Autoimmune Disorders

We met at the book signing after your talk in Ann Arbor. You asked me to write you because there wasn’t time to answer my question. I am trying to overcome an autoimmune disease which doctors have variously diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis, Sjorgren’s syndrome, and lupus. My eyes are so severely dry that they have had to plug my tear ducts to prevent damage to my corneas and loss of vision. Did you have any ideas of how energy techniques could help me? I am willing to travel to see you as a patient if necessary.

While autoimmune illnesses may express themselves in a broad spectrum of symptoms, energetically they share many features, whether named rheumatoid arthritis, Sjorgren’s syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue disorder, or any of a host of 50 other tricky conditions (see the Autoimmune Association’s website at Western medicine is the first to admit that, while invasive interventions such as steroids are available to suppress the symptoms, little is known about how to cure these illnesses, where antibodies are produced against a person’s own tissue. By addressing the energetic roots of these conditions, however, I have seen the symptoms go into apparently permanent remission in cases where doctors could give no reason for hope, and I have seen this happy result dozens of times in my 23 years of practice.

Four primary energy intervention strategies should be considered for any autoimmune illness:

1.Calming the triple warmer meridian (and thus the immune system’s overresponse) and establishing a balance between the spleen and triple warmer meridians (see Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine).
2. Establishing and maintaining crossover patterns throughout the body (see the discussions of the Celtic weave in Chapter 6 and the homolateral crossover on pp. 250 - 252 of Energy Medicine).
3. Establishing and maintaining a general balance and harmony among all the energy systems, using techniques such as those in the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine).
4. Establishing and maintaining space in the body for energy to move, using lots of stretching and exercises such as "Connecting Heaven and Earth" (pp. 266 - 268 of Energy Medicine).

While for any serious, longstanding condition such as yours, I would strongly recommend that you find an energy healer in your area (see the recommendations for finding a qualified practitioner on the "Practitioners" page on my site or in the Appendix of Energy Medicine), these four points map a general approach to autoimmune disorders that would also be tailored to the person’s specific symptoms.

Regarding the severe dryness in your eyes, without being able to see or energy test you, I can only make a guess. Stomach meridian governs the body’s moisture, and it’s pathway travels through the eyes. Therefore, working with stomach meridian, such as tapping the ends of the meridian, holding the meridian’s acupuncture points, or flushing the meridian (trace backward once and forward three times) should help correct the energy imbalance that your symptoms may reflect.

Also, make a point of keeping spleen meridian strong by checking it regularly and using tapping, tracing, or holding to correct imbalances. This helps with autoimmune disorders by strengthening the immune system while maintaining a healthy inner environment.

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Karen BerryAutoimmune Disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

I’m a registered nurse working in an office that treats many multiple sclerosis patients. Your book describes a woman who achieved great results from what you taught her. Can you tell me what techniques you used? Does it have something to do with triple warmer?

I believe you are referring to Beverly (Energy Medicine pp. 246–247). Multiple sclerosis involves an autoimmune process—an abnormal immune response directed against one’s own central nervous system, particularly the myelin sheaths that cover the nerves. You are on the right track with suspecting that triple warmer is involved. Triple warmer is the energy that aggressively mobilizes all the systems in your body to fight.

Because we are all bombarded with unprecedented stresses and toxins on a daily basis, triple warmer is continuously activated. For some people because of genetic or other predispositions, this leads to disorders of the immune system, such as multiple sclerosis. Because environmental and lifestyle-caused stresses are only getting worse, autoimmune disease may well be the illness of the future.

When I met Beverly, her energy looked like a series of blown circuits. Triple warmer meridian was in a perpetual state of emergency, and her immune system, nervous system, and circulatory system were oscillating among fight, flight, and freeze. This habitual emergency response needed to be interrupted. Without stopping this pattern, any healing work would not have had lasting impact. Here is what I did:

