Multiple Sclerosis & the Use of Magnets

I have multiple sclerosis. In your chapters on pain and on electromagnetic pollution, you speak about the use of magnets. Since multiple sclerosis is a disorder of the nervous system, I was wondering if there is a way to use magnets to help with MS?

The primary energy interventions for multiple sclerosis include

  1. Calming the triple warmer meridian (and thus the immune system’s over-response) and establishing a balance between the spleen and triple warmer meridians (see Energy Medicine Chapter 8) so the spleen meridian can do its job of metabolizing food, stimulation, energies, change, and emotions.
  2. Establishing and maintaining crossover patterns throughout the body (see discussion of the Celtic weave and homolateral crossover).
  3. Establishing and maintaining a general balance and harmony among all the energy systems, using techniques such as those in the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine."
  4. Establishing and maintaining space in the body for energy to move using lots of stretching and exercises such as "Separating Heaven and Earth."
  5. Providing the body with the quantity of protein it needs and the kinds of protein it can best metabolize.
  6. Keeping the spine and nervous system healthy and keeping their energies flowing using techniques such as the "spinal flush." This is where magnets can be very valuable.

Magnets are about as high-tech as I get, but here you must be very careful (pay close attention to the precautions discussed in Energy Medicine Chapter 11). You can use magnets wherever you feel the tingling, painful, or numb sensations of MS. Years ago, when I had a constant buzzing in my hands, I not only found relief by holding onto a magnet's north side, actually wrapping a magnet pad around my entire hand, this also began to effect a permanent change.

However, don't run off and buy magnet patches or sleeves unless you bring a compass or magnet to be sure the north side can be faced toward the skin. Sometimes the north and south sides are thrown in haphazardly, and it is really important that the north side faces out from the pad and toward your skin. Two companies that I do trust are Biomagnetics International and Dr. Leonard’s Catalog. Biomagnetics International sells a round pad, of about 4" diameter, with five magnets sewn inside. But of course there are others, and you can get individual little "bullseye-shaped" magnets with a hole in the middle from Radio Shack. Again, be certain you know which side is north and which is south, using a compass or one of the other techniques discussed in Energy Medicine Chapter 10.

I have literally taped little Radio Shack or Dr. Leonard’s magnets to points on my spine, and I have had many clients do the same, with good results for both areas where the spine goes out of alignment and also for the general functioning of the nervous system. You can also tape the north side of a magnet to an area where pain originates. At one time I had terrible pain shooting up the meridian lines from my feet and nothing seemed to help until I began taping a magnet on the meridian at the pain’s origin. But with any of these applications, use every precaution discussed in Energy Medicine Chapter 11. Also, unless you are very certain that you are reading your own body’s messages and sensations correctly in response to the magnet, have someone energy test the magnet before you tape it on and then periodically while it is on because the initial beneficial effects can be cancelled and reversed by over-stimulation.

Also see the other entries on MS as well as the entry entitled "Magnets."

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