Alzheimer’s Disease

I recently attended a seminar at the Omega Institute and heard Wayne Dyer talking about healing through the use of energy medicine. Is it possible to treat Alzheimer's using energy techniques? My Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 3? years ago, and she has been deteriorating rapidly. She has taken Aricept, Cognex, and other medications, but none of them seem to have helped at all. Please let me know if there has been any success using energy medicine. I would do anything to heal her or at least reverse the progression. Thank you for any information or guidance you can provide.

My heart goes out to you about the excruciating situation facing you and your mother. In my experience, "Alzheimer's" may involve any of a variety of dysfunctional energy patterns. Energetically, it is a single name for a variety of disorders that have similar symptoms. While there is still no cure, some of the patterns are more responsive to energy work than others, and I have seen Alzheimer’s symptoms diminish with its use. However, without seeing your mother, I cannot even begin to guess what is involved for her. What I can do is make some suggestions that have helped in certain instances, would generally be beneficial, and never harmful, and you can see if they are of any value. You would probably know within three or four weeks of applying them daily.

If the problem is that there is not enough "space" in her head (constrictions in the musculature and circulatory system as well as in the energy pathways) for oxygen, cerebral spinal fluid, blood, and energy to flush through her brain, then energy work can be of value.

A simple procedure for treating these constrictions is called the "crown pull," which is part of the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" presented in Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine. Do the "crown pull" for her as described there, and extend it all over her head, especially rubbing the "lumps" at the top back of her neck and base of her skull (these happen to be triple warmer points).

Then, "pump up" her cerebrospinal fluid (Energy Medicine p. 208, softcover edition only) and hold her neurovasculars (p. 217) and notice which neurovascular points seem to feel the best to her. Do these regularly, along with the crown pull and pump up.

Chances are that in addition to being constricted, her energies are also neurologically disorganized. The "three thumps" (p. 63), the "Wayne Cook" procedure (p. 73), the "homolateral crossover" (p. 233), and the "hook-up" (p. 119) all address this.

I am truly hoping these suggestions can be of help to her. If they are even slightly, it is a good sign. You might then see if there is an energy worker in your area who could work with her regularly.

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