Sedating Triple Warmer “Is Not for Sissies”

Having attended one of your workshops specific to weight loss issues, I would like to share some of the results several of us, vigilant about sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen, have experienced. Initially there was wonderful euphoria, with feelings of well-being and contentment. Then, as if triple warmer was rearing up in rebellion, most of the women experienced surges of crying jags, anger, and confusion. These flashes came out of nowhere and passed through quickly, but left us shaken and disoriented. Old personal issues were/are reappearing and creating momentary chaos. My theory regarding this process relates to addiction work.

One of the reasons women overeat is to suppress painful feelings and memories. As triple warmer was sedated and spleen strengthened, these feelings surfaced. Registering the unsettled feelings, triple warmer became threatened about having let its guard down and having given more power to the spleen meridian, and it reflexively overreacted, causing a transitional roller coaster response. Overall, the whole process, although difficult, has felt positive. But our motto has evolved from "free your body" to "sedating triple warmer is not for sissies!" Would you please comment on our process and theory?

A. "Sedating triple warmer is not for sissies" says it all! I have been through everything you've described and would like to add a few more comments about your experiences.

Triple warmer has no inclination toward letting go of old patterns, especially survival habits. And it is very smart! Remember, as your body's militia (see Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine), it has established strategies which have literally saved your life. Even during the time of euphoria you all experienced, triple warmer was building new strategies to undercut the changes and return to the earlier patterns where it was in control.

I will warn you about a repetitive pattern I've witnessed with groups attempting to control their weight or overcome addictions. As the positive results show themselves, such as with weight loss followed by euphoria, the individuals become less vigilant about maintaining energy routines, personal contact with other group members, and overall group support. People just "forget." Triple warmer is tricky and as you become less vigilant in changing the energy habits, it sees this opening, and moves in for the coup and a return to the old rule. Making you forget your new routines is its path of least resistance.

You need to support the entire system during a change process, and this involves continually "reassuring" triple warmer as the transition occurs. Sometime after you have begun sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen, within 30 days approximately, begin to sedate and then STRENGTHEN triple warmer before strengthening both spleen and stomach.

It is also helpful to internally speak to triple warmer as you sedate it. Consciously honor its contribution to your health. Your energy systems are responsive to your conscious intentions. As you flush the triple warmer meridian or hold its sedating points, you might mindfully acknowledge that this is an incredibly intelligent energy system, the mastermind of your immune system, and thank it for its care and protection and its role in keeping you alive and healthy. Assure it that you are looking out for your body’s well-being with these interventions and encourage it to trust you, to relax, and to withdraw the "troops." At the same time, encourage it to keep the troops, the resources of your immune system, fit and in readiness for real threats to your health.

This practice affirms triple warmer's value, diffuses defensiveness, and heads off a reactionary panic. As you win triple warmer’s confidence and cooperation, the harmony of spleen, triple warmer, and stomach can be restored. As old energy habits are released, calories are burned, and weight is lost—all within a smoother and less labile experience

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EverettSedating Triple Warmer “Is Not for Sissies”

Sixth Chakra Opening

I have always wanted to develop my psychic awareness, and I have been an on-and-off meditator for years. But meditation is very slow, at least for me. It is very hard for me to get out of my mind, and I actually don’t know if all my meditating has really lead to any progress in terms of psychic abilities. I recently heard you speak about using energy methods for opening the third-eye chakra, and how this can open a person’s psychic awareness. This interests me very much, and I wonder if you can tell me more about how to go about this. But I also heard you say that opening the sixth chakra can be like an "explosion." This scares me. Please say more.

By "explode," I mean that suddenly where energy had been prevented, it moves in with power and freedom, filling up the space, just like a glorious light show. Be assured this is a good, wonderful type of "explosion." There is no pain, just gain. Nonetheless, some people are terrified when they start to see colors or open their psychic awareness, and it can be very helpful to seek out someone who has already been there. Also, in rare cases, a "kundalini awakening" can be traumatic, but this is unusual and should be the topic of a different discussion. The one piece of precautionary advice I would emphasize is that as the sixth chakra is opening, be sure to re-balance all your chakras and keep them in a good balance. Here are three of the many techniques for moving through the obstacles to opening the sixth chakra:

  • Place your bent fingers in the middle of the back of your neck. Pull your fingers forward, toward the sides of your neck, raking your neck with some pressure. Do this 3 times. Then place the middle finger of one hand into the center indent at the base of your head and the middle finger of the other hand at the point at the very top of your head and hold for a minute or two.