  • The entire first session was dedicated to communicating to her hypothalamus (which governs triple warmer) the message that she was safe. I did this by first sedating triple warmer (see Chapter 8 in Energy Medicine) and then balancing out all of the energies, most specifically her meridian acupressure points, neurolymphatic reflexes, and chakras.
  • Her energies were homolateral, so the Homolateral Crossover (Energy Medicine pp. 250 - 252) was an important part of her homework.
  • She needed to establish some strong crossover patterns, so I taught her the Celtic Weave, and all the rhythmic 8 techniques in Chapter 6 of Energy Medicine.
  • In addition, Beverly integrated nutritional support (she particularly needed more protein, which is very often the case with MS patients, as well as potassium to alleviate tingling, chromium, and Butcher’s Broom—all this can be energy tested) and specific energy techniques for a hypoglycemic condition (which includes strengthening the spleen and sedating triple warmer). Because she was connected to a hospital clinic, she began to teach other multiple sclerosis patients the techniques that were helping her, and this cemented them in for her. She also learned how to establish stronger emotional and physical boundaries, which I’ve found is often an issue for MS patients.
  • Finally, she was given techniques designed to keep her energies unscrambled and flowing, essentially the five-minute daily routine, Separating Heaven and Earth, pumping up the cerebral spinal fluid, and Heaven Rushing In when she felt despair or didn’t know what else to do. One additional principle for treating people with multiple sclerosis is that they need time to integrate energy shifts. So don’t rush the process, pause between techniques, and remind them that they must likewise pace their lives. A balance between action and rest is essential for all of us, but even more so here.

Autoimmune illnesses can be greatly helped by an energy medicine approach. While Western medicine can only suppress the symptoms of these disorders, working with their energetic foundation can get to their core. This not only initiates healing forces, it literally reverses the immune system’s attack on its own body. And I have seen MRI reports where the myelin sheaths literally regrew after a series of energy medicine treatments, something many people who work with MS believe cannot happen. While there is still a lot to learn about how to help people with MS, energy medicine already has a great deal to offer.

Also see the other entries on MS, particularly "Multiple Sclerosis – Advanced Stages" and "Multiple Sclerosis and the Use of Magnets."

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EverettMultiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis & the Use of Magnets

I have multiple sclerosis. In your chapters on pain and on electromagnetic pollution, you speak about the use of magnets. Since multiple sclerosis is a disorder of the nervous system, I was wondering if there is a way to use magnets to help with MS?

The primary energy interventions for multiple sclerosis include

  1. Calming the triple warmer meridian (and thus the immune system’s over-response) and establishing a balance between the spleen and triple warmer meridians (see Energy Medicine Chapter 8) so the spleen meridian can do its job of metabolizing food, stimulation, energies, change, and emotions.
  2. Establishing and maintaining crossover patterns throughout the body (see discussion of the Celtic weave and homolateral crossover).
  3. Establishing and maintaining a general balance and harmony among all the energy systems, using techniques such as those in the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine."
  4. Establishing and maintaining space in the body for energy to move using lots of stretching and exercises such as "Separating Heaven and Earth."
  5. Providing the body with the quantity of protein it needs and the kinds of protein it can best metabolize.
  6. Keeping the spine and nervous system healthy and keeping their energies flowing using techniques such as the "spinal flush." This is where magnets can be very valuable.

Magnets are about as high-tech as I get, but here you must be very careful (pay close attention to the precautions discussed in Energy Medicine Chapter 11). You can use magnets wherever you feel the tingling, painful, or numb sensations of MS. Years ago, when I had a constant buzzing in my hands, I not only found relief by holding onto a magnet's north side, actually wrapping a magnet pad around my entire hand, this also began to effect a permanent change.

However, don't run off and buy magnet patches or sleeves unless you bring a compass or magnet to be sure the north side can be faced toward the skin. Sometimes the north and south sides are thrown in haphazardly, and it is really important that the north side faces out from the pad and toward your skin. Two companies that I do trust are Biomagnetics International and Dr. Leonard’s Catalog. Biomagnetics International sells a round pad, of about 4" diameter, with five magnets sewn inside. But of course there are others, and you can get individual little "bullseye-shaped" magnets with a hole in the middle from Radio Shack. Again, be certain you know which side is north and which is south, using a compass or one of the other techniques discussed in Energy Medicine Chapter 10.

I have literally taped little Radio Shack or Dr. Leonard’s magnets to points on my spine, and I have had many clients do the same, with good results for both areas where the spine goes out of alignment and also for the general functioning of the nervous system. You can also tape the north side of a magnet to an area where pain originates. At one time I had terrible pain shooting up the meridian lines from my feet and nothing seemed to help until I began taping a magnet on the meridian at the pain’s origin. But with any of these applications, use every precaution discussed in Energy Medicine Chapter 11. Also, unless you are very certain that you are reading your own body’s messages and sensations correctly in response to the magnet, have someone energy test the magnet before you tape it on and then periodically while it is on because the initial beneficial effects can be cancelled and reversed by over-stimulation.

