May, 2018

08May9:00 am5:00 pmEmbracing the Senses: EEM for Loving the World by Heightening your SensesUK Post Class (Open to the Public)Wotton House, Guildford Road, Dorking, England, United Kingdom

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Taught by Debra Burchard

Debra Burchard

It’s been said that “It’s easy to become God, it’s hard to become human.” Why is that? One very powerful reason is that we are perceiving the world, in all of its complexity, through our five physical senses. We then take that incoming information, decide what part of it to keep and pay attention to and what part of it to discard as irrelevant. We actually experience a mere fraction of what comes in, primarily based on our survival strategies from childhood. The greater our “trauma load,” the greater our bias against the beauty of the world! And the specific ways in which we filter the world are impacted by our sensory types and primary elements.

As practitioners, this bias can cause us to miss important cues from our clients. As people, this bias can reduce our “joi de vivre,” our ability to express the vitality of the Spirit through the enlivening of the body. This is important not only for the enjoyment we can bring to our own lives, but as a model for our clients of what is possible. Why should we live with limits like this when we have so many skills to make life better?

In this class, students will learn:

  • The relationships between the physical senses and the yin organs.
  • The relationship between the physical senses and the Radiant Circuits.
  • Some of the roles the physical senses can play in disease processes.
  • Some of the roles the Physical senses can play in heightening your intuition.
  • Simple tests for assessing the physical senses.
  • Simple exercises for amplifying the physical senses.
  • And more…

This is a great subject for playful exploration and I hope you’ll join me!

Don’t miss it!

Date, Time, and Cost:

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The cost is $154 paid in advance on the Class 5-UK registration form or paid at the door of the Post Class. A healthy-option buffet lunch is included in the cost of the class. Please note that we do not have credit card facilities on site, so if you are paying on the day of the Post Class, please bring £ sterling cash.

This class is open to the public.

If you are a current EEMCP student and you would like to attend this Post Class, you may select it on the registration form for your regular class that precedes the Post Class or you may pay for it at the door of the class.
If you are not a current EEMCP student and you would like to register for this Post Class, or if you are an EEMCP student and you would like to add this Post Class to your existing regular class registration, in early Spring there will be a link to a Public Post Class ONLY registration form here.

About Debra Burchard

Debra Burchard began her study of Energy Kinesiology in 1985 with Touch for Health and had the pleasure of studying with Donna Eden beginning in 1986. She has been a senior faculty member of the Donna Eden Certification Program since its inception in 2005 and is an Advanced Practitioner. She is certified in many schools of Energy Kinesiology as well as TRE, the Tension and Trauma Relieving Exercises. She maintains a private practice in Ashland, Oregon and teaches widely in person and online.


May 8 (Tuesday) 9:00am - May 8 (Tuesday) 5:00pm


Wotton House

Guildford Road, Dorking, England, United Kingdom