  • If too much mental energy is interfering with the sixth chakra's opening, the following helps the energy move out of the mind/sixth chakra area. Lay in bed or otherwise get comfortable and do some simple relaxing/centering meditations (such as "Notice Breath, Soften Belly, Open Heart") and place your hands over your belly (second chakra). Let all of your consciousness drop down into your second chakra, and let your being move into a reverie of gratitude and connection.

  • When you reach that reverie of gratitude or connection, gently "tap it in" at the third eye point. Do this as well at other times you are experiencing joy or happiness.

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EverettSixth Chakra Opening

Pacemakers and the Thymus Thump

I work with seniors doing reflexology and have recently taught many of them to do the three thumps to boost their energy levels. Most of them find it easy to tap on their collarbones, thymus and spleen points, but here's my question: Does the thymus thump need to be modified for those who have pacemakers? 

I have never seen the thymus thump (p. 78) be a problem for anyone with a pacemaker. However, I have noticed that people who have pacemakers tend to automatically tap more softly and usually use their fingertips rather than a clenched fist as they tap. This helps them to pinpoint the sternum area (below which the thymus lies) and to avoid the pacemaker. You can instruct your clients who have pacemakers to make these modifications to the thymus thump.

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EverettPacemakers and the Thymus Thump

Meridian Tracking

I have been experimenting with my meridians, trying to figure out the cause of a health problem. My husband is willing to energy test me, and I have been following the instructions in your book, but it seems to me that we are missing something as we are not getting to the root of the problem. Any suggestions?

Energy testing, using the alarm points as I imagine you have been doing, will usually identify the meridians that need attention. But the meridian that is most directly involved with the problem is not always the meridian that first needs to be corrected, so other factors sometimes need to be considered. Much of this is mapped in two charts. Look to the Meridian Flow Chart and the Five Rhythm Chart in Energy Medicine, and the associated text, which explains how you can use each to track what is happening in the body’s energies.

Often the crux of a problem will lie "upstream" in the meridian system. You can see how this works in the Meridian Flow Chart. Bladder meridian, for instance, is upstream from kidney meridian. It "flows" into kidney, and what shows up as a problem in kidney meridian might be caused because bladder meridian is not flowing into it properly, not "feeding" it. Imagine that the meridians are rivers of energy connected to one another as segments, ultimately comprising one long waterway. Low water levels in one segment of the river might be caused by a logjam further upstream, so it’s imperative to break up that blockage in order to alleviate the problem downstream. Looking at the Meridian Flow Chart, each meridian feeds the meridian that follows it (going clockwise around the wheel). Very few problems, actually, are caused solely by an isolated meridian.

The wheel also maps how the energy of opposites can be involved. Look, for instance, to spleen meridian, whose energy comes in strongest between 9 and 11 a.m. Its opposite force is triple warmer, whose energy comes in between 9 and 11 p.m. As with all opposites, there is a dynamic tension between them. One can pull energy from the other. Because triple warmer governs the body’s stress responses, however, it can dominate, pulling energy away from spleen without the normal give and take between opposing forces. When spleen is pulled on too much and for too long, the immune system is affected. Infections, low grade fever, and a loss of vitality can result. In an instance like this, it is better to sedate triple warmer than to strengthen spleen. When triple warmer is sedated, the energy it releases is drawn back into the spleen meridian. While such a lack of balance is most common between the spleen and triple warmer meridians, it can happen between any of the opposing meridian pairs.

The 5 Rhythm Chart maps two other influences on the meridian energies: the "flow cycle" and the "control cycle" (both explained in Chapter 7). Each meridian is an expression of one of 5 rhythms, and the meridian’s rhythm, flow cycle, and control cycle may also need to be understood to grasp the full impact of its role in a problem. The 5 Rhythm Chart also shows whether the meridian is the "yang" or the "yin" expression of its rhythm. Bladder meridian, for instance, is the yang manifestation of winter’s rhythm and kidney meridian is its yin manifestation.

