EMF Sensitivity

I have an extreme EMF sensitivity and am wondering if you have any advice regarding how I might counteract these ever-present forces. I've done the exercises in your book (which I love), and I've tried working with magnets, but haven't been able to get the complete protection I need. I'm desperate for more ideas because, at this point, I can only use phones, computers, and even simple lights for a short snippets of time. Driving in my car affects me if I'm in it for too long, and I've recently started having severe reactions when planes fly overhead! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my head, my heart, and my nervous system are being fried. Do you have any suggestions? I'll do anything if you think it will work.

I have such deep sympathy for you and your EMF problem. I, too, am very sensitive to this kind of energy. We live in a world of EMF soup, and more and more people are becoming painfully aware of how it affects them. I hear your fear and discouragement about the exercises in Energy Medicine not having giving you full protection, but I think you can build upon what you have already learned. I want to give you a little further guidance by pointing out the ones that are likely to help the most. If practiced long enough and often enough, you should see further improvement. Getting an assessment and tailor-made instruction from a qualified energy practitioner would also be a good idea.

  1. Balance your energy by doing the "hook-up": place the middle finger of one hand in your belly button and of the other hand over your third eye, press in, pull up slightly (page 119). Hold this position, breathe easily, and relax. You're likely to sigh or yawn once you're hooked up.
  2. The "Wayne Cook" posture (p. 74) is one of the best exercises I know for unscrambling the body's energies.
  3. You can probably get a great deal of mileage out of "figure-8" exercises. Restoring the body’s figure 8 patterns creates a field around you that actually blocks out EMFs. Stand with your feet a foot or two apart and swoop your arms in figure 8 patterns in front of your body, out to the sides, and over your head (see p. 185). Do lots of them! They're especially fun to do with music.
  4. Chapter 11 chronicles my own slippery adventure with EMFs and presents several ways to use magnets to protect and heal yourself. I experimented with magnets in a hundred ways. These ranged from spinning magnets over my aura to protect it, to taping magnets to specific points on my body, to at one time laying a magnet under my pillow and attaching another one above my head on the headboard.

Because EMF’s are everywhere and can affect you throughout the day, I'd do the energy exercises several times each day to keep yourself balanced. This will gradually retrain you’re the protective energy field that surrounds you to be more resilient even when you're being exposed to strong EMFs.

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