Also see the other entries on MS as well as the entry entitled "Magnets."

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EverettMultiple Sclerosis & the Use of Magnets

Multiple Sclerosis – Advanced Stages

My daughter, Shannon, lives in Johannesburg and is a trained, registered aroma therapist. She has a life-long friend who has had multiple sclerosis for years and is no longer able to communicate or move her body except for her fingers. Because her friend's family is devoutly Catholic, Shannon has been reluctant to offer energy medicine, but she is working up the courage to ask them if she could try to help Candace in this way. So far, she has only provided her friend with gentle massage so as not to upset the family, but she knows that much more can be done, especially after having read the section in Energy Medicine on autoimmune disorders. I know it's a tall order, but can you make any further suggestions?

Shannon's challenge is a difficult one, even if she were not concerned about the family's religious background. As always, it's difficult to customize my advice without actually seeing how Candace's energies flow. However, positive forces can be brought into play even with the limited license you have been given.

Each of the following can be helpful:

  1. Clear the neurolymphatics along each side of Candace’s spine to move toxins and begin to re-balance her energy.
  2. Calm her triple warmer meridian on a regular basis by holding the acupressure sedating points (pp. 134 - 137 of Energy Medicine) and do the Triple Warmer Smoothie technique (pp. 252 of Energy Medicine) on her while she breathes deeply.
  3. Strengthen the spleen energy in every way possible: flush the meridian, trace it forwards, tap the spleen points as shown in the three thumps exercise, hold the spleen neurovascular points, and massage the spleen neurolymphatics. All of these approaches are described in the book.
  4. Help Candace pump her cerebrospinal fluid by placing her hands in the following positions and breathing deeply. Shannon could move Candace’s hands to these places, or use her own, but it is important that Candace take three or four deep breaths with each position that is held:
  • Place the left hand over the middle of the chest and the right hand above the right ear with the fingers extending upward towards the top of the head.
  • Keep the left hand where it is and move the right hand to the back of the head just above the neck, cupping the occipital bone.
  • Switch hands, this time placing the right hand in the middle of the chest and the left hand above the left ear.
  • Leave the right hand where it is, and place the left hand on the forehead with the fingers pointing up towards the top of head.

Remember, Candace needs to take slow, deep breaths with each position.

  1. Energy check the neurovascular (NV) points (illustrated on p. 274) and hold any which test weak. Shannon can use a surrogate test by having another person hold Candace's hand while Shannon energy tests that person, who energetically becomes a surrogate while touching Candace. Have the person touch each NV point on Candace's head while Shannon energy tests a general indicator muscle on the surrogate. Any NV points that test weak should be gently held. It is also valuable to link the points that were weak with the main NV stress points (the "frontal eminences" on the forehead) by holding both simultaneously.
  2. Shannon might stretch Candace's body to "make space," not only in her physical body, but also in her energy system. By this I simply mean to lay each hand flat on different parts of Candace's body and pull apart.
  3. Diet is particularly important when working with MS, and the required amounts and types of protein are often a critical issue. I usually recommend that people with MS eat a good deal of red meat (but you also must energy check to be sure the body is strong enough to metabolize it). If possible, it is far better to eat beef from cattle raised on organic grains because beef from cattle raised on steroids and pesticide-treated grains can interfere with the body's metabolism. I also know there is research showing that eating or swallowing in pill form animal myelin sheath (a protein itself) helps with symptoms of MS and, surprisingly, is relatively readily metabolized. You may try to track down this research on the Internet.

Also see the other entries on MS, particularly "Multiple Sclerosis and the Use of Magnets."

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EverettMultiple Sclerosis – Advanced Stages

Multiple Sclerosis and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

I recently underwent Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments for my multiple sclerosis. After 40 dives, I regained more cognitive function and was thrilled with the success of the treatment. However, after 80 dives my coordination is much worse. Do you have any insight as to why this happened?

Any of a number of factors may be involved when a treatment starts to work and then stops working or even does harm. I suspect that in your case the issue has to do with moderation. Extreme change, even if it is in a positive and healing direction, puts the triple warmer meridian (which governs both the immune system and the maintaining of habitual patterns in the body’s energies) on alert, and it will begin to respond to the treatment as an outside invader, fighting it, preventing it from being effective, and causing new problems as well.