When trying to figure out which meridians need attention in order to correct a specific problem, energy testing the meridian indicator muscles, or using the alarm points, is where I begin. I will treat the meridians that the tests show to be involved with the problem by tracing them, flushing them, sedating and/or strengthening their acupuncture points, or working with their neurovascular or neurolymphatic points. If these do not bring the meridian into balance, or if the balance will not hold, or if the meridian does come into balance but the problem is not corrected, then you look wider, specifically at the 4 possibilities revealed by the charts: the meridian that feeds the meridian that won’t take a correction and the meridian that is opposite it (Meridian Flow Chart) and the meridian involved in it’s "flow cycle" and the meridian involved in its "control cycle."

Another important consideration is that it is easier to solve a problem when you have cleared the debris that surrounds it. So do all you can to get the entire energy system into as strong a balance as you can before doing this detective work. Clear homolateral energies, for instance, and use the techniques presented in the Daily Energy Routine (Chapter 3).

This may seem complicated (I teach an entire advanced class on this single topic –available as the "Energy Tracker" video training program), but this note outlines the basics of a reasonably complete strategy for tracking how meridian energies might play into a specific problem and formulating how to correct them.

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EverettMeridian Tracking

Meridian Treatment Contraindications

Is there anything to avoid with meridians?  For example, running them backwards all at once, sedating heart, governing, central, etc.?

​​​​This is an important question.  Do not flush or sedate heart meridian.  Rarely sedate spleen meridian. There are "forbidden points" in Chinese Medicine, such as points that are never to be used with a woman who is pregnant. Practitioners should be familiar with these constraints. They are usually listed on the standard acupuncture charts available from schools of acupuncture.

But there is another level of answer to this question, which is simply to stay alert for how the client responds as the work unfolds. Energy interventions give immediate feedback, and they are also quite forgiving. You can energy test the results of an intervention when you are unsure, and you can do the opposite procedure (such as strengthening a meridian you have sedated) to "undo" an intervention.

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EverettMeridian Treatment Contraindications

Heart Chakra and Heat

I love your book and am enjoying doing all the exercises.  I did have a strange experience after doing the chakra exercise on pages 168 - 169. When I got to the heart chakra part of the exercise, my arms, from my shoulder to my fingertips, started radiating an energy that felt very healing, but I also began to feel an alarming amount of heat.     I stopped doing the exercise immediately. Is this normal?  Is it safe? 

Without being able to see your energies, I suspect one of three things may have occurred:

  • The energies may have become congested in your arms.  I always instruct students to shake off the energies from their hands and arms as they move from one chakra to the next since stale chakra energy can spiral into their own force field. This can be avoided if you are centered and keep shaking off the energy.  Another way to clear the energies is to put your entire arms under cold running water and drain off the excess energies.

  • The second possibility is that you activated your own healing forces and were channeling a powerful spiritual energy that sometimes causes a great deal of heat.

  • Most likely, however, is that the "alarming amount of heat" was because the energies of both triple warmer and heart meridian share the same element, which is "fire." Because the two meridians are on the same element, they have a close relationship with one another, and because heart is yin and triple warmer is yang, they are both important in maintaining a balance in "fire" element. Fire element governs body temperature. When the heart chakra was being balanced, triple warmer probably relaxed, allowing a large amount of energy that had been held in the heart chakra to be freed, spiraling up as heat from deep within, and then radiating down your arms.

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EverettHeart Chakra and Heat

Holding Sedating and Strengthening Points

When holding my own acupuncture strengthening or sedating points, does it matter if my hand rests on my body, or should I be certain that the only parts touching are just my fingertips on the points I’m holding?

I tend to tell people to just have their fingers touching because the fingers direct the energy. However, as long as the fingers are doing the directing, sometimes the hand may actually enhance the process. At any rate, do not worry as long as your fingers have a firm connection.

