October, 2019

28Oct4:00 amEnergy Medicine YogaTransformation Through the Subtle BodyOnline

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Lauren Walker and Donna Eden

When you awaken and align your body’s underlying energy, you activate your innate process of healing and transformation. Energy Medicine Yoga will help you create profound shifts in your physical and emotional well-being through the subtle body. In this groundbreaking 8-week workshop, Lauren Walker, creator of Energy Medicine Yoga, will share her unique system that unites traditional yoga with Energy Medicine, the powerful teachings pioneered by renowned energy healer and authority Donna Eden.

Energy Medicine Yoga is for new and experienced yoga practitioners and teachers alike. Either way, the tools and postures you will learn are intended to balance your underlying energy and strengthen all of your energetic fields for optimal physical and emotional well-being. Together, Donna and Lauren will demystify how energy affects everything you do and feel—and show you how to work with your subtle body. Energy work isn’t as esoteric as you may think. You will learn simple principles, tools, and practices that balance your subtle body—which is how physical, emotional and spiritual healing begins—so you can build vitality, unravel energetic blockages, and boost your immunity. By the end of this course, you will feel stronger, healthier, and better able to thrive and flow in the life you are meant to live.

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In this journey, you should expect:

  • Fireside chats that illuminate the inner workings of the subtle body
  • Introduction to the Five Element theory
  • A quiz to determine your dominant elements, which govern your physical and emotional responses to stress
  • An in-depth lecture and practice that peels away the energetic layers of every element
  • An introduction to energy testing
  • Primers to reflex points that stimulate the flow of energy
  • Primers to reflex points that calm and release excess emotions
  • A daily routine to get your subtle energy flowing optimally
  • 6 essential asana practices to balance your energy
  • Demonstrations of the energetic effects of EMYoga’s versions of 26 common yoga poses
  • Bonus lectures with Dondi Dahlin: How energy theory can help you better understand your own personality traits and enhance your personal and professional relationships
  • Bonus section with Titanya Dahlin: Learn how to adapt EMYoga for kids, along with a sample practice you can share with them
    2 live webinars with Donna and Lauren
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Energy Medicine Yoga Online Course

The result of this practice is a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself just as you are now. This is one of the most powerful takeaways: self-love. From that place, all healing, transformation, contentment, and peace are possible. Being in flow with life, having gratitude for your very existence and experiences, joy at your abilities, compassion for others—these are the gifts life has to offer and the fruits of your Energy Medicine Yoga practice.


October 28 (Monday) 4:00am