Homolateral Crossover

I have not been successful in crossing my energies.  I work hard, doing many rounds of the "Homolateral Crossover," but I am still homolateral most of the time.   What can I do to finally shift this pattern?

It is sometimes very tough to get out of a homolateral pattern.  Don’t despair!   I have not met anyone who stuck with the homolateral crossover who was not successful, but I have seen people need to do it twice daily for up to 3 months before the results were stable. One suggestion is that before you do the crossover, do the "crown pull" very deliberately! Use many push-pulls, beginning at your forehead and traveling back over your head and pulling across the side of your neck. Hang on your shoulders for at least 30 seconds, and then slowly pull your fingers over your shoulders and drop your arms.  Also, always do the "three thumps" before doing the crossover. If you still feel muddled afterwards, do another crown pull.   Finally, at the very end do "Separating Heaven and Earth."

Another way to change homolateral patterning, a simple and pleasurable technique, is to turn on music you like and move your hips rhythmically. You will find that they sway quite naturally in a figure 8, which helps the crossover pattern. Each of these additions will support your use of the homolateral crossover, causing its effects to go deeper and be more lasting.

EverettHomolateral Crossover