Prostate Cancer and Radiation

I am receiving radiation for prostate cancer. Although I am managing most of the side effects quite well, I am having difficulty with rectal bleeding. Are there any techniques from energy medicine that might help me?

Three meridians are particularly important here: large intestine, kidney, and spleen. Rectal bleeding is generally associated with the large intestine meridian, kidney meridian will help with your prostate, and spleen is always a key meridian in strengthening your immune system.

The following protocol should strengthen your entire system as you go through the radiation:

  1. Sedate your large intestine meridian by holding the acupuncture sedating points (on page 123 of Energy Medicine) for about two minutes, and then hold the 2nd set of sedating points for another two minutes. More detailed instructions are written on page 119, and I believe you fill find them easy to follow. Just make sure you use the sedating points and not the strengthening points.

  2. Sedate your kidney meridian following the same instructions as above.

  3. Massage your K-27 (collarbone) points for about 30 seconds to further stimulate your kidney meridian. This will also cause the other meridians to flow in the proper directions.

  4. Massage the large intestine neurolymphatic points down the sides of each leg, as shown on page 264. Although they will feel tender, massage them hard for about 30 seconds, but not so hard as to cause bruising. This will break up some of the toxic energy in the meridian.

  5. Tap your spleen points, located a few inches below your breast toward the sides of your body for about 30 seconds (see page 51). These, too, are neurolymphatic points and will feel tender .

  6. Close your mouth, purse your lips, and blow air into your cheeks. Blow hard without allowing any air to escape. Hold this for as long as is comfortable and then release it. While this makes no sense anatomically, energetically-speaking the orifices are connected and this has the effect of strengthening the rectal area so that it will be less vulnerable to bleeding.

I suggest that you do the first four items between one and four times each day, and the last two items five or six times each day.

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EverettProstate Cancer and Radiation

Radiation Treatment

A friend with breast cancer just completed a round of chemotherapy and is about to start a six week course of radiation treatment. Is there anything she can do for burn prevention and other side effects?

If she can simply keep her energies flowing, this will help tremendously in her ability to tolerate the radiation. The 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine) can be a good start. See the directions under the "cross crawl" in that chapter for checking whether her energies have gone homolateral, and correct for this (Energy Medicine p. 233) if they have. Radiation often throws a person’s energy into a homolateral pattern. Other techniques that often help people go through radiation therapy with fewer side effects include sedating and then strengthening the circulation-sex acupuncture points (Energy Medicine p. 122), doing the "hook-up" (Energy Medicine p. 119), and sedating triple warmer using the "smoothing behind the ears" technique (Energy Medicine pp. 235 – 236). Sometimes neurovascular work, where the person holds the "frontal eminence" points with the pads of the fingers on the forehead and the thumbs in the temples (Energy Medicine pp. 273 – 275), daily for three to five minutes, can "take out the fire."

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EverettRadiation Treatment

Cancer: Using Energy Medicine to Help with Treatment Side Effects

I am receiving chemotherapy following the removal of a malignant tumor. Can Energy Medicine help with the side effects?

I've been gratified to learn that one of my students, Patricia Butler, has introduced Eden Energy Medicine into the Mind/Body/Medicine Program of a prominent cancer hospital in Central Florida. She has used it as a complement to conventional care and has found it to be very effective in easing the anxiety, nausea, and fatigue that often occur with chemotherapy. When she's been able to provide energy medicine for patients during their chemo infusions, many have reported fewer reactions to the medicine. Here's more of what Pat has shared:

When I use energy medicine with cancer patients, I end up working with nearly every dimension of the energy anatomy that I learned about from Donna. It's so gratifying to do this work and to be able to teach patients and families how to use these tools when they're at home.

Among the many techniques I use over a period of time with cancer patients, the ones I listed below will provide you with some great tools regardless of the type of cancer you have or the chemo you're receiving. You can do each technique yourself, but it's such a benefit if someone is available to do them for you. During your chemo regimen, it's more important than ever to reset your energies on a daily basis, but I've learned that it's also very helpful to use EEM techniques while you are actually being infused, so I encourage you to try these techniques and find out which ones help the most. You can be sure that it will generate interesting conversations and it will also introduce energy medicine to other patients and to hospital staff.

