Hiatal Hernia

My husband has a hiatal hernia. An x-ray taken during an attack revealed his stomach to be 60 to 80% above his diaphragm. Surgery has been recommended. I have your book and my friends are encouraging us to try energy medicine techniques instead of surgery. I do not know where to put my faith.

This is a very difficult question to even begin to approach without being able to see or test his energies and make an assessment. I can tell you that I have seen many many instances where energy work did correct a condition where surgery was the standard medical treatment, including hiatal hernias. Following are three procedures that have been helpful, and he will know within two or three days if they are working:

  1. Relaxing the body as much as possible (bath, massage, deep breathing, etc.) and then sedating stomach meridian using the acupressure sedating points (p. 121 of Energy Medicine), holding them two to three times longer than suggested in the book.
  2. Massaging the neurolymphatic points for small intestine (p. 84).
  3. Modifying the diaphragm exercise (pp. 266 – 269) by first doing it as described, and then pushing in hard with the fingers while bending over as you push.

Doing these two or three times should lead to some relief within a couple of days if this is going to be enough to help. If there is no sign of immediate relief, he will have to consider either the surgery or an immediate and thorough assessment and intensive work with an alternative healer. If there is some let-up in the symptoms, he could continue to do these procedures to see if the condition can be turned around completely. Best would be to find a local energy medicine practitioner who could work in conjunction with his physician. But I have seen these techniques alone help the system to relax so completely that all the organs come back into their natural positions

EverettHiatal Hernia