Heart Chakra and Heat

I love your book and am enjoying doing all the exercises.  I did have a strange experience after doing the chakra exercise on pages 168 - 169. When I got to the heart chakra part of the exercise, my arms, from my shoulder to my fingertips, started radiating an energy that felt very healing, but I also began to feel an alarming amount of heat.     I stopped doing the exercise immediately. Is this normal?  Is it safe? 

Without being able to see your energies, I suspect one of three things may have occurred:

  • The energies may have become congested in your arms.  I always instruct students to shake off the energies from their hands and arms as they move from one chakra to the next since stale chakra energy can spiral into their own force field. This can be avoided if you are centered and keep shaking off the energy.  Another way to clear the energies is to put your entire arms under cold running water and drain off the excess energies.

  • The second possibility is that you activated your own healing forces and were channeling a powerful spiritual energy that sometimes causes a great deal of heat.

  • Most likely, however, is that the "alarming amount of heat" was because the energies of both triple warmer and heart meridian share the same element, which is "fire." Because the two meridians are on the same element, they have a close relationship with one another, and because heart is yin and triple warmer is yang, they are both important in maintaining a balance in "fire" element. Fire element governs body temperature. When the heart chakra was being balanced, triple warmer probably relaxed, allowing a large amount of energy that had been held in the heart chakra to be freed, spiraling up as heat from deep within, and then radiating down your arms.

EverettHeart Chakra and Heat