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EverettHolding Sedating and Strengthening Points

Holding vs. Needling Acupoints

What is the difference between using needles for clearing a blocked meridian versus holding the acupuncture points using one's fingers like you describe in Energy Medicine?

Human contact sometimes has an effect that needles can not touch. The power of touch and the loop of human energy that is created between the client and the practitioner can often move energy in ways that needles do not. On the other hand, acupuncture is sometimes the best treatment because the needle can go down so deep and can affect the system electromagnetically in ways that touch sometimes cannot. Also there are times that the metal of a needle allows a laser focus that is exactly what is called for. But it is not either/or. With or without acupuncture, using acupressure to cultivate a relationship with your own healing touch is invaluable.

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EverettHolding vs. Needling Acupoints

Homolateral Crossover

I have not been successful in crossing my energies.  I work hard, doing many rounds of the "Homolateral Crossover," but I am still homolateral most of the time.   What can I do to finally shift this pattern?

It is sometimes very tough to get out of a homolateral pattern.  Don’t despair!   I have not met anyone who stuck with the homolateral crossover who was not successful, but I have seen people need to do it twice daily for up to 3 months before the results were stable. One suggestion is that before you do the crossover, do the "crown pull" very deliberately! Use many push-pulls, beginning at your forehead and traveling back over your head and pulling across the side of your neck. Hang on your shoulders for at least 30 seconds, and then slowly pull your fingers over your shoulders and drop your arms.  Also, always do the "three thumps" before doing the crossover. If you still feel muddled afterwards, do another crown pull.   Finally, at the very end do "Separating Heaven and Earth."

Another way to change homolateral patterning, a simple and pleasurable technique, is to turn on music you like and move your hips rhythmically. You will find that they sway quite naturally in a figure 8, which helps the crossover pattern. Each of these additions will support your use of the homolateral crossover, causing its effects to go deeper and be more lasting.

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EverettHomolateral Crossover


I am a general practice physician and have been increasingly using energy techniques with my patients, but my question is personal. I am very sensitive to energy and am always experimenting with things that might help me and eventually my patients. My husband and I recently purchased a magnetic mattress. He has no problem sleeping on it, and there are nights when I sleep fine as well. But at other times, I am agitated all night. By the morning I feel like a zombie. This magnet pad comes highly recommended, and I am very much wanting to give it a fair test and to derive the benefits that are claimed in terms of increased and more harmonious energies. I have also had mixed results placing magnetic insoles into my shoes. Do you have any insight about what might be going on?

We are all unique electromagnetic beings swimming in an electromagnetic environment and this straightforward question really deserves a whole book. I will do my best here to supplement what I have already said in the electromagnetics chapter of Energy Medicine (Chapter 11). Please keep in mind that all of this is based on my personal and clinical experiences; very little research has been published in peer-reviewed journals to back any definitive statements on these matters.

I also have apprehension regarding magnetic mattresses. I know full well that we are all very different in our electromagnetic make-up and our polarities. And I know that some magnet pads have genuinely helped people. But other people appear to have been harmed by the identical product. Here is an absolute about magnets:

Magnets and magnetic energy will affect everyone's energies.

But because all of our energies are so unique, there is no absolute guarantee of how magnets will impact any particular person. One thing is consistent, which is that there are differing effects between the north and south sides of a magnet:

THE NORTH SIDE draws energy toward it. This is why it takes away pain.

THE SOUTH SIDE disperses energy away from it. This is why it helps circulation.

You would think that it would be okay to have both the north and south sides facing you in a magnetic mattress—that this would help with both pain reduction and circulation. But it is not so simple.

The south side, by amplifying and dispersing energy, acts as a magnifier. This can be valuable if a particular meridian is weak, or circulation sluggish, or certain energies need a boost. But you don’t want to energize and magnify a cancer or other growth or a meridian that is already overcharged. Magnets are powerful and can be dangerous when used imprecisely. For instance, the south side of a magnet held against the stomach or back for a short time can really help with a lethargic digestive system. But held there too long, I’ve seen nausea, back spasms, and terrible stomach discomfort result. The same kind of careful calibration is necessary for the north side of a magnet. Because stagnant energies are a natural residue of living and always need to be cleared, if they become stuck, it is great to have a tool that will draw these energies to the surface of the body where they are readily dispersed. This can be a tremendous resource for working with many kinds of pain, for instance. But leave the magnet on too long, and you begin to draw too much energy into the area, and it can clog your system and actually create more pain from the imbalance.