No matter how brilliant the technique, its effects on the entire system have to be monitored, step by step. Moderation gives your nervous system a chance to absorb and metabolize the changes. This is a particularly sensitive issue in the treatment of multiple sclerosis because spleen meridian, which is charged with "metabolizing change" and which is the first meridian that triple warmer draws energy from when it goes on alert, is so centrally involved in multiple sclerosis.

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EverettMultiple Sclerosis and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

Lou Gehrig’s Disease

I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease [amyotrophic lateral sclerosis] five years ago, when I was 35. By now I have lost most of my strength. I am unable to walk. I have been seen by doctors in three countries. No one has been able to help me. A friend who heard you on a radio program in Los Angeles thought you might have some suggestions after you spoke about how you overcame illnesses in yourself for which there was supposedly no cure.

I know that this disease feels like being hit by a slow, unstoppable avalanche, and it is generally considered incurable. However, from time to time, I hear of a case report claiming total remission of ALS. If it were me, I would give energy work a try, though you need to know from the start that the outcome is uncertain and that you need a highly skilled energy worker and frequent treatments, perhaps daily at first, if this approach is to have much of a chance.

If a good energy worker were able to work with you day after day, it might well be possible to stop the avalanche and then eventually push the disease, energetically, back up the hill. This metaphor is vague, I know, but it is how I have seen the progress when I have worked successfully with other progressive diseases.

I don't know if this will put you into more despair or give you a ray of hope. While it is difficult to find an energy worker with the skill and time to take on a challenge such as yours, you just may draw such a person your way. Of course there are many other things you can do for yourself or a loved one can do for you that will help with your overall strength and vitality, such as keeping your meridians strong, your chakras balanced, making sure your energies are not scrambled, basically everything in Chapter 9 of Energy Medicine). But turning the condition around will require the dedicated attention of a talented practitioner. I send you my blessings.

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EverettLou Gehrig’s Disease

Graves Disease

I have Graves disease and am facing the prospect of having radioactive treatment designed to kill my thyroid. I would consequently have to take medication for the rest of my life.  Can energy medicine offer an alternative treatment?

The triple warmer meridian governs the thyroid. Graves disease involves triple warmer having been in a state of panic for so long that it does not know how to properly manage the thyroid.  Without seeing your unique energies, I cannot tell you which energy techniques would be most helpful, but I can offer some best guesses. In my experience, sedating triple warmer via the acupressure points, and then strengthening it, followed by strengthening heart and spleen, also using the acupressure points, can alter the direction of this disease.  Balancing all body’s energies is also very important.  The "Daily Energy Routine," coupled with tracing the 14 meridians (easiest to learn from the videotapes), is a good way to accomplish this

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EverettGraves Disease

Chronic Fatigue

I have a job that requires that I do many things at once.  As a result, I feel pulled and drained all the time.  I have been told I have a depleted kidney meridian.   Does that have anything to do with triple warmer?  Does my kidney energy have anything to do with my always feeling drained?

Yes, kidney energy is very important in how you feel.  When the kidney meridian is depleted, all the meridian energies in the body often become reversed, literally flowing backwards, causing you to feel utter exhaustion. So the "three thumps," which begin with the endpoint of kidney meridian (K-27), are a good place to start. But other energies may be involved as well. For starters, I would check to see if your energies are failing to cross over (corrected by the homolateral cross-over and figure 8s).

It is also probable that your triple warmer meridian is "on alert."  Triple warmer governs the adrenals.  When kidney meridian is not strong enough to supply the body with enough of its energy, triple warmer draws extra energy from your adrenals. This can then become habitual. Triple warmer holds habits in place, and it can establish dysfunctional as well as efficient energy habits, such as maintaining a depletion of kidney energy. Whenever you feel "pulled and drained," find a way to remind yourself to do the following: "Smooth behind the ears" (pp. 235 – 236). Then do a "hook up" (p. 119) for at least a minute.  First, you will be interrupting the energy habit mid-stream. Second, you will be shifting the habit with the smoothing and the hook-up. This will help triple warmer go off of alert. Sedating and then strengthening kidney meridian using the acupuncture holding points will then be able to address the problem without interference.

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EverettChronic Fatigue