBS, extreme nausea, and a tendency toward other conditions which Chinese medicine calls “excess.”

In the beginning, my work with Jane consisted of treating what is known as stagnant liver chi. She needed to rest. She needed to learn to breathe properly. She needed to correct homolateral repatterning daily. Her marriage needed attention. Her work situation was very stressful. Her commute in LA traffic was long and difficult.

So, we worked on how to relax Liver meridian, how to improve digestion, and how to correct homolateral energies. Through the Daily Energy Routine and sessions on the table, slowly, but surely, Jane had success in each of these areas.

About a year ago, however, Jane ran into what seemed an almost insurmountable health problem. She was bleeding vaginally and had severe endometriosis. Her periods were horrendous. Her doctor recommended hormones. I knew the problems this approach could cause, but in spite of my protestations, Jane opted for hormone treatment.

​Brain Scans Give Glimpse into How Tapping on Acupuncture Points Impacts the Brain: Research to be Presented at Upcoming ACEP Conference

Peta Stapleton Ph.D.

Peta Stapleton, Ph.D., with Brain Scan Images

Dr. Peta Stapleton, a Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor at Bond University in Australia, is one of the leading researchers in Energy Psychology. Her success in helping people managing weight and food cravings have been particularly notable. Her latest research, which uses powerful brain imaging equipment (fMRI), shows exactly how acupoint tapping changes brain activation patterns that are involved in addictions and food cravings.

Scans of the brain while participants were looking at photos of food before the tapping sessions were compared with scans while participants were looking at the same photos after four weeks of tapping sessions. The parts of the brain involved with hunger and food cravings were much more strongly activated prior to the tapping sessions than after the treatment. This adds to the scientific evidence showing the impact of tapping on a range of biological measures, including hormone production, gene expression, brain wave patterns, and now activity in specific parts of the brain.

Dr. Stapleton will be presenting her findings, including actual brain scans, at the 20th Annual International Energy Psychology Conference, being held May 3-7 in Orlando, FL. David and Donna will both be offering keynote talks and a post-conference workshop at the Conference.

​SAVE THE DATE: 5-Day Basic Energy Psychology Class with David Feinstein

As the above article demonstrates, tapping on acupuncture points is a powerful way to help your brain overcome self-defeating patterns and support your highest goals. David will be teaching a 5-day basic Energy Psychology class at the Wigwam Resort in the Phoenix area, concurrent with the Certification Program, so you also get to tap into that wonderful event. David is one of the most respected leaders in Energy Psychology community, and he is a wonderful teacher. The class is also being live-streamed. May 24-28 (Thursday 9:00 a.m. through Monday at noon). Click here to learn more.

​The 28-Day DER Challenge was a Success!

Congratulations to everyone who joined us for the 28-Day Daily Energy Routine Challenge on Facebook! You ROCKED your way through February! Just on Facebook alone, the 28 DER Challenge videos were viewed close to 180,000 times!!!

We are excited to share more with you in the coming months! Our team is getting ready to dream up another Challenge and will send you an invitation once it all comes together! Thank you again to those who participated! It's never too late to start... you can access all of the 28-Day DER Challenge videos on YouTube by clicking here!

Daily Energy Routine Challenge image

​​​Energy Minute from the Grand Canyon in Arizona!


The Sunrise/Sunset exercise is a wonderful technique for helping to bring oxygen to the head, clear the mind, and help alleviate headaches at high altitude!

Begin this technique by standing up straight with your hands at your sides, palms turned outward. Take a deep breath in while raising both arms, outstretched, so that both hands meet above your head. Next, turn your palms outward and slowly begin to lower your arms while exhaling deeply, sweeping your hands down and finally resting them on the side of your legs.

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).


Join us for one of our upcoming events and leave with the tools to help you get out of pain, improve your immune system, and feel more joy!

"There is a wonderful transparency and authentic presence in Donna. I am always awed and feel like I am experiencing a master's teaching like those we have read about in the time of Socrates, etc.“

- Natalie Dobson

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