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Whatever your political persuasion, you likely agree that there is more tension among our leaders and in our communities than most of us can remember. Most of us also probably agree that the people around us, our social environment, are a contributing factor to our health and vibrancy. Our EEM practitioners are seeing reflections of this turmoil in their clients. As fear, anger, and distress emerge from local, national, and international conflicts, people become more rigid. Cooperation is replaced by distrust and disrespect. Vitality and creativity are drained. Health suffers.

Participating in your social environment (at whatever level is right for you) is a way of participating in your health. It is empowering. This type of interpersonal engagement is, in fact, a marker of mental health. And to the degree that you can move the boat in the direction of your highest wisdom, your social environment becomes a healthier place for you. Paradoxically, knowing you are making even a tiny difference makes it easier to live with what you cannot change.

While we aren’t going to presume to tell you how to vote, we are going to encourage every person in the U.S. who is involved with EEM to vote. People of all political colors are recognizing that the upcoming election is vitally important. Voting is one of the simplest, though historically one of the most hard-won ways you can impact your social environment. We encourage three steps: 1) inform yourself about the candidates and the issues and decide how you will vote, 2) vote, 3) strongly encourage others to bring their best wisdom to the polls. The choices we make now will impact the lives of our children and grandchildren and many generations into the future.

Donna and David

Energy Healing in Action:
​Migraine Relief and NOW an EEM Student!

Michelle Brzezniak

by Michelle Brzezniak

For over 25 years I had chronic Migraines. The headaches would come two or more times each week and sometimes last for days. I tried the traditional allopathic medicine route first. I took beta blockers, antidepressants and triptans. After a while, these lost their effectiveness and produced harsh side effects. I then tried various holistic medical alternatives. I was on a gluten-free, low-sugar diet and avoided processed food like MSG and artificial sweeteners. I took supplements like Magnesium and Vitamin D. I regularly visited the chiropractor and therapist. I occasionally had acupuncture, reiki or therapeutic touch treatments. I tried yoga and relaxation to decrease my stress. I spent thousands of dollars on treatments, doctors, therapies...and still found very limited relief. The most I could ever manage to string together was 2 weeks without a headache, and that was rare. I was extremely frustrated and overwhelmed.

Losing hope, in Spring 2016, I stumbled upon an email with a link to Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine (DER) on YouTube. With nothing to lose I tried it, reluctantly. Per Donna’s suggestion, I committed to doing the DER once a day for a couple of weeks. For the first time in 25 years I actually made it two and a half weeks without a headache!! Not only that, my body felt completely refreshed and more alive than it had in a very long time. Convinced the DER was the reason for my success, I started doing it twice daily without fail. I also did it anytime I felt a headache coming on. When my Migraines returned again after two weeks, I looked on YouTube again for more help. I added Donna Eden’s Tension Headache relief exercise to my daily routine. This time, I made it an unheard of four and a half weeks!! Now I knew I was onto something miraculous. I continued the exercises for a few months and averaged about one headache per month. Gradually I found I could go longer and longer between them. Now that it’s been two years, I'm pleased to report that I rarely get a Migraine. When I do, they are mild in comparison and I immediately use the tools I have learned and recover quickly. 

​Eden Energy Medicine Partners with Yoga Journal!

Yoga Journal film shoot
Yoga Journal film shoot
Yoga Journal film shoot

Donna and the Eden Energy Medicine crew just spent a week filming a new course with Lauren Walker and Yoga Journal. Lauren Walker is the author of Energy Medicine Yoga and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription.

Yoga Journal has been leading the yoga world with their popular magazine since 1975. The course will be released online with added bonuses -- Dondi Dahlin will be speaking about the Five Elements and Titanya Dahlin will be teaching tips for children. We are very excited about this project! Coming soon…

Eden Energy Medicine Around the World!

​Eden Energy Medicine teacher
Hilda Kalap teaches in
The Arcturus Clinic in Totnes, Devon, U.K.

We have over 200 authorized teachers teaching Eden Energy Medicine in North America, Europe, and other parts of the globe. This Daily Energy Routine class took place recently at the Arcturus Clinic in Totnes, UK, a town known for its energy healing. The workshop was led by Hilda Kalap, one of Europe’s 45 Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioners.

Hilda Kalap is a healer, teacher and writer who regularly teaches the Daily Energy Routine and plans to run a bi-monthly Daily Energy Routine class throughout 2019 “to introduce people to the life-changing modality that is Eden Energy Medicine so they can see the benefits for themselves.”

Hilda is also a writer. Her picture book on mindfulness, Donna and Dermot on the Move was published in 2017. The lead character is partly inspired by Donna Eden and is a little girl who is always smiling. It is available from the Innersource store.

More information is available at: www.thehealingspace.global.

Hilda Kalap

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We're Celebrating the Nine Energy Systems!!!

​The Aura
Part Three of our Nine Energy Systems Series

The Aura

Your aura is a multi-layered shell of energy that emanates from your body and interacts with the energies of your environment. It is itself a protective atmosphere that surrounds you, filtering out many of the energies you encounter and drawing in others that you need. Like a space suit, your aura protects you from harmful energies. Like a radio antenna, it brings in energies with which it resonates. The aura is a conduit, a two-way antenna that brings in energy from the environment to your chakras and that sends energy from your chakras outward. When you feel happy, attractive, and spirited, your aura may fill an entire room. When you are sad, despondent, and somber, your aura crashes in on you, forming an energetic shell that isolates you from the world. Some people’s auras characteristically reach out and embrace you. Others keep you out like an electric fence. A study conducted by Valerie Hunt, a neurophysiologist at UCLA's Energy Fields Laboratory, compared "aura readings" with neurophysiological measures. The auras seen by eight practitioners not only corresponded with one another, they correlated with wave patterns picked up by electrodes on the skin at the spot that was being observed.

​​Strengthen Your Aura with Titanya Dahlin!

We're celebrating the Nine Energy Systems Series, and this month we focus on the aura!

Figure 8's are an essential component of the aura and the energy systems of the body, as they help to keep your immune system and your body strong. Without strong Figure 8's, Donna Eden notes that we can have a tendency to get sick. Activating this energy pattern with your hands will strengthen the aura all the way down to your DNA!

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click www.EnergyMinute.Innersource.net.

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

If you'd like to dive deeply into the Chakra system, click here for Donna's Advanced Chakra Class!

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