Prostate Cancer and Radiation

I am receiving radiation for prostate cancer. Although I am managing most of the side effects quite well, I am having difficulty with rectal bleeding. Are there any techniques from energy medicine that might help me?

Three meridians are particularly important here: large intestine, kidney, and spleen. Rectal bleeding is generally associated with the large intestine meridian, kidney meridian will help with your prostate, and spleen is always a key meridian in strengthening your immune system.

The following protocol should strengthen your entire system as you go through the radiation:

  1. Sedate your large intestine meridian by holding the acupuncture sedating points (on page 123 of Energy Medicine) for about two minutes, and then hold the 2nd set of sedating points for another two minutes. More detailed instructions are written on page 119, and I believe you fill find them easy to follow. Just make sure you use the sedating points and not the strengthening points.

  2. Sedate your kidney meridian following the same instructions as above.

  3. Massage your K-27 (collarbone) points for about 30 seconds to further stimulate your kidney meridian. This will also cause the other meridians to flow in the proper directions.

  4. Massage the large intestine neurolymphatic points down the sides of each leg, as shown on page 264. Although they will feel tender, massage them hard for about 30 seconds, but not so hard as to cause bruising. This will break up some of the toxic energy in the meridian.

  5. Tap your spleen points, located a few inches below your breast toward the sides of your body for about 30 seconds (see page 51). These, too, are neurolymphatic points and will feel tender .

  6. Close your mouth, purse your lips, and blow air into your cheeks. Blow hard without allowing any air to escape. Hold this for as long as is comfortable and then release it. While this makes no sense anatomically, energetically-speaking the orifices are connected and this has the effect of strengthening the rectal area so that it will be less vulnerable to bleeding.

I suggest that you do the first four items between one and four times each day, and the last two items five or six times each day.

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