Chi Machine

Can the Chi machine take the place of all the other techniques you recommend to keep energies crossed over?

I have seen good results on the Chi machine; but I've seen people's energies become disheveled and disconnected on it as well. Everyone’s energies are different. The machine uses "up and down" figure eights but does not use a sideways motion. For some people, this is all they need to get their whole system hooked up; for others it just scrambles them more. Interestingly, a very ancient exercise, variations are found in many cultures (I first saw it done when I was a tiny girl by some Cherokee Indians), mimics the Chi machine exactly.

I suggest to practitioners who use the Chi machine that they energy test the person after a minute or two on it. Use the spleen meridian test. This will show if the machine strengthened or interfered with the body’s natural figure eight patterns. It will also give an indication of whether the machine caused the radiant circuits to kick in, which is necessary if there is to be a lasting benefit

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