Multiple Sclerosis – Advanced Stages

My daughter, Shannon, lives in Johannesburg and is a trained, registered aroma therapist. She has a life-long friend who has had multiple sclerosis for years and is no longer able to communicate or move her body except for her fingers. Because her friend's family is devoutly Catholic, Shannon has been reluctant to offer energy medicine, but she is working up the courage to ask them if she could try to help Candace in this way. So far, she has only provided her friend with gentle massage so as not to upset the family, but she knows that much more can be done, especially after having read the section in Energy Medicine on autoimmune disorders. I know it's a tall order, but can you make any further suggestions?

Shannon's challenge is a difficult one, even if she were not concerned about the family's religious background. As always, it's difficult to customize my advice without actually seeing how Candace's energies flow. However, positive forces can be brought into play even with the limited license you have been given.

Each of the following can be helpful:

  1. Clear the neurolymphatics along each side of Candace’s spine to move toxins and begin to re-balance her energy.
  2. Calm her triple warmer meridian on a regular basis by holding the acupressure sedating points (pp. 134 - 137 of Energy Medicine) and do the Triple Warmer Smoothie technique (pp. 252 of Energy Medicine) on her while she breathes deeply.
  3. Strengthen the spleen energy in every way possible: flush the meridian, trace it forwards, tap the spleen points as shown in the three thumps exercise, hold the spleen neurovascular points, and massage the spleen neurolymphatics. All of these approaches are described in the book.
  4. Help Candace pump her cerebrospinal fluid by placing her hands in the following positions and breathing deeply. Shannon could move Candace’s hands to these places, or use her own, but it is important that Candace take three or four deep breaths with each position that is held:
  • Place the left hand over the middle of the chest and the right hand above the right ear with the fingers extending upward towards the top of the head.
  • Keep the left hand where it is and move the right hand to the back of the head just above the neck, cupping the occipital bone.
  • Switch hands, this time placing the right hand in the middle of the chest and the left hand above the left ear.
  • Leave the right hand where it is, and place the left hand on the forehead with the fingers pointing up towards the top of head.

Remember, Candace needs to take slow, deep breaths with each position.

  1. Energy check the neurovascular (NV) points (illustrated on p. 274) and hold any which test weak. Shannon can use a surrogate test by having another person hold Candace's hand while Shannon energy tests that person, who energetically becomes a surrogate while touching Candace. Have the person touch each NV point on Candace's head while Shannon energy tests a general indicator muscle on the surrogate. Any NV points that test weak should be gently held. It is also valuable to link the points that were weak with the main NV stress points (the "frontal eminences" on the forehead) by holding both simultaneously.
  2. Shannon might stretch Candace's body to "make space," not only in her physical body, but also in her energy system. By this I simply mean to lay each hand flat on different parts of Candace's body and pull apart.
  3. Diet is particularly important when working with MS, and the required amounts and types of protein are often a critical issue. I usually recommend that people with MS eat a good deal of red meat (but you also must energy check to be sure the body is strong enough to metabolize it). If possible, it is far better to eat beef from cattle raised on organic grains because beef from cattle raised on steroids and pesticide-treated grains can interfere with the body's metabolism. I also know there is research showing that eating or swallowing in pill form animal myelin sheath (a protein itself) helps with symptoms of MS and, surprisingly, is relatively readily metabolized. You may try to track down this research on the Internet.

Also see the other entries on MS, particularly "Multiple Sclerosis and the Use of Magnets."

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