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We find it so exciting to have one of our practitioners receive an enthusiastic invitation to present at a prominent medical school her success with a rare, intractable illness. Or to learn of energy tapping making its way up the ranks of high school and college sports, all the way to the NBA! Both stories are below. Our company motto is “Raising the vibration of the planet, one person at a time,” and it is gratifying to see it coming into being in ways we never imagined.

The article in this issue about the online course we will be offering through Hay House was filmed this week. For forty years, we have loved teaching face-to-face live classes. We still do. But online classes extend our reach so much that they are becoming more and more of a priority. More people have taken our MindValley course, which provided a substantial introduction to Energy Medicine, than the number who took equivalent training in our forty years on the road. This is a startling figure!

Filming for Hay House was also fun. They have a cracker-jack production crew and brought a studio audience so we could demonstrate the techniques and concepts we were presenting. It was a sweet blend for us, between an intimate live training and a program that many thousands are likely to see. Keep your eye out for it. They brought in an impressive lineup of faculty, and we’re proud to be on it.

Autumn, the time that the crops are gathered and the colors explode, is Donna’s favorite season. May it be a time of abundance and joy for you!

Donna and David

Eden Energy Medicine Leads to Remarkable Progress for Rare Genetic Condition

Gloria McCahill and Ian Cali image


Gloria McCahill first began working with Ian Cali in 2013 to address symptoms associated with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), a rare genetic condition that causes muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues to form into bone. Ian struggled with stress, pain, limited movement, and difficulty sleeping.

Working with Gloria using different energy medicine and intuitive healing techniques, Ian experienced noticeable improvements in his energy levels, pain, and mobility after just a few months.

Now, in 2019, Ian states, "Not only have all of the benefits and changes we documented proved consistent over the years, but my body has continued to change and get better."

The photo above shows Ian, Gloria, and Dr. Fred Kaplan (Isaac and Rose Nassau Professor of Orthopaedic Molecular Medicine & Chief of the Division of Molecular Orthopaedic Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine). Dr. Kaplan has been a pioneer in FOP research, personally spearheading the efforts that led to the discovery of the FOP gene, among many other things.

This photo was taken after Ian and Dr. Kaplan spoke to the first-year medical students at the University of Pennsylvania as part of their genetics course (which they have done many times over the years). Based on her success with Ian and other FOP clients, Gloria has also been asked to attend the lecture for the past couple years to make herself a valuable resource to the students interested in complementary medicine.

Learn more about Ian's progress, which he calls a "paradigm shift" for the FOP community.

Intro to Energy Psychology is Coming Up!
September 29 - October 4

David Feinstein

We believe that energy psychology (also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, or simply “tapping”) is one of the most powerful innovations to come along for psychotherapists in decades. And it can be used as a self-help as well as a clinical approach.

In fact, as you'll read below in this newsletter, energy psychology is even being implemented to improve performance in professional sports!

Tapping on acupuncture points sends signals to the brain that can reduce fear, anxiety, anger, and depression while changing mental models developed in childhood but no longer serving you.

Our own David Feinstein, Ph.D., himself a clinical psychologist for 47 years now, has been a leader in bringing this approach to the professional community, and he is also considered one of its best teachers. He will be offering a 5-day intensive at Omega Institute that is open to people new to this approach as well as to therapists who are already using it and want to increase their skills.

Besides learning the technique, the class will help free you from outmoded thought and behavior patterns, and it will open pathways that lead to more inner peace, joy, and accomplishment.

Follow this link to learn more and to register.

Last Call for Energy Medicine Weekend
October 4 - 6

Energy Medicine Weekend image

The Energy Medicine Weekend at the Omega Institute in beautiful Rhinebeck, New York, is October 4 - 6.

Here you will learn actionable tips to enhance your health and vitality, improve your mental clarity, and bring greater joy into your life. There will be plenty of Q&A, and we will close the weekend with a Haudenosaunee ceremony.

We are all told that “energy is everything,” but does that statement still have you a little confused? David will be sharing detailed facts and insight about Energy, Energy Medicine, and how they can positively impact your life.

Donna will be live-streamed from the West Coast, where she will talk directly to the audience and answer questions from the attendees in the room.