My experience with magnet pads that either indiscriminately or intentionally place both the north and south sides of the magnets against the body is that even if they have positive initial effects, these may be reversed if you use the magnet pad too long.

With my extreme sensitivity to energies, I am the "canary in the mine." I know from my own experience an extreme version of what affects other people in more subtle ways. I can sometimes lay on a mixed-polarity magnetic mattress for a period of time and detect benefits. But other times, particularly if I am more vulnerable, I can be on one of these pads for just a few minutes before it begins to "fry my circuits," creating pain, throwing me out of balance for the rest of the day and sometimes into the next, and affecting my nervous system so I am unable to think clearly.

My own preference regarding a magnet pad is to find one that is designed so that the north polarity is against the body. Pulling out excess and stagnant energies is wonderful. But again, staying on even this kind of pad too long, can reverse the benefits and create new problems. For the situations where the south side of a magnet is called for, I much prefer to hold or tape a single small low power magnet onto the spot and to energy check whether it is having a beneficial effect, and periodically to see if it still is. You can also energy check whether lying on a magnet pad is beneficial and whether it is continuing to be so. There is no formula, so energy checking is a vital tool.

I personally prefer magnetic pads rather than magnetic mattresses because you can so easily turn the pad over if you feel you are starting to overdose on one pole or the other.

Regarding magnetic insoles, my experience is that I cannot stand on an insole that has mixed the north and south polarities without it draining my energies and leaving me feeling exhausted. Other people find them helpful, but again, I would be cautious about using them too long and I would energy test. I do periodically wear magnetic insoles. For instance, I recently bought the ones sold by the Discovery Channel store. I cannot wear them on the side that is recommended (north side up). I have to turn them over or else they hurt my feet. With, the north side down, I am better protected from the earth's electromagnetic charge (I've heard estimates that in the past century or so, half of the earth's protective layer against that charge has eroded). The Chinese have always believed that you don't need an insole on the whole foot. The best place is around the instep. And that is the only place I would put the north side of a magnet—it will still help the rest of the foot. You can get this kind of insole very inexpensively from various catalogs and from Chinatowns. Everyone I've ever told to try them has reported that they were very helpful. But because everyone's energy is different, I'm sure that not even this is universal.

Once you understand the principles, however, the proper use of magnets can be a terrific adjunct within energy medicine. Here are the three main ways I tend to use magnets:

1. Reducing Pain (which also begins to energetically correct for the causes of that pain): I normally will only use the north polarity for pain, except for people whose energy is slow and sluggish. Then having both the south and north sides can, for a while at least, work better. This can also be true for autoimmune illnesses because it moves the energy that has been stuck, but again only for short periods of time. When the pain is gone, I remove the magnet immediately because now the body is balanced in that area. One thing I do that you may never find in any book is that if it seems the north side was worn too long, that is the pain left and then returns, my experience is, THEN turn the magnet over to the south side for just a few minutes because the new pain may have been caused by not enough circulation due to the effects of the north side. The south side gets the circulation flowing again.

2. Helping to Heal a Broken Bone: Create a "closed circuit" as described in Chapter 11.

3. Shielding Yourself from Electromagnetics: My teaching keeps me on the road a great deal, and sometimes I am in a bed--it can actually be in a very nice setting—where I am being assaulted electromagnetically. When that happens, I can help protect myself by putting a small magnet pad above my blankets (so it isn’t touching me) to protect me from electromagnetic radiation within the room, and another at the end of the mattress near my feet, to protect me from electromagnetic radiation coming up from the earth. I often use a small magnet pad that comes as a circle of about 6 inches in diameter and has several magnets sewed into it, north polarity of each magnet in one direction, south in the other. Because the earth’s magnetic polarity reaches north, in both cases I have the north-reaching side of the magnet facing away from me, so it will repel any energetic disturbances from the earth or atmosphere that may be coming my way.

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