Jeff’s Visits from the the Other Side

More than 1/3 of our 22 Certification Program Faculty Members had either a visitation from Jeff within 24 hours after his death or a vivid and unusual dream about him the night before he died. Others are also reporting a distinct sense of his presence and/or direct communications from him. A few of these follow...

From Tracie Shannon a student in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program:

February 23, 2008

I was very saddened this afternoon to hear about the loss of Jeff Harris. Though I didn’t know him well he was someone you couldn’t seem to miss. He had a wonderful smile and a great wit about him. The few times I spoke to him, he was very direct when answering a question or debating a point but always spoke with compassion.

As I was getting ready to settle in at home this evening with dinner and a movie, I had a visit from Jeff Harris. I didn’t believe this was actually happening and thought it was just my overactive imagination. I could "see" him standing off to my left with his pink shirt and khakis just as I had seen him over the weekend. I tried to deny that I was actually having a visit from someone who had just passed away this morning. I thought for sure there is some kind of "waiting period" before those who have passed on are able to communicate with those of us still here. He was about to prove me wrong.

After about 5 minutes of denying what was happening he told me that if I didn’t listen I would get a headache. I chose not to believe that as well and along came the pressure. It wasn’t your normal headache pressure that starts off behind or between your eyes. It was an energetic headache on the top of my head. As soon as I asked him to hold on so I could get a pen and paper, the headache immediately vanished.

He told me this message was to go out to Donna, David, and the staff and students of the CP. Here you go:

"Even though I am no longer in my physical body I am still here with you. I have helped Donna lay the groundwork for future generations of Energy Workers. Know my presence will always be with you through your journey on this path of Energy Medicine. I was in this short life to help you forge the way for future generations. Know in your hearts and in your souls I am so proud of the work you are doing on behalf of those who have come before you. I am here to help you through the rough patches and to help guide you back onto your path if you become disoriented. My way has always been behind the scenes. That is where I am most comfortable and have done my greatest work. I work behind the scenes in your honor to help you fulfill the dreams of those here now and those yet to come. Create for yourselves a path that leads you to the understanding of Energy Medicine and that is where you will find me. That is where I will always be. Close to you all and within each heart. Trust in yourselves and have faith within this loving world of Energy Medicine. I love you all forever." Jeff


Feb 23, 2008

Like many of you, I felt the presence of Jeff all day long yesterday. Heard him, felt him laugh, chuckle. Knew he was really okay, just fine... getting a much needed rest.

Jeff said to me on Saturday night after my talk at the CP, "Thank you for teaching me that the Assemblage Point is the light that leads you into the light. I don't know why, but I needed that." I had also been surprised that I had moved into a more esoteric-sounding realm when I am usually careful not to step on anyone else's metaphysical or religious beliefs.

Then in the middle of the night last night, the evening following his death, I was awake, seeing three pink lights about three feet out in front of me in a dipper shape at the bottom of my heart chakra. Up to the left was an aqua light. The pink was the exact shade of Jeffs trademark shirt.

I heard him say clearly, and in the voice we all know: "Here I am. I'm in the light right beyond the light" (I know he meant he was right beyond my Assemblage Point). While I could not see him, I knew exactly where he was.

He said to me: "Donna, remember! Keep remembering! I am for the underdog! If one of us is feeling like the underdog, I will sit right next to that person and hold their hand. If anyone feels beat up upon, I will be with them. If someone feels excluded, I will be with them. YOU don't have to be in the middle any more." I will be there. Those of you who know me well know how this statement would hit home. Bullseye!

Then this morning, twice more I have seen these lights in the exact same shape and configuration, with the three pink points of light below in a half moon and the aqua up to the left. After the last one, I heard Jeff chuckle. He seemed thrilled to tune me into an energy system I didnt know about: heavenly Jeff energy that can hover right beyond the Assemblage Point. After taking more than a year to decide whether to include 8 or 9 major energy systems in EEM, here he was chiding me that now I have to decide if there is a 10th.

I have the strongest knowing that Jeff is pressing for healing among us all, and he is very serious about it. He is not a soul "caught" between the two worlds. He is once again volunteering to work actively behind the scenes for harmony, to overcome contention. I hope we will all rise to that call. He once said to me, chuckling in the midst of a CP fracas, "I get along with everyone. We are all healers. We can all get along with everyone. Healers see deeper." I've also heard him say: "Well, we are all different sensory systems and different rhythms, aren't we! Isn't that the plan?...that we just keep growing? Yeah, it's perfect."

Then I sat down to just open myself to hear more. Again I saw the lights and then for a flash of a second I saw Jeff smack dab in front of me, smiling. Then his image was gone, but the lights remained and he seemed to be talking about his own death.

He said, "Donna, teach more about how to rid fat from the middle because that blocks the belt flow. When the belt flow is blocked, energies back up to the heart... and those energies need freedom to move. Remember how I was? Stomach meridian couldn't cross the belt flow, couldn't feed spleen, and then couldn't feed the heart."

I think Jeff is going to be our healer now. He believed so profoundly in this CP program, and we see in our outpouring of e-mails that he is already healing and inspiring our community. It is what he wanted most of all...for everyone to really see one another. He said to me this morning: "See beyond the problems. See the heart. See the soul. See the effort. See the ones who step up to volunteer, who freely offer to serve. Rest assured I did, and I do."

This morning, after all of this, I went to check e-mails and there was a report from Julie Lappin about her visitation with Jeff, who told her: "My heart is filled with joy at the love expressed by even those of you who think I didn't know or notice you. Rest assured I did, and I do." That last sentence was precisely his last sentence to me.


February 23, 2008

We asked our webmaster to post some photos of Jeff and to announce the Jeff Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund. Here is what she wrote to us the morning after Jeff’s death:

"I should have been able to do this page in about an hour and a half, and have it up on the 22nd, but I couldn't believe what was happening. I got gremlins going that you wouldn't believe. My task bar kept disappearing. The buttons on all the programs I had running (takes about 5), well they were all going blank. Black boxes were appearing all over the place, and I was getting "messages" about the problems I've never seen in all my years on the computer.

It was grueling. I finally got it done, and trying to upload, I was getting server errors that I've never seen before. Finally it uploaded and all was done. I put all the photos, notes & all in a file folder, and even had problems with that. (I had rebooted several times during all this process). Then Outlook would hardly open to send the Carrie notification. As soon as that email went out, everything returned to normal, and I am having no problems now whatsoever.

What is Jeff trying to say? I'm serious. Everytime a big holiday comes around, that our mother would have been celebrating with us, Linda's (her sister’s) phone and mine, and our electronic equipment starts acting up. Without fail. Was he a very modest man? If so, that could be it."

We took this seriously. Donna asked Jeff if he objected. He laughed. He let her know the Scholarship Fund in his name pleased him very much and he was loving all the attention. Modest as he was, he was loving this. Then another e-mail came in from our webmaster.

Well, I can tell you for sure, Jeff is definitely in favor of the Memorial FUND. I continued to have the same problems as before while working on the photo portion of the memorial page. Each time I moved over to the contribution page, the problems stopped.

The real message came when I finally put in the link on the memorial page to the contribution page. The page is set for default Arial 10 point text, regular. When I pasted in the text, it immediately went to Arial 12 point Bold. I intended to make it larger & bold after the paste, but I have never seen this happen before. Just for the heck of it, I tried to bring the text down to 10 point regular. It won't budge.

He is in full favor of the scholarship fund in his name.

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