August, 2022

15Aug9:00 am5:00 pmThe Radiant PractitionerUK Post Class (Open to the Public)Wotton House, Guildford Road, Dorking, England, United Kingdom

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The Class 6 Post Class (Open to the public)

The Radiant Practitioner

with Dear Energy Coach Hosts Kelly Goetz and Julie Lappin, Faculty

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

We all feel truly empowered by the Eden Method; the techniques we learn are awe-inspiring. AND….using them in our practices, our daily lives with clients, family, friends and community often creates as many questions as well as successes.

Have you ever found yourself wondering:

Confidence in Knowledge / Skill

What if I make the wrong decision in a session?
What if I get stuck in a session?
Do I know enough to make a difference?

Kelly Goetz and Julie Lappin

Confidence in Intuition

I know a lot of techniques but can I trust my intuition is good enough?
How can I recognize intuition vs mind chatter?
I came to this work because of my intuition. Now I get caught up in “steps”. How can I thrive in both?

Confidence in Results

Will I be able to make a difference in someone’s health?
What if I’m not helping them fast enough
How do I get my clients to do their self-care (a.k.a “homework”)?

Confidence in Sharing My Message / Gifts

I’m concerned people will think I – or my work – am weird.
How can I attract more practice partners / clients?

Business Building

Am I good enough to earn a living as an Energy Medicine Practitioner? (and thrive during Covid and/or a recession?

I’m not comfortable “marketing” – how will I be able to tell people why they should schedule with me?
I’m in an area that’s not open to energy work – how can I succeed?

These questions and more create barriers to moving forward successfully.

Underneath these barriers are core limiting beliefs held tightly within Triple warmer’s protective habit field.

During class, you will discover ways to identify your core beliefs and experience repatterning them.   Through identifying these barriers, you can clear energetic pathways so you can live your most successful, confident life.

Learn how to guide TW from reactive, undiscerning protection to Radiant Empowerment.

Discover what Radiant Confidence brings not just to sessions, teaching and marketing but to all aspects of your practice and your LIFE.

Bonus Q&A

There will be a Bonus Q&A to answer those questions that tend to pop up when you get home to your offices.

Monday, August 15, 2022
Time: 7 p.m. London time, 1 p.m. Central, 2 p.m. Eastern
Length: 45 minutes


Tuesday August 2, 2022

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m.
Class starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.

Class will be held at Wotton House following Level 2 Class 6

The cost is $175 USD paid in advance on the Level 2-UK registration form or paid at the door of the Post Class. A simple buffet lunch is included in the cost of the class. Please note that we do not have credit card facilities on site, so if you are paying on the day of the Post Class, please bring sterling cash.

This class is an open class to EEM students of any level.

About Your Teachers:

Julie M. Lappin – An Eden Method Advanced practitioner since 2005, Julie works with clients all over the world, mainly online. She has taught internationally on 3 continents as Senior Faculty with the Eden Method Certification Program, serving all levels of training as well as training other teachers. She is trained in multiple modalities including Body Code, Emotion Code, Korean Hand Acupuncture, Reiki, Esoteric Healing, Shamanic Sound Healing and more. In addition, Julie has been teaching intuition classes for nearly 25 yrs.

With her background in sales, marketing and sales training, she is uniquely paired with her partner in Dear Energy Coach, Kelly Goetz to cross-train Healing Practitioners in best business practices, entrepreneurship, and transforming personal challenges into success.

Kelly Goetz – An Eden Method Advance Practitioner, Kelly Works with Clients and practitioners online and in-person and has spent the past 21 years working in the personal development and Energy Medicine Classroom. She joined the Eden Method Faculty in 2018 after completing her Clinical year program in Dorking, England.
Previously, Kelly worked as a Facilitator and Master Lifeline Practitioner, mentoring students and providing healing sessions both internationally and nationally.

Kelly is a Facilitator/Coordinator for Pathways for Successful Living Program since 1999 and continues to serve students in leadership and relationship development. With her previous career in Interior Design, Sales and Marketing, she is thrilled to partner with Dear Energy Coach’s Julie M. Lappin, creating integrated services for students and practitioners at all levels.

What is Dear Energy Coach?

Two playful Fire Rhythms with big earthy hearts and a desire to serve and inspire students and practitioners around the world with the ability to heal within and trust their intuition.

Since its inception November 4, 2020 during the Pandemic, 80 live shows have aired on Each show is uniquely created, with a spontaneous flair and leaves the viewers feeling energetically stronger, wiser and more joyful.

The purpose of the show is simple, self-love through self-care using the Eden Method and other related healing modalities from their individually unique careers. Not on Facebook? Dear Energy Coach is a monthly contributor every fourth Tuesday of the month on the new Eden Living Membership Site taking a Deep Dive on the Eden Method with exclusive content for it’s community. Desire an energy boost? Come join us!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude. Kelly and Julie.


August 15 (Monday) 9:00am - August 15 (Monday) 5:00pm BST


Wotton House

Guildford Road, Dorking, England, United Kingdom