November, 2018

27Nov9:00 am5:00 pmThe Healthy HealerUK Post Class (Open to the Public)Wotton House, Guildford Road, Dorking, England, United Kingdom

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Taught by Prune Harris

Prune Harris

Do you give your time to look after other people or animals?

If the answer is yes then this class may change your life.

  • If you are a veterinarian are you a healer? Yes
  • If you are a carer are you a healer? Yes
  • If you are a teacher are you a healer? Yes
  • If you are a stay at home parent are you a healer? Yes
  • If you work as a therapist in any modality are you a healer? Yes

When you work from compassion and love, there is the big question of WHO CARES FOR THE CARER? WHO HEALS THE HEALER?

How do you remain healthy, vibrant and joyfully resilient in a job that requires so much of your own heart, your own compassion, your own energy?

A healer is anyone who works in the healing field. And that field is one that is rapidly changing. We are living in very different energetic times than pre 2012. Remember that whole 21/12/12 predictions of the end of one world and the beginning of the next? Well, it happened. Not in a major apocalyptic way (but not many of us really thought it ever would be like that).

Instead, an energetic shift occurred that is affecting us all. And I have observed it especially affects our ability to work with the energy of others. So for those of us who work in healthcare, we are noticing many many things: how easy it is to work at profound levels of change and healing, how our patients and clients are presenting with very chronic or dynamic health challenges, and perhaps mostly, how exhausted we are after a day’s work. Have you noticed that? Have you asked around your peers and realised that it isn’t just you, or it isn’t just that time of your life….it is a professional phenomenon. With changing energetic and earth patterns, we need to understand how we can work in ways that are beneficial to our patients/clients, ourselves and the globe.

How we tap into the healing field is very different now. This one day class will bring forward deeper understandings about how the morphogenic healing field has changed, and how we can evolve and develop with it.

In this class you will learn:

  • Techniques to energise you and balance you while at work
  • Tools to help you transition between work and home so that you have energy, time and patience for your loved ones
  • To rejuvenate your own health and energy
  • Understandings of the wider dynamics that are unfolding within the universal healing field
  • How to navigate these changing energies around you in safety and abundance
  • How to protect your own energy so that you are not vulnerable to being drained by others or by your work

This class is designed for all levels of knowledge and experience (from the complete beginner to the most advanced) and is for everyone who works with caring for others, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Don’t miss it!

Date, Time, and Cost:

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Registration opens at 9:00 a.m. and class is from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The cost is $154 paid in advance on the Class 6-UK registration form or paid at the door of the Post Class. A healthy-option buffet lunch is included in the cost of the class. Please note that we do not have credit card facilities on site, so if you are paying on the day of the Post Class, please bring £ sterling cash.

Open to the public who meet the class prerequisite: Currently enrolled in or already completed the Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program (EEMCP Year 1).

If you are a current EEMCP student and you would like to attend this Post Class, you may select it on the registration form for your regular class that precedes the Post Class or you may pay for it at the door of the class.

If you are a current EEMCP student and you would like to add this Post Class to your existing regular class registration prior to the class, please contact [email protected].

If you are not a current EEMCP student and you would like to register for this Post Class, go to our EEMCP registration form here, select “Student”, then “Post Class Only”.

About Prune Harris

Able to see energy from birth, Prune Harris is a passionate educator whose primary objective is self-empowerment through knowledge and understanding of energy and the healing field. She teaches in Europe, Australia, America and online to facilitate optimum health and vitality. Prune is a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and one of Donna Eden’s core faculty in Europe and America. She has authored dozens of articles, writes regular blogs and founded the Consciousness Energetics program.


November 27 (Tuesday) 9:00am - November 27 (Tuesday) 5:00pm


Wotton House

Guildford Road, Dorking, England, United Kingdom