  • While you are receiving chemo, unscramble your energy field with the Daily Energy Routine because, as you have likely discovered, chemo throws your energies into a tizzy. If your vitality is low because of the treatments, do the routine in segments without even getting out of recliner. For example, do the 4 thumps and then rest a few minutes; then work in a little modified cross crawl even if it's in 10 second increments, and rest. Simply move your opposite arms and legs simultaneously (or even opposite hands and feet) to help cross your energies from side to side and to light up both sides of your brain. Move through the routine at a pace that you can handle. [See note regarding the neurolymphatic system below.]
  • Calm your Triple Warmer (TW) meridian by holding your sedating acupuncture points or by holding your TW neurovascular points. In fact, do both. True to its nature, TW gets pretty worked up when it senses chemo, and this is your way of telling it to stand down and let the chemo come on in to do its job. I have found that this is good to do even if you feel weak and tired. As long as you have a strong life force, you can benefit from calming TW. If someone's life energy is very, very weak, I would not do this.
  • Strengthen your Spleen (SP) meridian not only to help your body metabolize the benefits of this energy work, but to help metabolize the chemo, too. The message you're sending to your system with this intervention is, "Can we all please get along and work together?"
  • If possible, have someone clear your biofield from head to toe during the infusion; then clear it once or twice a day throughout your entire chemo regimen. If no one is around to do this for you, clear it yourself as Donna has taught. The biofields of people receiving chemo feel very dense, very murky, and downright uncomfortable to my hands, but once the fields are clear, patients typically report feeling 'lighter' and 'better'. I just use my hands to gently comb through their fields starting close to the body and then working further away from the body until the chemo resonance has evaporated. If you can't do this, or have it done during chemo, do it later in the day or as soon as you can get to it. Remember to shake the energies off your hands as you do this. I clear mine often because, depending on the toxicity of the chemo and the amount that's built up in your body, it can take anywhere from a 5 to 15 minutes to clean out the field.
  • Ideally, you'd clear all of your seven basic chakras, but if limited by time or fatigue, I'd make sure to especially clear the solar plexus because it includes your body's filters (liver, spleen, and kidneys) which are all working hard to process the chemo. I'm a big fan of keeping the heart chakra cleared, too, because its energies influence so many others systems in and around the body. As Donna says, "It's the conductor of the orchestra!" 
  • Hold your neurovascular points (NVs) or have someone hold them for you when you feel scared, angry, or discouraged. If they are held while you think about what's upsetting, you'll feel the emotions soften. You have every right to these feelings given what you're going through, and you need to be heard by those who care, but if they are not relieved from time to time, they have the potential to weaken your immune system. To the best of your ability, feel the emotion, express it, and use NVs to let it go. Repeat as needed.
  • If you feel nauseous, hold both of the ST 1 points below your eyes with the thumb and middle finger of your right hand, and place your left hand lightly on your stomach. Hold this position for as long as it takes to ease the nausea -- which could be several minutes. Switch hands and repeat, if necessary. Another way to ease nausea is to clear your throat and/or solar plexus charkas to release the energy that seems to build up in response to the chemo. Remember, it scrambles your energies, but you can coax them to flow in more optimal ways again by using these EEM techniques. [Medication helps to prevent nausea for many, but some find the need for additional help, and these tips should help.]
  • Regarding neurolymphatics: In general, oncology is more accepting of massage than it used to be, but there are certain medical conditions for which it is not appropriate, so it's best to check with your doctor about this subject. Donna teaches that massage is a great way to work with neurolymphatic reflex (NLR) spots, but has also taught that you can move these energies with light. If massage is not advised, you can shine a little light over these NLR spots for a minute or two, moving it in circular or figure 8 patterns. If you know about chromotherapy (light therapy), you can use specific colors of light to do this. It's a large field of study but, in general, green is known to be cleansing, blue is soothing, and red is activating. Energy testing is always best, but you can use your intuition, too
  • Finally, once you have completed your chemo regimen, stick with Eden energy medicine and other good lifestyle choices to help yourself rebuild and feel great once again.

Along with Donna and David, I wish you the deepest and gentlest healing. Pat

Patricia Butler, LMHC, EEM-AP, DCEP

[email protected]

(407) 237-6352

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EverettCancer: Using Energy Medicine to Help with Treatment Side Effects