Holding vs. Needling Acupoints

What is the difference between using needles for clearing a blocked meridian versus holding the acupuncture points using one's fingers like you describe in Energy Medicine?

Human contact sometimes has an effect that needles can not touch. The power of touch and the loop of human energy that is created between the client and the practitioner can often move energy in ways that needles do not. On the other hand, acupuncture is sometimes the best treatment because the needle can go down so deep and can affect the system electromagnetically in ways that touch sometimes cannot. Also there are times that the metal of a needle allows a laser focus that is exactly what is called for. But it is not either/or. With or without acupuncture, using acupressure to cultivate a relationship with your own healing touch is invaluable.

EverettHolding vs. Needling Acupoints