Radiation Treatment

A friend with breast cancer just completed a round of chemotherapy and is about to start a six week course of radiation treatment. Is there anything she can do for burn prevention and other side effects?

If she can simply keep her energies flowing, this will help tremendously in her ability to tolerate the radiation. The 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine) can be a good start. See the directions under the "cross crawl" in that chapter for checking whether her energies have gone homolateral, and correct for this (Energy Medicine p. 233) if they have. Radiation often throws a person’s energy into a homolateral pattern. Other techniques that often help people go through radiation therapy with fewer side effects include sedating and then strengthening the circulation-sex acupuncture points (Energy Medicine p. 122), doing the "hook-up" (Energy Medicine p. 119), and sedating triple warmer using the "smoothing behind the ears" technique (Energy Medicine pp. 235 – 236). Sometimes neurovascular work, where the person holds the "frontal eminence" points with the pads of the fingers on the forehead and the thumbs in the temples (Energy Medicine pp. 273 – 275), daily for three to five minutes, can "take out the fire."

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