Dondi will be the emcee for the weekend, and she will share the stage with these incredible speakers:

  • Dr. Sue Morter
    Dr. Sue Morter, author of The Energy Codes, teaches us how to harness our body's energy fields and the powers of quantum science to come into alignment with our true purpose. Her emphasis is not on being a problem solver but rather a conscious creator.
  • Heather Dane
    Heather Dane served as a personal health coach to Louise Hay for years and is the author of Loving Yourself to Great Health. Considered a 21st-century medicine woman, Dane draws from her Native American culture (Haudenosaunee/Iroquois, Oneida Nation), combining ancient wisdom, holistic/alternative health training, and modern technology to offer cutting-edge prescriptive remedies for health.
  • Michael Hetherington
    Combining the powers of yoga, EFT, and traditional Chinese medicine, Michael Hetherington teaches others how to overcome depression and anxiety to experience more joy and fulfillment. He will be working with tapping and the chakras. He is the author of You Can Ask the Universe Anything and EFT Through the Chakras.
Follow this link to learn more and to register.

Energy Psychology in the NBA

Energy Psychology in the NBA image

It's exciting to see Energy Psychology increasingly embraced by the mainstream. This article by Jake Rauchbach from Basketball Insider demonstrates how EP techniques are used to help NBA players overcome performance anxiety and emotional challenges, "resetting" their brain each time they enter the court.

According to Rauchbach, "Mental blocks can stem from on and/or off-court experiences. Off-court situations that seemingly have nothing to do with basketball frequently present the biggest challenges when improving performance by working through the mind."

Discover how techniques such as Touch-Point tapping, muscle testing, Reiki, and Quantum-Touch are being implemented by NBA teams to help players through these psychological blocks.

Coming Soon: Hay House Event

Hay House video set

Donna and David on set for Hay House event

Donna and David deeply valued their friendship with Louise Hay, author of the revolutionary You Can Heal Your Life. They are honored to continue the connection by partnering with Hay House.

This month, Donna and David wrapped up filming for an online Energy Medicine course with other esteemed leaders in the field including Dr. Dawson Church (Mind to Matter), Mona Lisa Shulz (Heal Your Mind), and Margaret Lynch (Tapping Into Wealth).

The e-course will cover:

  1. Reiki
  2. Shamanic Energy Healing
  3. Tapping
  4. Mantra Meditation + Breathwork
  5. Chakra Healing
  6. Medical Intuition
  7. Color Therapy

Stay tuned for more about this exciting course, which debuts in November!


Take a seven-month journey with us through the chakras.


The Fourth Chakra


Quick Phrase: Capacities for Love and Connection

The Heart chakra's energy seeks loving connection. It embraces love for others and love for oneself.

Many indigenous cultures believe that thought originates in the heart rather than in the brain. If our Heart chakra is well-developed, we will be guided by a balance between the heart's love and the head's logic. We will see other people through a loving filter, which will guide and inform our thoughts.

The Heart is the unconditional lover, giving love reflexively and generously wherever it is needed. When this energy is in balance, it connects us to the larger flow of the universe and enables us to transcend ego concerns. It allows us to experience “direct knowing” and to recognize authenticity and value in others, no matter how problematic their behaviors.

In our modern culture with its emphasis on developing the self at the expense of community and connection, the Heart chakra is often underdeveloped. This creates a disconnect between the energies of the first three chakras (instincts, creativity, and identity) and the energies of the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras (expression, vision/thought, and transcendence).

The Heart chakra embodies our ability to love, reach out, carry the weight for others, nurture, and embrace. In fact, our Heart chakras ultimately connect us all.

However, a Heart chakra that is over-developed or over-emphasized leads to its own set of problems. Over-identifying with another’s pain or engaging in codependent behaviors are the problematic opposites of being cut off completely from the difficulties of others.

The pericardium, thymus, ribs, and lungs all sit within the Heart chakra. The heart, the source of life-sustaining blood, needs protection and the pericardium is the heart’s bodyguard. The thymus is part of the immune system, protecting and fighting for the body’s integrity.

The ribs create a bony “cage” that protects and to a certain extent restricts the over-expansion tendencies inherent in the Heart chakra. The lungs carry grief, the residue of love lost or love gone wrong. For many people, the lungs end up carrying not just personal grief but the world’s grief as well.

The Heart chakra contains both the potential for expansive, boundless connection, and the protections and limits that are necessary to maintain balance.

Eden Energy Medicine for Love and Your Heart

Here is a great exercise for pulling more feelings of love into your heart. It taps into your radiant circuits for joy and increases your sense of connection to others.

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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